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  • The LEGO Batman Movie Review

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    Always be yourself…unless you can be Batman. Lego Batman gets the pleasure of encompassing the joy of the classic comic book without the pressure of being dark and gritty. This cheeky spin-off of The Lego Movie plays with the iconic superhero in a way that pokes fun at its roots and will have you clutching your sides. Starring the vocal talents of Will Arnett, Zach Galifianakis, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson and Ralph Fiennes, Lego Batman is hilarious way to spend the afternoon.


    Lego Batman and Alfred

    The Bat Signal

    Several years following the events of

    , Batman has returned to Gotham City to fight crime. During a fierce show-down with his arch-nemesis, the Joker, Batman says some choice words that hurt the Crown Prince of Crime, causing him to seek the ultimate revenge. Oblivious to his enemy’s plans, Batman attends a gala celebrating Commissioner Gordon’s retirement. In his confusion, Batman unwittingly adopts Dick Grayson, a young orphan, and he is introduced the new commissioner, who has a plan for eliminating the need for Batman.


    After the Gala, Bruce Wayne tries to get a handle on fatherhood, his mixed emotions about the new commissioner, and life after Batman.  Of course, there is a more sinister plot a foot. Can the Dark Knight accept change and tackle his greatest fear in order to save Gotham City?


    Lego Batman and Robin


    To The Bat-Mobile!

    As far as Batman movies go, this one is nothing short of action-packed. In the first few scenes, everything moves so quickly it's hard to catch everything. The pace is off the charts until the beginning sequence is over. Everything slows down after that, except the jokes of course. I found myself laughing hysterically and each joke hit perfectly.


    I liked the twist on the genre and the movie went in a direction I didn't really think it would, and it takes a slightly different look at the Batman character. While the story itself didn't break any ground, it was enjoyable. The characters were bright and fun, it had a great script, but I never really got the 'feels' at the parts I should have. Then again, this is a very lighthearted movie - a lighthearted movie full of awesome pop culture references.


    Lego Batman is a comic-book extravaganza, but it doesn't quite reach Lego Movie status.


    Lego Joker

    The Justice League

    The voice acting in this movie is perfect. Will Arnett reprises his roll as Batman, and he's perfect for it. Zach Galifinakis had a lot to live up portraying the infamous Crown Prince of Crime. He pulls it off quite well, considering the tone of the film.  Rosario Dawson, Michael Cera, and Ralph Fiennes complete this fun ensemble and brought the Batman Team to life.


    The soundtrack also made this cinematic ride more fun. The score by Lorne Balfe compliments the action, and the pop music adds an extra dash of silly. All of these elements blend together to make a very enjoyable flick.


    Lego Bat Girl

    Lego Batman: Final Thoughts

    Lego Batman is an exciting and hilarious take on the beloved comic series. While it isn't up to par with Lego Movie, it's okay - because it wasn't really trying to be that. It was something much different, poking fun at one of the most well-loved DC comic book characters of all time. With a charming soundtrack, a ton of pop-culture fueled humor, and an excellent cast, this is a family-friendly film worth watching.


    So, deadicated fans, what do you think? Have you seen Lego Batman? or did you check out John Wick Chapter 2And who's looking forward to 

    !  Let us know in the comments below!

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