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  • Revisiting Walking Dead's Train Car Characters

    By Mike
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    Throughout the second half of season 4, we were lead to believe in one thing, the same thing as our favorite scattered group of zombie apocalypse survivors: those who arrive survive. Arrive at Terminus to be specific. In the season finale, they made it to Terminus but it didn’t appear as though we were lead to the truth. Instead, like wild animals into a trap, we were all lead into a train car and a cliffhanger the size of Rick’s bite. Let’s take a look at who is in there with us.

    The Ringleader, Samurai, Archer, and the Kid

    The Ringleader, the Samurai, the Archer, and the Kid.


    Rick Grimes started out as a small town sheriff’s deputy and grew into a leader in a world ruled by the living dead. Escaping Terminus will be his greatest challenge yet but he can’t do it alone. Luckily for him, he’ll have some pretty potent help coming from the katana wielding Michonne and crossbow specialist Daryl Dixon. Oh, and Carl, Rick’s son, is there too but there isn’t much to say about him except that this time around we don’t want him to stay in his new house. Based on the trailer and teases, he won’t be in there for long.

    Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene

    Rick didn't meet this group until he was herded into the train car but having some military might from sergeant Abraham Ford will be a huge help. Very little is known about Rosita at this point, other than the fact that she is working with Abraham to get Eugene Porter to Washington D.C. Eugene claims to know what caused the zombie apocalypse and that Washington is safe. The biggest question going into season 5 is if he is telling the truth.

    Tara Chambler

    Tara is the loner of the group. She trusted the Governor and joined his makeshift militia just in time for their assault on the prison. Seeing a live execution didn’t sit well with her, however, and she quickly had a change of heart and buddied up with Glenn in the aftermath of the attack. What she brings to the table and how she fits in with Rick’s people will surely be focused on this season.

    Glenn and MaggieMaggie and Glenn in Terminus

    Speaking of Glenn, he recently reunited with his zombie apocalypse love interest, Maggie Greene. The two met on Hershel’s farm and Maggie’s life basically hit rock bottom when she saw her father executed and was separated from Glenn and her sister Beth. Maggie burned the only picture Glenn had of her with seemed like some pretty big foreshadowing. Fans of the pair will be on edge this season, especially after seeing Glenn teed up for a home run swing in the trailer.

    Bob and Sasha

    Maggie’s company during her search for Glenn and Terminus was Bob Stookey and Sasha. Bob, a former army medic, can most likely step in for Hershel moving forward and little is known about Sasha. If she makes it out of Terminus, I’m sure some significant character development time will be thrown her way.


    That’s the group being held captive at Terminus and that’s who these characters were. Tonight, we find out who they are.

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