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      14 Terrific Movies Like The Town

      This year marks the 10th anniversary of Ben Affleck’s Boston crime-opus The Town. In honor of its release, we bring you 14 other movies that you should add to your watchlist if you enjoyed this iconic addition to the Irish-American crime-drama. While not all these movies are centered around Bostonians, or even take place there, they all share strong thematic and stylistic ties that can be grouped under the loose umbrella terms of “heist” or “crime movie”. Now, without further ado:
      Point Break
      Easily one of the most quotable and hilariously over-acted movies of the ‘90s, Point Break stars Keanu Reeves as FBI rookie Johnny Utah, who goes undercover amongst a group of surfers suspected of a series of bank robberies in Southern California. Utah finds himself enthralled by the pseudo-philosophy espoused and practiced by the surf-crew’s de facto leader, Bodhi, played with irrepressible glee by Patrick Swayze. This is one of Kathryn Bigelow’s earliest showcases as a master of fast-paced action, tense, stunt-heavy set-pieces, and slightly insufferable yet compelling male archetypes who are constantly searching for the next thrill, no matter how dangerous it may be. 
      Next up, we have one of the most influential and iconic movies of the ‘90s. If you’ve seen The Town and are serious about crime-thrillers and heist movies, it’s almost certain you’ve already seen Heat a handful of times. But this film is truly one-of-a-kind, namely because even to this day, its influence is felt in a vast number of movies and TV shows (has any one sequence—the botched bank heist—been referenced more in staging shoot-out sequences?). Absolutely nothing in this film has lost any of its fundamental power; it feels as fresh, thrilling, and ground-breaking as it did 25 years ago.
      Perhaps its biggest selling point would be that it served as the first time two of Hollywood’s most decorated leading men went toe-to-toe on-screen, as Robert De Niro, who plays master thief Neil McCauly, is chased by LAPD Detective Vincent Hanna, played by Al Pacino. In the hands of crime-movie auteur, Michael Mann, however, this seemingly by-the-books cops-and-robbers tale transforms into a sprawling, austere, high-octane—yet disarmingly intimate, moody, and atmospheric—movie about the interconnectedness of people and the psychological consequences their life-choices have on one another. The core of the film resides in these two men who, despite occupying different sides of the law, find themselves tethered by some intangible force, which can only really be defined as mutual respect. 
      STREAM IT HEREL.A. Confidential
      Next on our list is a classic period-piece from the ‘90s. L.A. Confidential is an episodic look at crime in mid-century Los Angeles—and namely, the intersecting avenues of police, crime, celebrity culture, and the media that were beginning to take shape. Working with a masterful script, Curtis Hanson delivers a knotty tale of corruption, lust, violence, and the burgeoning of the American media-industrial-complex’s obsession with true crime and police work.  
      The film picks up with clean-cut LAPD sergeant Edmund Exley (Guy Pearce), agreeing to testify against his fellow cops (who have been hit with a case of police brutality) in exchange for a promotion. This puts him directly at odds with his department and especially hard-nosed, roughhouse cop Bud White (Russel Crowe). White later develops a relationship with Kim Bassinger’s Lynn Bracken, a high-end prostitute and potential key witness in a mysterious café massacre, which has left White’s ex-partner murdered. Opposite them is Kevin Spacey’s smarmy sergeant Jack Vincennes, a narcotics officer who serves as an insider for TV networks and tabloid magazines to frame and bust high-profile public figures engaging in scandalous acts. Based on a James Ellroy novel, the film balances these multiple storylines in mesmerizing fashion, delivering a tense, tightly wound neo-noir thriller that explores the underworld of 1950’s Los Angeles in all its seedy glory. 
      STREAM IT HEREMystic River
      Moving into the 2000’s, our first entry from the new millennium is Clint Eastwood’s Mystic River. This is one of the bleakest entries on this list and perhaps one of the bleakest mainstream Hollywood films of the century thus far, dealing with themes of childhood trauma, sexual abuse, murder, betrayal, and vengeance. 
      The story opens with three childhood friends, Jimmy, Sean, and Dave, playing street hockey in Boston, when suddenly a car arrives with two men who take Dave away. Years later, Dave (played to perfection by a fractured, insular Tim Robbins) is revealed to have been sexually abused by the men who abducted him and is still struggling to cope with his trauma when he is implicated in the murder of Jimmy’s teenage daughter, Katie. Jimmy (Sean Penn), a former con who has stepped away from his criminal life, pursues his own form of an investigation into the murder, while Sean (Kevin Bacon), now a detective with the Massachusetts State Police, closes in on the truth. The film’s dark subject matter is matched by Clint Eastwood’s cold, eerie visual palette— a seemingly interminable overcast Northeastern climate, all muted blue-gray tones, and hard, shadowy night exteriors. This film further cemented Clint’s place among the top of the world’s filmmaking ranks and proved him to be a studio-filmmaker unafraid of exploring the darker corners of human nature.  
      STREAM IT HERELayer Cake
      Hopping across the pond for this next entry comes Matthew Vaughn’s energetic take on the British gangster film, Layer Cake. Vaughn cut his teeth producing fellow Brit Guy Ritchie’s smash-hits Lock, Stock, and 2 Smoking Barrels and Snatch, before turning over to directing his debut.
      With Layer Cake, Vaughn proved himself as a worthy successor to Guy Ritchie’s hyper-kinetic, comedic, rough-and-tumble style with a slightly more polished, less tongue-in-cheek London-set action-crime movie. Daniel Craig, in his first major leading role, plays an unnamed cocaine trafficker who runs a tight ship and refrains from partaking in any of the industry’s dirty business. We find him just as he has one foot out the door ready for retirement, when suddenly he is summoned by his boss, Jimmy, who informs him he must oversee the sale of one million ecstasy tablets from a lowlife criminal—which he soon discovers had stolen the ecstasy from a gang of Serbian war criminals. He is also to search for an associate of Jimmy’s daughter, the drug-addicted Charlie, who has disappeared. As Craig’s character has no choice but to adhere, he finds himself slipping further and further into the areas of the drug business he had painstakingly worked his whole career to avoid. The movie trades in efficient storytelling, wise-cracking dialogue, brutal violence, and a star-making turn from a pre-Bond Daniel Craig. 
      STREAM IT HEREThe Departed
      One of Scorsese’s very finest in his astonishing back-catalog, our next entry, The Departed, would make for a perfect double-feature with The Town. Despite the chorus of folks who dispute the Oscars for awarding Scorsese the Best Directing statue as a belated cop-out for past oversights (*ahem* Goodfellas *ahem*), this film is an absolute masterclass in big-budget, star-powered gangster movies. 
      Speaking of stars, this movie will go down as the final, truly great Jack Nicholson performance, whose turn as Irish Mob boss, Frank Costello, is one of the most memorable in movie history. Costello’s criminal enterprise extends to the Boston police department, as Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), serves as a mole, while Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio), an informant for the police, has slowly been making his way up in Costello’s ranks. As Costello becomes convinced there is a mole in his gang, he urges Sullivan to dig him out, as Costigan becomes more and more suspicious that the police have their own double-crossing agent. This dual narrative structure (based upon acclaimed Hong Kong film Internal Affairs) is rightfully considered one of the great feats of screenwriting of the 21st century, but it’s truly the performances across the A-list ensemble—who collectively exude Boston grittiness and snarky-ness with such panache—that cements this film as the ne plus ultra of the Boston crime-drama.   
