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  • 7 Iconic Crossover Episodes in TV Shows

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    Watching one TV show? Great! Watching two at the same time? It’s twice the fun! Here are 7 times we’ve been glued to our screens as our favorite characters from different shows come together:

    1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel

    The Yoko Factor




    Commando Riley was a nice guy and all, but even in spite of the whole Initiative deal, he was a bit too much on the straight and narrow for our favorite vampire slayer. Things hadn’t been the same in the Buffy universe since Angel left for Los Angeles, so we were all happy when he came to sort things out in The Yoko Factor. But what really made this an iconic crossover episode was the incredible fight scene (and subsequent fight scene!) between Buffy’s two boys, with Angel, of course, taking the victory.

    2. Friends / Mad About You

    The One with Two Parts




    In The Friends episode The One with Two Parts, we’re introduced to Phoebe’s identical twin sister, Ursula, who’s possibly even kookier than Phoebe herself. What some viewers didn’t know, however, is that Ursula, played by Lisa Kudrow, was already an established character on the hit sitcom Mad About You. Helen Hunt and Leila Kenzie make guest appearances in this episode as their Mad About You characters Jamie and Fran who mistake Phoebe for Ursula resulting in comedy and confusion all in one. 

    3. Grey’s Anatomy / Private Practice

    Before and After




    After Meredith’s totally embarrassing ‘pick me’ speech in Grey’s Anatomy, Derek should definitely have run back into Addison’s arms. But it wasn’t to be and Addison up and left Seattle for Los Angeles, reuniting with old friends at their ‘Private Practice’. She didn’t stay gone long, however, returning to the hallways of Seattle Grace where the red-headed doctor was joined by Private Practice stars Audra McDonald (Naomi) and Taye Diggs (Sam Bennett) as they attempt to save the life of Addison’s brother.

    4. Family Guy / The Simpsons

    The Simpsons Guy



    Finding themselves stranded a long way from Quahog, Rhode Island, the Griffin family end up in Springfield, home of The Simpsons. Initially bonding over a taste for Apu’s donuts, Peter and Homer eventually end up in a squabble about beer, and both families begin to notice quirks in each other which make them think twice about maintaining their friendship. Iconic? Definitely. This crossover episode highlights the evolution of animation, comparing classic family comedies to their modern counterparts.

    5. Special Agent Oso / Handy Manny

    The Manny with the Golden Bear




    As anyone with young kids knows, Special Agent Oso and Handy Manny are some of the best shows on the Disney Channel, but what happened when the two world’s collided? An iconic crossover was born! In The Manny with the Golden Bear, Oso is tasked with teaching a young boy to ride his bike, but uh-oh — the bike is broken! So a very special guest star is called in to save the day: Handy Manny and his tools. This episode is truly a kid’s favourite, teaching them the importance of working together as a team.

    6. Community / Cougar Town

    Critical Film Studies




    Although he’s one of the best characters in Community, Abed certainly has his quirks! With somewhat of an obsessive personality, Abed clings onto people, ideas, and even TV shows, with Courtney Cox’s Cougar Town his favorite. Cougar Town is mentioned throughout the series, but it wasn’t until the Critical Film Studies episode that Abed mentions he recently had a bit-part on the show. And he’s right! Carefully watch the Cougar Town episode Something Good Coming, and you can spot him in the background!

     7. Mork & Mindy / Happy Days




    As a Happy Days spin-off, it was only natural that we’d see a Mork & Mindy/Happy Days crossover episode at some point… we just didn’t think it would be so soon! The crossover occurred during the Mork & Mindy pilot episode, with alien Mork explaining to earth-dwelling Mindy that this was not his first time on the planet. In fact, during his previous visit, Mork had not only met The Fonz, but actually dated Laverne! Henry Winkler and Penny Marshall both make appearances through flashbacks. 

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