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    The cinematic Marvel Universe just got a whole lot bigger with the introduction of Doctor Strange. Up until now, Walt Disney Studios has taken us around the world, into outer space, and all the way to Asgard. It has presented technologically based, science infused, otherworldly and god-like heroes, but with this new entry, magic has made it's introduction. Doctor Strange, starting Benedict Cumberbatch, adds a new layer to the world of the Avengers, and it looks pretty incredible.


    Doctor Strange Sanctum Battle

    Doctor Strange: The New Billionaire Playboy

    The movie kicks off with murder in a mysterious library and the pilfering of power magic. The audience is immediately introduced to the villain, the sorcerer Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen.) Following an impressively visual fight scene, the story takes us to the operating room of Dr. Steven Strange. A brilliant neurosurgeon, Dr. Strange's charm and arrogance are apparent as he flaunts his superior knowledge and abilities. Unfortunately for him, he loses the ability to use his skilled hands.


    After pushing away everyone and losing everything, Strange is prompted by a former paraplegic to seek Kamar-Taj. Thus begins his incredible journey and discover of the multiple universes as well as his new path to become a sorcerer.  Of course, not all is right with the world, for Kaecilius wishes to use the magic he has stolen to consume the world in darkness. Can Dr. Strange look past his arrogance and ego to become the sorcerer needed to save the world?


    Dr. Strange and the Ancient One



    Ancient One and Doctor Strange

    The Strange, the Awkward, and Visually Appealing

    A quick warning: if you are planning to see this movie, be sure you pay attention. The plot moves quickly and there is plenty to take in. The movie does a decent job capturing bits and pieces from the comic - and it is very exciting. The magical concepts are much different from what we've seen so far, and it's refreshing. The movie has it's funny moments, though sometimes the humor is out of place.  There were also a few characters that I felt were under utilized and acted a bit out of character. While the movie does a good job setting up this new part of the Marvel Universe, the actual story that take place isn't anything spectacular. It just helps that the special effects are amazing.


    The visuals also do a great job helping create a connection with the audience. The effects reminded me a lot of Inception, but of course it's used much differently in the movie. The scenes were visually stunning; this is definitely a very good looking movie. The magical scenes, the battles, and the other universes really helped me take the fictional ride. Of course, with Disney's budget, how could it not look amazing?


    One crucial part of the film that I felt was lacking was the soundtrack. There were some interesting swells; the more 'magical tracks' were very good. For the most part, the soundtrack was almost as forgettable as other Marvel movies. This is especially disheartening, since super hero films should have amazing music! I mean, Batman and Super-Man have awesome themes. Spider-Man has an awesome original theme! Not that I'm looking for something campy, but something that makes me identify with that super hero. A big step forward is that the composer, Michael Giacchino didn't use 'temp' music. The music for Doctor Strange is way better than previous Marvel films, but it could be even better.


    The Ancient One

    Who's Who in Kamar-Taj

    The stand-out actors in this film were most definitely Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, and Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One. There was a lot of controversy over the 'white washing' of the Ancient One roll, and avoiding stereotypical casting choices, but she does a good job. She has that mysterious and

    going for her and she portrays that type of character pretty well.  The other actors were fine as well, but I had bigger problems with the writing then their actual acting.


    Rachel McAdams plays Christine Palmer, a fellow surgeon and former love interest of Doctor Strange.  The problem with her is the major lack of her presence. She's an incredible actress, but her role is incredibly minor. The same goes for our villain; he is scary to look at, but he doesn't really have the build-up or the presence of a good bad guy. His background is glossed over, much like the big baddie 'Dormammu,' and we have to basically except that both of them as the enemy.  We don't get very much from other supporting characters either.


    I understand that this is 'Steven Strange's' origin; however, in order to by into his world we need to know about what's in it.


    Doctor Strange

    Final Thoughts

    Doctor Strange is an exciting, visually stunning entry to the MCU. While the story arc isn't anything new, the subject matter is. It's a great popcorn flick with a few under developed characters, but a pretty fun way to spend an afternoon. The teasers are actually pretty exciting, too - so as always, stay until after the credits.  Have you seen Doctor Strange? What'd you think? Please leave your comments below.

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