      STREAM IT HEREInside Man
      Next on our list, Spike Lee’s grandiose take on the heist-movie. Another great pairing with The Town, this movie may be fleet-footed and lighter in tone, but it is no less hard-hitting and invigorating in execution. This is Spike at the absolute peak of his powers, masterfully orchestrating different tones and storylines into a unified, cohesive work of pop-entertainment. 
      Inspired by canonical bank-robbery movies like Dog Day Afternoon, but unlike that iconic film insofar that it is told mostly from the perspective of the police, who in this case is NYPD hostage negotiator, Keith Frazier, portrayed with ultra-suave bravado by Denzel Washington. The film picks up as a group of bank robbers—led by Clive Owen’s cryptic, cunning Dalton Russell—stick-up and take hostage the workers of a Manhattan bank owned by Arthur Case (Christopher Plummer), a domineering, stoic man trying his best to keep hidden a shady past. Always three steps ahead of the viewer, the film manages to do the near-impossible: provide laughs, thrills, twists, and a high-stakes moral-quandary at its core, without ever giving the impression that it even broke a sweat. 
      STREAM IT HERELucky Number Slevin
      Our third entry from 2006 (what a year!), Paul McGuigan’s underrated gem is often overshadowed by other slick-talking, fast-paced crime movies like Pulp Fiction, Snatch, or The Departed, but is no less worthy of your attention if you are a true crime movie aficionado. 
      In the early-mid-2000’s, Josh Hartnett showed promise as one of Hollywood’s major leading actors, and it’s a shame that he never truly capitalized on this (hopefully things will change as he’s slated to appear in two major upcoming productions, most notably Guy Ritchie’s next effort, Wrath of God). As the titular Slevin, Hartnett showed a rare combination of effortless poise, charm, and charisma. In a case of apparent mistaken identity and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Slevin is found in the empty apartment of his missing friend Nick by a couple of henchman working for The Boss (Morgan Freeman), who, mistaking Slevin for Nick, informs him he must pay back a huge gambling debt. Alternatively, Slevin’s debt will be relieved if he agrees to kill the son of The Boss’ rival, The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley), who he believes had his son murdered. Upon being freed, Slevin is then kidnapped by the Rabbi’s henchman, and informed he also has to repay him a large gambling sum. What ensues is a carefully plotted, tightly scripted thriller with big-time movie stars perfectly cast in their roles, and more than a few tricks up its sleeve that will keep you guessing at every turn. 
      STREAM IT HEREGone Baby Gone
      Next, we have Ben Affleck’s predecessor to The Town and his directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone. A seminal entry in the Boston crime-drama movie canon—and adapted from a book of the same name by Dennis Lehane, who also wrote the Mystic River novel which the movie was based on—this is a similarly bleak, unforgiving mystery thriller/portrait of people in crisis. 
      This story centres around the disappearance of a three-year-old girl, who Private Investigators Patrick (Casey Affleck, Ben’s brother), and his partner/lover, Angie (Michelle Monaghan) are hired to find. The girl’s mother (Amy Ryan, who was nominated for an Oscar for her performance), Helene, is a drug-addict who is revealed to have been involved in some shady dealings with her drug supplier. In similar narrative style to Mystic River, the plot leads you in one direction before completely upending your expectations. The movie ultimately serves as a morally ambiguous, emotionally charged, devastating and unwaveringly honest depiction of people struggling to do the right thing while at the most extreme cross-roads. 
      STREAM IT HERETakers
      Released the same year as The Town, Takers takes the first spot on the 2010’s selection of our list. Trading The Town’s urban Bostonian grit for swanky Los Angeles glamour and high-wire set-pieces, Takers is the perfect movie for those who prefer their heist movies to be on the glitzier side and with a LOT of explosions, shootouts, and chase sequences.
      Seasoned professional Gordon Cozier (Idris Elba), the leader of a highly well-orchestrated group of bank robbers, agrees to carry out one last job when a former member of his crew, Ghost (rapper T.I.), proposes a job that would set them all up for life; robbing an armored car carrying $12 million. On their tail are cops Jack Welles (Matt Dillon) and his partner Eddie Hatcher (Jay Hernandez). As the heist plays out and the cops zero-in, it becomes clear that Ghost’s motives for the heist might not be exactly all that they appear to be. If you’re looking for some exciting, easy-to-digest, standard Hollywood action fare, then this will be right up your alley. 
      STREAM IT HEREKilling Them Softly
      Next on the list, we have Andrew Dominik’s follow-up to his widely hailed yet underseen masterpiece, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, which also saw the director reteaming with Brad Pitt. Here, they trade the American frontier setting and mythos for a modern tale of American idealism running its course.
      Pitt stars as Jackie Cogan, a jaded, unusually talkative hitman hired to find three low-level crooks who stage a robbery during a mob-run illegal poker game in Boston. Before locating the three goons on the run in Florida, he enlists the help of a former colleague, Mickey (James Gandolfini), a New York hitman who is a shell of his former self and has taken up a life of heavy drinking and indulging in prostitutes while serving parole. Taking the source material (crime writer George V Higgin’s 1974 novel Cogan’s Trade) and updating it to 2008 recession-hit America, this film is a sardonic, violently chaotic cautionary tale that uses the backdrop of an America in financial crisis—while simultaneously under the impression that a new beginning is on the horizon with the election of Barack Obama—as a frame for a story of two hitmen whose cynicism and disillusionment only becomes stronger and stronger. 
      STREAM IT HEREThe Drop
      The next addition to our list is the screenwriting debut of Dennis Lehane, Boston crime’s poet laureate, as he updates one of his short stories from 2009, Animal Rescue, and relocates his usual playing field of Boston to Brooklyn. The Drop is a smartly written, authentic-to-the-bone tale of blue-collar workers who are unwittingly tangled in a criminal underworld of mobsters and murderers.
      The lead character, Bob Saginowski (Tom Hardy), is a quiet, soft-spoken bartender with a mysterious past, working for his cousin Marv (James Gandolfini) at a dive bar in Brooklyn. Some time ago, Marv forfeited ownership of his bar to a family of Chechen mobsters who use it as “the drop”— a safe-house for their illegal money to be collected. While working one night, the two of them are stuck-up and the bar is robbed by two masked assailants, which the Chechen mobsters threaten must be recompensed. This film is a solidly crafted thriller with unexpected warmth and heart beneath its thick layers of gruffness and machismo. Moreover, it’s an absolutely essential showcase for the brilliant Gandolfini’s talents, as this was sadly his swansong. 
      STREAM IT HEREHell or High Water
      Next up is Scottish director David Mackenzie’s Texan-sun-scorched Hell or High Water. What easily could have been a mere simulacrum of No Country for Old Men instead turned out to be an undeniable sleeper hit and one of the best films of 2016. 
