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  • The Walking Dead Issue #150 Summary & Review | Betrayed

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    Hyped Up Issue #150 | Volume 25 Finale

    The long awaited "Betrayed" has finally released. Who is betrayed in Issue 150? Is it Rick? Who betrays him? Do you think it's Dwight? All of these questions get answered in January 2016's issue.


    If you remember, issue 149 ended with Dwight leaving with Lucille (Negan's barbed-wire-bat). This issue continues where 149 left off, only Laura joins him in his travels. The scene cuts to Rick and Eugene discussing putting together  military. after one short page of the discussion, Rick steps out into the night. This is only 3 pages into the comic, giving me the illusion that it would be an intense 20 or so finishing pages. That wasn't the case. Rick gets jumped by two hooded men (Mortan & Vincent), but things get heated when Morton goes too far by deciding to KILL Rick. Vincent tries to stop him. He's unsuccessful, but manages to knock him on his rump next to Rick, allowing Mr. Grimes to take a bite out of crime by performing his favorite Finishing Move.


    [su_spoiler title=SPOILER - Mmmm - Tasty]Walking Dead Betrayal Rick Jugular Bite[/su_spoiler]


    Carl Sex Scene Lidia


    The comic then cuts to Andrea strolling the hallways when she walks into Carl becoming a man. That's right, knockin' boots with the creepy fetish-craved, Lydia.


    Rick is then found by Maggie and brought to the local hospital / care center. Rick sends Michonne to find Vincent since he fled from the scene. While she's searching for Vincent, Rick heads out to an emergency meeting all beat up and bloodied; Both his blood and Morton's. He wants them to see him in his current condition in order to get his point across.


    Rick explains his fear of returning to the way things were 3+ years ago, but can no longer allow the community to be 'weak' since they're 'safe.'  As he's speaking, Michonne arrives with Vincent and brings him up to the platform. Rick reaches out his hand and lets Vincent know that they need him. The community needs each other. Together, they can "Silence the Whisperers Once and For All!"


    Rick Grimes Chant 150 Betrayal



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