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    10 Hilarious Movies Like Wedding Crashers

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    Rule Number 1 - Never leave a fellow crasher behind.


    And we don't intend to! If you're in the mood for something similar, say no more - we've got you covered. Check out our list below for the 10 best movies like Wedding Crashers.

    1. Old School

    Kick starting our list, we've got a movie with some very familiar faces. Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell star once again but this time it's Luke Wilson in place of his older brother Owen. If it's been a while or you've never seen it, sit back and relax - there's plenty to enjoy about Old School.

    Old School Movie Description

    As three friends struggle with the monotony of middle aged life, they devise a plan to recapture their youth by starting a fraternity. Under the watchful gaze of the College Dean, they must pass a series of tests which will decide the Frat's official campus status.

    2. The Hangover

    Would it have been a proper list without The Hangover? Ignoring the ill-fated decision to make a second and third, there's no doubt that this one ticks all the boxes for us. It's got Mike Tyson, Wolf-packs and everything else in between to ensure a good time.

    The Hangover Movie Description

    After waking up from a bachelors party in Las Vegas, events begin to unfold as three friends realize that the groom is missing. With no recollection of the previous night, they must race against the clock, following clues around the city to find their friend in time for his wedding.

    3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

    Next up we've got Forgetting Sarah Marshall. While it isn't quite the same one, two punch as Wedding Crashers, Jason Segel and Mila Kunis do a brilliant job supplying the comedy. A sleeper hit that gained popularity over time, this is a must watch in our eyes.

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall Movie Description

    Looking for a way to get over the painful breakup with his celebrity girlfriend, Peter (Segel) decides to put as much distance between them as possible. After arriving at a resort in Hawaii, much to his dismay, he learns that his ex, Sarah, has also booked the same trip. Separated by only a hotel room, things began to unravel for Peter as he's forced to meet Sarah's new boyfriend.

    4. 21 Jump Street

    We're moving right along with the inclusion of 21 Jump Street. Trade out the weddings for a high school prom, and this is another cracker. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum do their best to roll back the years and give us the very best version of their 17 year old selves.

    21 Jump Street Movie Description

    With the streets flooded by a new synthetic drug and the only promising lead to follow coming from a high school - two rookie cops must step back in time and go undercover. Doing the best they can to blend in among the students, they must gain their peers trust and find the drug dealers before the casualties spiral out of control.

    5. The Internship

    Back with another go round, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn team up yet again in what many people consider to be the spiritual successor to Wedding Crashers. Although this came out over 8 years later, their on screen magic remains and it's a great watch. We're confident in saying you can't go wrong with this one.

    The Internship Movie Description

    With the Internet crushing any remnants of their outdated business model, two businessmen must adapt to the times and find a place in the increasingly, digital first world. Thrown into the lions den with an internship at Google, they must get up to speed quickly, fending off the hungry, younger professionals who are also vying for the full time positions.

    6. I Love You, Man

    If you're looking to stay with the wedding theme and watch more outrageous shenanigans, then you can't go wrong with I Love You, Man. It's charming, lighted hearted and packs plenty of comedic punch. We'd bump this one up even higher if you've never seen it before.

    I Love You, Man - Movie Description

    Content and successful in both his personal and professional life, Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) seemingly has it all. However, due to his drive to be the best real-estate agent and devoted partner to his girlfriend, there is one crucial factor he has overlooked - he has no close friends. With wedding bells ringing in the near future, he must move quickly to hunt down a best man.

    7. Swingers

    We're going a bit more 90's with this one. If you take the boring 30 minutes of Wedding Crashers where Owen Wilson's character becomes despondent after getting heartbroken, that's pretty much where we start off with Swingers. Don't worry! It gets past this very quickly, once again, thanks to Vince Vaughn's character who makes it a personal mission to get his friend over his heartbreak. Ignore it at your own peril, this movie is a cult-classic for a reason!

    Swingers Movie Description

    Dealing with a constant stream of professional rejection and the pain of a failed relationship, Mike Peters (Jon Favreau) leans on his friends to pull him from the depths of his depression. Forced to play wing-man to his best friend Trent, Mike slowly remembers what it's like to have fun and regains some badly needed confidence to help him succeed in all aspects of his life.

    8. Superbad

    Okay, so *technically* this is more of a coming of age story but we wouldn't feel right leaving it off. You've probably already seen it a decent amount but what's one more time? Another tale of two best friends going up against the world, (well high school), Superbad is a barrel of laughs from the beginning.

    Superbad Movie Description

    With college beckoning, two best friends are determined to end high school with a bang. With plans to attend the ultimate end of year party, they volunteer to supply the booze, finding any way they can to deliver what's needed.

    9. Hot Fuzz

    Dropping in at number 9, we've got the very under rated Hot Fuzz. An entry from across the pond, there is so much to like (and laugh) about this movie. We're tempted to say don't even watch the trailer if you haven't seen this movie. It simply doesn't do it justice. Sit back, relax and trust us, Simon Pegg will have you in fits of laughter all the way through.

    10. Step Brothers

    If you liked the outlandish charades and stunts used in Wedding Crashers to seduce the numerous bridesmaids then Step Brothers could be the choice for you. While the comedy is more direct and in your face at times, it features Will Ferrell at his very best. Stick on your tv, settle in and relax for the good times.

    Step Brothers Movie Description

    Two middle aged men overly dependent on their parents must find a way to adjust to the new reality of their situation. After Brennan's mum marries Dale's dad, a unifying of the household means that they are forced to live under the same roof, and what's worse; also share the same bedroom.

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