      Chris Pine and Ben Foster play brothers, Toby and Tanner, respectively, who rob banks across small towns in Western Texas. Their robberies are reserved purely for branches of Texas Midlands Bank, as this bank threatens foreclosure on their ranch property following their mother’s passing from illness and the debt she took on for the property through a reverse mortgage. On their trail is aging Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton (portrayed with true aplomb by Jeff Bridges) and his close partner, Alberto Parker (played by underrated character actor Gil Birmingham). Despite trading in run-of-the-mill Western tropes, the film pumps new life into the genre with its soundly structured script, taut pacing, engaging characters, and elegiac, wistful tone. 
      STREAM IT HEREWidows
      Underseen upon release, the final movie on our list is Steve McQueen’s all-female heist movie, Widows. Penned by best-selling author Gillian Flynn, directed by Academy-Award winning filmmaker McQueen, and featuring an all-star cast of both seasoned veterans and up-and-coming talents, this film had all the makings for a global smash-hit. Despite its underwhelming box office returns, however, this film succeeds on almost all other fronts.  
      After a botched robbery of $2 million ends in Harry Rawlings (Liam Neeson) and his crew being gunned down by police, Veronica Rawlings (Viola Davis), Harry’s widow, receives a threatening visit from Jamal Manning (Brian Tyree Henry), the crime boss that Harry’s crew attempted to rob, and whose eyes are set on a local Southside Chicago political campaign. After discovering a set of detailed instructions laid out by her husband to rob the home of racist politician, Tom Mulligan (Robert Duvall), whose son, Jake Mulligan (Colin Farrell) is running against Jamal in the municipal race, Veronica enlists two other widows from Harry’s crew, Linda (Michelle Rodriguez) and Alice (Elizabeth Debicki), along with Linda’s babysitter, Bell (Cynthia Erivo) to carry out the heist themselves. McQueen’s concerns, however, extend beyond the heist itself; he gives us a view of life in southside Chicago and the socioeconomic discrepancies that result in characters like Jamal and his menacing, electric brother/enforcer, Jatemme (Daniel Kaluuya). Jettisoning one of the genre’s common tropes for a more sociopolitical and personal bend, this film focuses on a heist that is not really about money or power, but rather a way for these women to reclaim their identity and integrity. 
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      7 Amazing Movies Like She's The Man

      In the mood for another great movie to binge on like She's the Man? Say no more, we've got you covered! While this sports rom-com is pretty special, we've done our best to pick 7 others that you'll enjoy just as much. If you're looking for more Amanda Bynes, movies that have some sports action or just your classic teen rom-com, this list has something for everyone.
      Check out below for the 7 best movies like She's the Man.
      1. Easy A
      Kickstarting our list we have one of the best teen-comedies of recent times, Easy A. If you're a big fan of She's the Man then we're pretty confident you'll like this one! Just as Amanda Bynes was pretending to be someone else (her twin-brother Sebastian), this involves a similar theme. It stars Emma Stone as a high school student who makes up the events of her weekend - only to find that soon enough the whole school believes her lie. Transformed in the eyes of everyone around her and with a new reputation, she decides to keep up the ruse for as long as she can.
      While you've probably seen it a couple of times already, it's a perfect movie to just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!
      2. Bend It Like Beckham
      Stepping across the pond for our second entry, we have the brilliant sports rom-com - Bend It Like Beckham. It's a story about a sheltered girl called Jess who joins a semi-professional soccer team while keeping it from her disapproving parents. If you're looking for more love-triangles or a sports setting to keep you interested then you definitely need to check out this one!
      3. Hairspray
      Swapping out sports for music in the 60's, next up we have Hairspray. With an amazing cast that includes Amanda Bynes, Zack Efron, John Travolta and Queen Latifah, there's no shortage of great performances to enjoy. It's lively, upbeat and the catchy songs stay with you long after it finishes. If you're looking for something that will give you plenty of energy and put you in a great mood then look no further.
      4. Sydney White
      Next up, we've got another serving of Amanda Bynes for you to enjoy with her 2007 hit - Sydney White. The movie is about a girl who arrives at college with plans to join the school sorority only to find out that it's the opposite of what she had imagined. Ditching them quickly, she decides to create her own group with seven other outcasts which leads to a big inner-campus rivalry. Extremely funny and entertaining throughout, this movie has a great ending which we're sure you'll love.
      5. 10 Things I Hate About You
      While it's worth seeing this movie purely to catch Heath Ledger swooning "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", there's a whole lot of other great things to enjoy about 10 Things I Hate About You as well. It involves a girl called Bianca who's not allowed to start dating until her older sister Kat has a boyfriend. With that in mind, dubious shenanigans are pulled to get Kat set up on a date.
      6. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
      While there are a ton of Michael Cera teen-comedies or rom-coms to choose from, Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist is a particularly great match with She's the Man. The story really begins after Norah asks Nick to pretend to be her boyfriend after they bump into each other at a concert. Not long after, things begin to get crazy as they get caught up in a number of weird and funny situations.
      7. The Princess Diaries
      While a lot of kids grow up wishing they're a princess, that turns out to be the case for Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries. After learning that she's a part of the royal family in the country of Genovia Mia's life completely changes overnight. A Disney classic, maybe you're in the mood for some early 2000's Anne Hathaway.
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      10 Hilarious Movies Like Wedding Crashers

      Rule Number 1 - Never leave a fellow crasher behind.
      And we don't intend to! If you're in the mood for something similar, say no more - we've got you covered. Check out our list below for the 10 best movies like Wedding Crashers.
      1. Old School
      Kick starting our list, we've got a movie with some very familiar faces. Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell star once again but this time it's Luke Wilson in place of his older brother Owen. If it's been a while or you've never seen it, sit back and relax - there's plenty to enjoy about Old School.
      Old School Movie Description
      As three friends struggle with the monotony of middle aged life, they devise a plan to recapture their youth by starting a fraternity. Under the watchful gaze of the College Dean, they must pass a series of tests which will decide the Frat's official campus status.
      2. The Hangover
      Would it have been a proper list without The Hangover? Ignoring the ill-fated decision to make a second and third, there's no doubt that this one ticks all the boxes for us. It's got Mike Tyson, Wolf-packs and everything else in between to ensure a good time.
      The Hangover Movie Description
      After waking up from a bachelors party in Las Vegas, events begin to unfold as three friends realize that the groom is missing. With no recollection of the previous night, they must race against the clock, following clues around the city to find their friend in time for his wedding.
      3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
      Next up we've got Forgetting Sarah Marshall. While it isn't quite the same one, two punch as Wedding Crashers, Jason Segel and Mila Kunis do a brilliant job supplying the comedy. A sleeper hit that gained popularity over time, this is a must watch in our eyes.
      Forgetting Sarah Marshall Movie Description
      Looking for a way to get over the painful breakup with his celebrity girlfriend, Peter (Segel) decides to put as much distance between them as possible. After arriving at a resort in Hawaii, much to his dismay, he learns that his ex, Sarah, has also booked the same trip. Separated by only a hotel room, things began to unravel for Peter as he's forced to meet Sarah's new boyfriend.
      4. 21 Jump Street
      We're moving right along with the inclusion of 21 Jump Street. Trade out the weddings for a high school prom, and this is another cracker. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum do their best to roll back the years and give us the very best version of their 17 year old selves.
      21 Jump Street Movie Description
      With the streets flooded by a new synthetic drug and the only promising lead to follow coming from a high school - two rookie cops must step back in time and go undercover. Doing the best they can to blend in among the students, they must gain their peers trust and find the drug dealers before the casualties spiral out of control.
      5. The Internship
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdnoqCViqUoBack with another go round, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn team up yet again in what many people consider to be the spiritual successor to Wedding Crashers. Although this came out over 8 years later, their on screen magic remains and it's a great watch. We're confident in saying you can't go wrong with this one.
      The Internship Movie Description
      With the Internet crushing any remnants of their outdated business model, two businessmen must adapt to the times and find a place in the increasingly, digital first world. Thrown into the lions den with an internship at Google, they must get up to speed quickly, fending off the hungry, younger professionals who are also vying for the full time positions.
      6. I Love You, Man
      If you're looking to stay with the wedding theme and watch more outrageous shenanigans, then you can't go wrong with I Love You, Man. It's charming, lighted hearted and packs plenty of comedic punch. We'd bump this one up even higher if you've never seen it before.
      I Love You, Man - Movie Description
      Content and successful in both his personal and professional life, Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) seemingly has it all. However, due to his drive to be the best real-estate agent and devoted partner to his girlfriend, there is one crucial factor he has overlooked - he has no close friends. With wedding bells ringing in the near future, he must move quickly to hunt down a best man.
      7. Swingers
      We're going a bit more 90's with this one. If you take the boring 30 minutes of Wedding Crashers where Owen Wilson's character becomes despondent after getting heartbroken, that's pretty much where we start off with Swingers. Don't worry! It gets past this very quickly, once again, thanks to Vince Vaughn's character who makes it a personal mission to get his friend over his heartbreak. Ignore it at your own peril, this movie is a cult-classic for a reason!
      Swingers Movie Description
      Dealing with a constant stream of professional rejection and the pain of a failed relationship, Mike Peters (Jon Favreau) leans on his friends to pull him from the depths of his depression. Forced to play wing-man to his best friend Trent, Mike slowly remembers what it's like to have fun and regains some badly needed confidence to help him succeed in all aspects of his life.
      8. Superbad
      Okay, so *technically* this is more of a coming of age story but we wouldn't feel right leaving it off. You've probably already seen it a decent amount but what's one more time? Another tale of two best friends going up against the world, (well high school), Superbad is a barrel of laughs from the beginning.
      Superbad Movie Description
      With college beckoning, two best friends are determined to end high school with a bang. With plans to attend the ultimate end of year party, they volunteer to supply the booze, finding any way they can to deliver what's needed.
      9. Hot Fuzz
      Dropping in at number 9, we've got the very under rated Hot Fuzz. An entry from across the pond, there is so much to like (and laugh) about this movie. We're tempted to say don't even watch the trailer if you haven't seen this movie. It simply doesn't do it justice. Sit back, relax and trust us, Simon Pegg will have you in fits of laughter all the way through.
      10. Step Brothers
      If you liked the outlandish charades and stunts used in Wedding Crashers to seduce the numerous bridesmaids then Step Brothers could be the choice for you. While the comedy is more direct and in your face at times, it features Will Ferrell at his very best. Stick on your tv, settle in and relax for the good times.
      Step Brothers Movie Description
      Two middle aged men overly dependent on their parents must find a way to adjust to the new reality of their situation. After Brennan's mum marries Dale's dad, a unifying of the household means that they are forced to live under the same roof, and what's worse; also share the same bedroom.
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      7 Great Movies To Watch If You Liked American Animals

      If you liked Bart Layton's thrilling true-crime feature American Animals you're not alone. Released largely under the radar in 2018 it already has the makings of a cult-classic. While it looked at the real-life events that unfolded at the Transylvania University library, this is a heist movie that feels very different to most others in the genre. If you're looking for more heist movies grounded in reality or those with a stark visual style, this list has something for everyone.
      Here are our top recommended picks for movies similar to American Animals:
      1. I, Tonya
      Starting off our list, we have Craig Gillespie's immensely entertaining black-comedy - I, Tonya. Much like American Animals, this movie chronicles events that actually happened, intertwined with a series of unreliable and conflicting interviews from the characters in question.
      Swapping out a library heist for the ice rink - it details the account of Tonya Harden and her connection to the hit job that took place on a fellow skater/rival - Nancy Kerrigan. Margot Robbie and Allison Janney are superb throughout making it next to impossible to look away. Watch if you like: Thrilling bio's.
      2. The Bank Job
      Falling right back into step with a pure heist movie (another that was inspired by true events also), we have Roger Donaldson's stylish triller, The Bank Job. If you particularly enjoyed how a team of amateurs conspired to commit a grand crime, then you'll similarly enjoy this one.
      As with American Animals, it shares a deliberate and suspenseful build up with a satisfying payoff at the end. If you never got around to seeing it, this could be the perfect choice for you. Watch if you like: Real life crimes
      3. Baby Driver
      Deviating away from the biographical nature of the entries above, we have Edgar Wright's sensational hit - Baby Driver. As a movie that spent over 20 years in the making, it was worth every bit the wait. Carrying some of the most sharp and high-wire action sequences seen of late, it zig-zags from scene to scene leaving an awe-inspiring trail of destruction behind.
      If you're looking for stunning cinematography with a very distinct style then this will right be up your alley. Watch if you like: Exhilarating heists
      4. The Wolf of Wall Street
      Moving along, we have Martin Scorsese's black-comedy - The Wolf of Wall Street. While it's not considered a heist movie, there's more than enough crime and illegal activity going on to sink your teeth into.
      Like American Animals, it's a story based on real-life events, in this case - the ludicrous shenanigans from Jordan Belfort's days as a stockbroker and beyond. Watch if you like: Scorsese movies
      5. The Town
      Continuing on with our list, we have Ben Affleck's self-written and directed crime-thriller The Town. Set in the streets of Charleston, Boston this rugged and gripping affair sprays more bullets and action than anything that we have listed before.
      If you're specifically looking for a high-octane ride that will get your heart rate thundering then look no further. Watch if you like: Irish-American crime movies.
      6. King of Thieves
      Returning back to another movie based on a real-life event (in this instance - the Hatton Garden safe deposit burglary), we have James Marsh's 2018 crime-drama King of Thieves. Involving a team of old-school crooks who make off with a cache of $17m in jewelry, it's a cautionary tale of - be careful what you wish for.
      Definitely one of the lesser known entries on our list, we're confident you'll find more than enough entertainment in the plotting and execution of this silky-smooth heist. Watch if you like: Real life heists
      7. The Old Man & the Gun
      And last but not least, we have the penultimate performance of one of Hollywood's leading men - Robert Redford. The Old Man & the Gun sees Redford play a career criminal who can't quite shrug off the thrill of robbing banks.
      As with American Animals, there are elements of violence and daring bravado present but in this case, delivered with a touch more charm and style. Watch if you like: Real life crime.
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      The box office battle for the White House delivered two action-packed blockbusters in the summer of 2013. While Olympus Has Fallen may have lagged behind its crosstown rival, it remains our preferred pick of the duo. If you're looking for another serving of big explosions, epic gunfights and of course - one man wrecking bands hell bent on taking down the bad guys, you're in luck.
      Check out our list or video below for the best movies like Olympus Has Fallen:
      1. Die Hard
      While it's one of the most obvious choices, it's also only right that we start our list with Bruce Willis' wisecracking cop John McClane in Die Hard. As the 1988 hit that forever changed the landscape of action-movies, this classic has inspired countless imitations since.
      A big building that gets overrun by terrorists? Check. An unknown man on the inside with the skills to bring them down? Check. Sharing more than a handful of details with Olympus Has Fallen, why not pay homage to the movie that perfected the craft.
      2. Speed
      Olympus Has Fallen is not the only movie that managed to successfully recreate the Die-Hard formula. Starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, Speed is another high-wire action spectacle that doesn't take it's foot off the gas (literally). It involves a bitter ex-police officer who outfits a bus with a custom C4 tune-up job that's wired to go off if the vehicle drops below 50 miles per hour.
      While you may think the story doesn't have many places to go, it delights in defying all expectations. This 1994 action-thriller is filled with more than enough pulsating sequences to keep you engaged.
      3. Mile 22
      Next up we have Mark Wahlberg leading the line in the heavy hitting - Mile 22. While Gerard Butler muscled his way from the inside, this story focuses on an elite CIA group who must get an asset outside of a target hotspot and ready for extraction. They have to travel 22 miles as an assortment of petty criminals, corrupt cops and lethal hit men close in on their ranks.
      With gritty fight scenes and some very unexpected twists and turns, there's a very good chance you'll enjoy this one.
      4. The Mechanic
      The Mechanic is a rip-roaring action-thriller that's high on adrenaline and low on the finer plot points. And that's okay, because it's not trying to be anything else. Here we have Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) who may just be the most feared hit man in the field. When his friend and mentor Harry is killed, he makes a choice to bring the orphan son into the trade while seeking out revenge.
      The action genre has been graced with a select group of leading men over the years. And Jason Statham has proved by now that he's got the chops to be included among them. His excellent performance here in The Mechanic certaintly bolsters his claim.
      5. Air Force One
      Talking of leading men, next up we have Harrison Ford in the immensely entertaining - Air Force One. This time around, the bulk of the action takes place in the sky as the President's own plane gets compromised (prior to takeoff) by an armed group of terrorists. While there is another vigilante who's there to take them on one by one, in this instance, it happens to be the President himself who racks up the body count and rattles off the one-liners.
      6. Mission: Impossible -Rogue Nation
      While we could have included a couple of Mission Impossible movies on this list, in the end we've gone with Rogue Nation. This spy-thriller was responsible for breathing fresh wind into the sails of the franchise and it makes for an especially great pairing with Olympus Has Fallen. Like Gerard Butler, Tom Cruise doesn't take a backward step as he smashes through buildings, cars and just about anything else in an attempt to get to the bad guys.
      7. The November Man
      Moving along with another one-man army who defies all the odds and expectations, albeit a little more stylishly than the others up to now, we have Pierce Brosnan in The November Man. He plays a retired CIA operative who's pulled back into the game after his former protege crosses the line and thus sets off a deadly chain of events.
      It's a well-worn look for Brosnan and one we're used to see him pull of with effortless charm and appeal. He doesn't disappoint here either.
      8. White House Down
      And last but not least, we'll round off our list with the movie twin of Olympus Has Fallen - the Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum led hit - White House Down. It's pretty much as like for like as you can get without rewatching Olympus Has Fallen. So if you're not set on anything up to this point, then maybe it's the one you were looking for all along!
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      Pride & Prejudice: 7 Period Romance Movies To Enjoy Next

      It's been over 15 years since Joe Wright released his movie adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. And if you're anything like us, since then - it's one that you've watched over and over again. This sweeping period piece is one of the few rare gems that manages to win over both ardent book fans and casual moviegoers alike.
      If you're taking a quick break from Mr. Darcy and Lizzie's grand romance, here are 7 other movies that you should consider watching next:
      1. Sense and Sensibility
      It's only fitting that we should start our list with another worthy Jane Austen adaptation, this time around we have Ang Lee's 1995 hit - Sense and Sensibility.
      As to be expected, there are plenty of dashing and courteous gentlemen along with the familiar themes of money, marriage and empowerment. The story focuses on the daughters Elinor and Marianne of the once respectable Dashwood family. Due to some very unexpected circumstances, they fall into hard times and are forced to invite potential suitors for their hand in marriage.
      With an Academy award-winning performance from Emma Thompson that will enthrall you every bit as much as Keira Knightley's in Pride & Prejudice, we're confident you'll love this one.
      STREAM IT HERE2. A Room With A View
      Moving right along, we have another romance novel turned-big-screen-hit with James Ivory's 1985, A Room with a View.
      Not quite Austenesque in terms of the time period, but set a little later in Edwardian England instead - social class and unsuitable romance are once again at the forefront in this mesmerizing story. It involves a young girl named Lucy (Helena Bonham-Carter) who develops a strong connection to a man deemed unfit for her affection due to his poor social standing.
      If you're looking for that slow build up of tension and deep passion that rewards you with a satisfying payoff at the end then look no further.
      STREAM IT HERE3. Love & Friendship
      Stepping right back into the wonderful world of Jane Austen's imagination, next up we have one of the more modern releases on our list - Whit Stillman's 2016 Love & Friendship (adapted from the story Lady Susan).
      As another terrific period piece, this one is light on the romance and heavy on the humor. In fact, the main character Lady Susan Vernon is as far removed from our beloved Lizzie as can be imagined. Recently a widow, she schemes to ensnare a suitable match for her and her daughter through all of the considerable tricks at her disposal.
      With Kate Beckinsale in top form you will be howling in laughter as she flirts, lies and corrupts her way into the hearts of all those around her.
      STREAM IT HERE4. Persuasion
      Our fourth entry is another much-adored Jane Austen story, this time up we have Roger Michell's 1995 film - Persuasion. While there have since been additional adaptations of the story - this one with Amanda Root and Ciaran Healy is our favorite.
      It tells the story of Anne Elliot - a member of the aristocrat, who rejects a wedding proposal from the ambitious naval officer Frederick Wentworth. Much like Pride and Prejudice, their paths cross again (some 8 years later) as Anne ponders the possibilities of what could have come to pass in light of the now esteemed and highly sought-after Captain Wentworth.
      Our personal favorite of all the movies included, this cracking period piece makes for an excellent pairing with Pride ^ Prejudice.
      STREAM IT HERE5. Jane Eyre
      While we've featured a number of Jane Austen works, it's now time to include a fellow contemporary of the time through a reimagining of Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre. With over 15 adaptations to date, we definitely recommend you go with Cary Fukunaga's stylish and fiery take on the story.
      With lust, love and deception at it's heart, it follows the story of Jane Eyre as she becomes acquainted and eventually enamored with the broody Mr. Rochestor. Featuring some electric performances from Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender, this period piece is a must watch for any serious fans of the genre.
      STREAM IT HERE6. Howards End
      Director James Ivory was charged with adapting yet another E.M.Forster story, this time with the 1992 romantic-drama Howards End. As with Pride & Prejudice, it's a story that zooms in on the class levels of society and how that affects the ambitions, emotions and relationships of three interconnected families.
      Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins share some hypnotizing chemistry that will have you engrossed right from the beginning. If you've never seen this one before, it definitely warrants a viewing.
      STREAM IT HERE7. Emma
      And last but certainly not least, we have Autumn de Wilde's 2020 adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma. In the latest of a long line of adaptations, this movie holds up exceptionally well in capturing the spirit of the book.
      Through the charming and endearing Anya Taylor-Joy, even romance-skeptics will undoubtedly get drawn into her captivating performance. If you haven't decided on a choice just yet, maybe this is the one you're looking for.
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      6 Best Movies Like Gattaca

      A gem of ‘90s dystopian science fiction, Gattaca arrived on the scene 18 years ago to both critical and audience acclaim. It’s not hard to see why this movie clicked with people— it’s a stylish, well-written, thought-provoking examination of a future society in which your social standing is predetermined at birth by your DNA. It also saw two young stars teaming up after coming off epochal films (for Ethan Hawke: Before Sunrise; for Uma Thurman: Pulp Fiction) that launched their careers (and marriage).
      If you’re looking for more exciting, brainy, dystopian sci-fi to chew on, then look no further! Here are six movies we recommend:
      The Top 6 movies like Gattaca:
      Minority Report Equilibrium I, Robot The Island Children of Men Moon 1. Minority Report
      First on our list, Steven Spielberg’s visionary sci-fi epic, Minority Report. Based on a short story written by 20th century science fiction titan Philip K. Dick, this one is full of cutting-edge, cerebral concepts, none more famous than “PreCrime”, an experimental police unit in a future America that stop murders from happening with the help of “Precogs”—a group of clairvoyant beings that predict when someone is about to commit murder. The film deals with themes of determinism vs. free will, the limits of government and technology in maintaining law and order, and the fine line between responsible action and authoritarianism.
      This one will surely appeal to you if you found yourself tickled by the predetermination concept of Gattaca. Also, as far as stylized popcorn-friendly filmmaking goes, there’s really no one better than Spielberg, who together with action-movie king Tom Cruise, deliver a thrilling, futuristic neo-noir with a brilliant, imaginative twist.
      2. Equilibrium
      Next up, our second entry from 2002, Kurt Wimmer’s sci-fi action flick Equilibrium. Despite a lackluster theatrical run, this movie has since garnered a cult following for both its polished, minimalistic dystopian aesthetic and its groundbreaking use of a hybrid form of martial-arts and shoot-‘em-up fight choreography, “gun kata”. 
      If you identified with the premise in Gattaca of an individual who ends up having to fight the controlling powers-that-be in a totalitarian society, then this one is right up your alley. Borrowing elements from such seminal works of dystopian fiction as 1984, Brave New World, and Fahrenheit 451, and mixing in a healthy dose of the grandiose action set-pieces of The Matrix, this film delivers on its unique premise with style to spare.   
      3. I, Robot
      For our third entry, we have I, Robot, a slick, well-oiled yet highly volatile machine of a movie, much like the robots in the movie itself. Loosely based on legendary science fiction writer Isaac Asimov’s novel of the same name, the film gets the most out of its dystopian concept when supremely advanced helper A.I. robots seek to take over mankind. 
      Despite lacking some of the psychological nuances and complexity of ideas that is inherent to Gattaca, this is a very well-crafted, eye-pleasing, action-packed sci-fi romp. What it lacks in narrative depth it more than makes up for in magnificent set-pieces, quick-witted humor, and a remarkably charismatic Will Smith performance. 
      4. The Island
      For our next entry, we have Michael Bay’s big-budget dystopian extravaganza, The Island. Despite being a prime example of Bay’s “go-big-or-go-home” filmmaking mantra, this one has a sturdy dystopian concept which balances out the explosions and CGI with an engaging plot and not-so-far-fetched premise about human bodies being unwittingly cloned and harvested so their organs and other features can be used by wealthy overlords. 
      Here, we have a movie that is similar to Gattaca in its world-building and themes of eugenics and inequality leading to exploitation and oppression of lower classes. If you like your sci-fi with both brains and brawn, this one is for you. 
      5. Children of Men
      Up there for one of the best movies of the 2000’s, next up is Mexican auteur Alfronso Cuarón’s post-apocalyptic masterpiece, Children of Men. The film stands out for its eerily prescient and startlingly realistic exploration of the direction mankind seems to be heading towards. What separates this one from other Hollywood dystopian films is the roughly-hewn, contemporary quality of its world; the aesthetic is far from the glossy, polished, inhuman futurism we are used to seeing in dystopian sci-fi. Instead, it evokes an eroding world in poverty and on the brink of collapse, oppressed by a militaristic police state.
      If the dual-concept of population-control and authoritarianism fascinated you in Gattaca, then this is the movie for you. As a major bonus, it happens to be one of the most inspired, gritty, and rewarding movies of its kind, with an eeriness (involving a fictional pandemic) that feels all the more relevant considering the events of this year. 
      6. Moon
      Last, but not least, we have Duncan Jones’ sensational directorial debut, the mind-bending low-budget sci-fi thriller, Moon. This movie recalls the claustrophobic feel of the second-half section of 2001: A Space Odyssey expanded into a feature-length film, as Kevin Spacey’s voice for A.I. companion to Sam Rockwell shares the indifferent, monotonous delivery of HAL 9000. What sets this film apart is its tightly-constructed script which explores issues of identity, cloning, and futuristic exploitation in a completely unique manner. 
      Like Gattaca, the film is concerned with the fluidity of identity when it comes to A.I., and how future, technologically advanced societies may render individuality completely obsolete in order to breed a more identical, docile capitalist subject. If these themes speak to you, then don’t hesitate on this one.

      6 Amazing Movies Like Michael Clayton

      It’s been 13 years since Tony Gilroy delivered his masterpiece, Michael Clayton, one of the best legal thrillers ever made. At a time when it feels as if films like this are becoming essentially extinct among Hollywood’s studio output, we bring you 6 other movies that will give you a full serving of the brilliance—and often jarring relevance to current day events—of the legal thriller genre. 
      The Top 6 movies like Michael Clayton:
      Wag the Dog The Insider State of Play The International The Ides of March Margin Call 1. Wag the Dog
      First up on our list, we have legendary director Barry Levinson’s Wag the Dog. Levinson followed up his legal drama Sleeper with this wildly hysterical, deeply topical dark satire about a spin doctor (Robert De Niro), who enlists the help of a Hollywood producer (Dustin Hoffman) to conjure a fake war in the media cycle to detract from a sex scandal that breaks out for the president less than two weeks before an election.
      Like Clayton, this is an incisive, no-holds-barred look at the length those in charge of shadowy corporations (in this case, the executive level of U.S. Government itself) will go in order to sway public opinion and maintain power. 
      2. The Insider
      Speaking of the kind of movies studios don’t make anymore, next on our list is Michael Mann’s magnificent follow-up to his action-movie opus Heat, The Insider. Trading bank heists, guns, and swarming cops for a more intimate—yet somehow no less intense—tale of corporate scandal and its ensuing media exposé, The Insider is based on the true story of Jeffrey Wigand, a former tobacco scientist who exposed his employers for deliberately manufacturing cigarettes to be as addicting as possible on a segment of 60 minutes.
      If you’re into movies like Clayton, which deal with the seemingly impossible task of taking down a major corporation trying to cover-up a nationwide public health scandal that would effectively ruin their image, while also serving as in-depth character studies of the main players taking on this daunting task, then look no further. 
      3. State of Play
      Next on our list, we have Kevin MacDonald’s 2009 savvy, winding political thriller, State of Play. This film concerns a political conspiracy uncovered by a newspaper journalist (Russel Crowe) and his team investigating the death of a political researcher involved with a U.S. congressman (Ben Affleck), who is in the midst of his own investigation into a shady private defense company.
      This one is for fans of high-stakes political thrillers that keep you on your toes and guessing at every turn. If the forces of corruption pulling strings behind the scenes in Clayton’s universe both terrified and intrigued you, then wait until you see what’s in store here. 
      4. The International
      Tom Tykwer’s edgy, globe-trotting, action-packed thriller, The International, takes the next spot on our list. The plot centers on Interpol agent, Louis Salinger (Clive Owen), and Manhattan D.A. Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts), who are in the midst of an investigation into fictional mega-bank IBBC suspected of funnelling money into militias and other unsavoury activities worldwide. 
      Combining elements of the ‘70s paranoid thriller with a modern, post-recession look at the corrupting influence of highly-concentrated, unregulated power and wealth, this is a film that, similar to Clayton, is keen on showing the insidious effects of late-stage capitalism beginning to run its course.  
      5. The Ides of March
      The Ides of March, George Clooney’s second outing as a director, is next on our list. This movie is an unflinching look at the personal and political ramifications of the pursuit of power. It follows Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling), a press secretary working for the governor of Ohio and presidential-hopeful Mike Morris (George Clooney) as he attempts to take the Democratic Primary vote. 
      For fans of political dramas who relish in the performances (the whole A-list cast is on point here) and are eager for a behind-the-scenes look at how people in politics all seem to have their own hidden agenda, always speaking one way while behaving another, then this is top of the line. 
      6. Margin Call
      The last spot on our list goes to J. C. Chandor’s gripping, edge-of-your-seat financial thriller, Margin Call. Inspired by real events that took place the day before markets crashed in the 2008 recession, the story takes place over 24 hours as members of an unnamed midlevel investment firm uncover findings that suggest their firm—and perhaps the whole U.S. economy—is on thin ice.
      Paced like a political thriller with compelling characters and dialogue that manages to inform without alienating viewers unfamiliar with technical financial jargon, this is a thoroughly engaging and depressing look at the sly, dishonorable wagers Wall Street investors were willing to take to make a profit. As with Clayton, and just about every movie on this list, it shares a deeply cynical view on corporate interests.

      5 Movies To Watch If You Liked The Drop

      Released back in 2014, director Michael Roskam's The Drop quietly established itself as a worthy addition to the American crime-drama genre. With a smartly written script (adapted by Dennis Lehane from his short story "Animal Rescue"), there's just enough action, drama and intrigue to keep us hooked. Featuring another superb performance from the ever versatile Tom Hardy, his chemistry with the late James Gandolfini (in his final performance) is notable. We've included 5 movies below that all share similarities, from the theme, to actors, to other adaptations based on Lehane's works.
      Here are our recommended picks for movies similar to The Drop:
      1. The Departed
      Swapping the streets of New York City for Boston, what better place to start our list than with the 2006 Martin Scorsese masterpiece, The Departed. As The Drop was originally written with Dorchester, Boston in mind - before relocating to the Bronx - at times, it's grittiness feels very similar to The Departed.
      Instead of the one-two punch of Hardy and Gandolfini, fans of The Departed are treated to a ridiculous ensemble of talent including Leonard DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, and more. Watch if you like: themes of The Drop.
      2. Killing Them Softly
      Next up we have Andrew Dominik's highly violent and visceral crime movie - Killing Them Softly. The links to The Drop are littered throughout, whether it's through the illegal mob protected money that gets stolen or in another great appearance from Gandolfini.
      While the story ultimately runs a different course, it shares the tension that is simmering just below the surface. It's the perfect movie for fans of The Drop. Watch if you like: Crime virtuoso James Gandolfini.
      3. A History of Violence
      Thematically, A History of Violence is quite similar to The Drop. However, instead of the action kicking off with an unassuming bartender getting robbed, this time around two robbers attempt to hold up a small-town diner. There's more to the eye of the diner owner (played by Viggo Mortensen) as he expertly takes down the attackers.
      As with The Drop, themes of conflict and loyalty are interwoven in the story as it's centered on a character who tries to leave his past behind. Watch if you like: Riveting action-crime thrillers.
      4. Donnie Brasco
      Mike Newell's epic triumph, Donnie Brasco, features an older Al Pacino once again playing a senior mafioso. The story chronicles his introduction and friendship of jewelry thief - Donnie Brasco - who turns out to be an undercover FBI agent.
      Bringing together electric performances from Pacino and Johnny Depp, it's a crime movie that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout. Watch if you like: Al Pacino/twists and turns.
      5. Mystic River
      And last but not least, we have another movie adapted from the work of Dennis Lehane - Mystic River. Returning to the streets of Boston, this taught and tense affair is about the murder of a young woman and the steps taken by her father to find the killer.
      As with The Drop, there are elements of organized crime and violence present but it is a much bleaker affair. Garnering various nominations and awards for the stars Sean Penn and Tim Robbins, it's an enthralling and powerful feature that will hypnotize you right from the off. Watch if you like: Dennis Lehane crime-drama.
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      9 Movies To Watch If You Liked Layer Cake

      Starring as an enterprising cocaine dealer who has one last job to take care of before getting out of the game - Daniel Craig's superb performance as the unnamed Mr X catapulted his career into the limelight, and all but secured the role for him to become the next James Bond. The rest as they say is history.
      While there's certainly a lot to love about Craig's influence in Layer Cake, it's also an incredibly stylish, and well-rounded crime-caper that dazzles in all the right places.
      If you’re looking for more of the same, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Check out these 9 movies like Layer Cake.
      1. Snatch
      Staying firmly within the British crime-comedy genre, we're kicking things off with Guy Richie's - Snatch. Released in 2000, the ensemble cast of Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, Stephen Graham and co. weren't quite considered the titans of film as they are now. But that's all the better, because with Ritchie's bold direction and fast-paced storyline, there's an undeniable element of these actors honing their craft on screen while having great fun doing so.
      2. The Guard
      In the first of several worthy nods to Brendan Gleeson, next up - we've got the wildly entertaining buddy-cop movie, The Guard. Gleeson and Don Cheadle star as two contrasting police officers for the National Police Service of Ireland and the FBI. While assigned on a joint drug smuggling case, they uncover corruption deep within the upper-echelons of the Irish police.
      The Guard was released in 2011 to critical acclaim and became a major hit at the box-office. If you've never seen it before, then we highly recommend you check this one out.
      3. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
      Guy Ritchie's directorial debut Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is similar to Layer Cake in many ways, whether it be the London backdrop, the frantic plot or the gritty action. Nick Moran stars as a card shark who loses out in a rigged, high stakes card game that puts him and his friends £100,000 in the hole. In big debt to the local mob boss and with little time to spare, they must do whatever it takes to repay the sum.
      Lock, Stock makes for an enthralling ride that will be sure to have you in fits of laughter throughout.
      4. Cavalry
      John Michael McDonagh followed up his sensational hit, The Guard, with an even funnier black-comedy, Cavalry. Brendan Gleeson teams up with McDonagh again, this time around playing a Priest who is told in confession that he will be murdered. In response to being abused as a child, the mysterious parishioner says that Father James has been chosen to pay for the sins of the Church.
      This extremely well-done Whodunnit will have you on the edge of your seat and casting your vote for who you believe is the dangerous assailant.
      5. The Gentlemen
      One of the more recent entries on our list, we have Guy Ritchie's long awaited return to the crime-comedy genre with 2019's The Gentlemen. Much like Daniel Craig's Mr X in Layer Cake, Matthew McConaughey's character Mickey Pearson is also looking to cash out and sell his thriving drug business, albeit this time it's Marijuana in place of cocaine. A host of potential suitors line up to make offers, while simultaneously trying to undermine Pearson's business/negotiating position at the same.
      This return to form by Ritchie should definitely be on your list if you haven't yet got an opportunity to watch it.
      6. In Bruges
      Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell play two wayward hitmen who have been sent to Bruges in response to a job that goes horribly wrong. A masterpiece of black-comedy, written and directed by Martin McDonagh, it's packed full of hilarious jokes that will have you rolling around with laughter in between the bursts of serious events that unfold.
      In Bruges is a witty, funny and exhilarating ride that plays to Farrell's strengths allowing him to shine in one of his very best performances. Getting a top rating from us - this movie ticks off all the boxes if you still aren't set on anything up to this point.
      7. Revolver
      Revolver added to an already burgeoning reputation for Jason Statham in the action-crime genre. Playing a recently released convict who served time for a crime he didn't commit, this high-octane ride sees him hell bent on revenge against his former employer, Dorothy Macha.
      While it has an enormous amount of action that pleases the eye, Statham also gets plenty of opportunity to shine displaying some deft comedic timing. The story might not be groundbreaking but the execution makes it well worth watching.
      8. Lucky Number Slevin
      Swapping the streets of London for New York, our penultimate entry is Paul McGuigan's 2006 crime-thriller - Lucky Number Slevin. This energetic and thrilling ride centers around an ordinary man who mistakenly gets caught up in the middle of two warring mob bosses.
      Josh Hartnett is compelling as the lead and there's also the stacked cast of Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley and Bruce Willis to enjoy.
      9. RocknRolla
      And last but not least, we have Guy Richie's epic action-crime story - RocknRolla. Featuring an ensemble cast of Gerard Butler, Idris Elba and Layer Cake's Tom Hardy, this movie somehow went under the radar despite offering an abundance of thrills and cleverly written dialogue.
      Involving two small time crooks who lose their investment in a crooked real estate deal, they enter dangerous territory when stealing from the Russian mob in an effort to recoup their funds.
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      7 Feel Good Movies Like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

      When it comes to heartwarming and motivating movies, they don't come much better than The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Although it was modestly received in 2013, fans all over have continued to be hypnotized by its stunning cinematography and wholesome feeling. If you're in between viewings and looking for something else to fill the void, don't worry - we've got you covered.
      Here are our top choices for movies similar to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:
      1. Hector and the Search for Happiness
      Starting off our list, we have Peter Chelsom's charming and endearing comedy drama - Hector and the Search for Happiness. Simon Pegg plays a psychiatrist who decides to embark upon a far-reaching journey to discover true inner happiness.
      Much like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, it is filled with adventure, small moments to warm your heart and incredible visuals that will induce a strong sense of wanderlust. If you've never seen it before then this could be the perfect choice for you. Watch if you like: Feel-good comedies
      2. Yes Man
      Moving along we have Peyton Reed's loose comedy - Yes Man. Sharing the same themes of living in the moment, it includes a vintage Jim Carrey performance reminiscent of his heyday in the 90's.
      While it doesn't revel in the same stunning backdrops found in The Secret Life, it leaves just as much of a lasting impression. Don't be surprised if you hear your subconscious ringing "yes" any time new opportunities come knocking around in your life. Watch if you like: Uplifting movies
      3. The Darjeeling Limited
      Staying very much with movies that light a fire within and fuel you to take on the world, we have Wes Anderson's underrated comedy drama - The Darjeeling Limited. It involves three brothers who reconnect on a spiritual journey one year after the death of their father.
      While it's definitely more somber than The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, it's also carefree and extremely funny in the most unexpected places. Watch if you like: Breathtaking visuals
      4. The Bucket List
      Next up we have Rob Reiner's buddy-comedy - The Bucket List. This self-deprecating and chucklesome story of two terminally ill men set on doing all the things they never got around to doing is well-led through Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson
      If you're specifically looking more elements of adventure and carpe diem then this feature warrants a viewing. Watch if you like: Buddy-comedies
      5. Chef
      And for our top recommendation, we have Jon Favreau's self-written and directed comedy drama - Chef. While it's not exactly like for like with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - if what you're looking for most is something that will lift your spirits and put you in a good mood then look no further. It's a delicious serving of optimism and positive energy that will have you smiling throughout.
      Be sure to stack up on snacks beforehand because the mouthwatering creations on display will definitely get your appetite up. Watch if you like: Jon Favreau
      6. Stranger than Fiction
      If you enjoyed the roaming imagination and fantasy aspects found in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, then Stranger than Fiction is a fantastic option. Will Ferrell plays an IRS agent who begins to hear an unknown voice narrating over his life - in which it is later revealed that he will die shortly. Apparently a central character in an author's upcoming novel - he must race to find the narrator and change the outcome of the ending.
      This gem of a Will Ferrell movie often goes under the radar but it's well worth watching. Watch if you like: personal transformations
      7. Big Fish
      And last but not least we have Tim Burton's critically acclaimed - Big Fish. Ewan McGregor plays Edward Bloom, a young man who chooses to live life outside of the mundane expectations of those around him.
      Much like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - it's a fantastic mixture of fantasy with a pinch of family drama thrown in for good measure. If you're still unsure of the previous choices up until now, Big Fish could be the one for you. Watch if you like: Stirring cinematography

      5 Movies To Watch If You Liked Mississippi Grind

      With a show-stopping performance from Ben Mendelsohn, Mississippi Grind is easily one of the best gambling movies to have come out in recent years. If you're in the mood to see more self-tortured gambling addicts with a need to play just more hand, then look no further - we've got you covered.
      Check out these 5 excellent movies like Mississippi Grind:
      1. Rounders
      Kicking off our list, it only feels right to start off with one of the most popular poker movies of all time - Rounders. Released to relatively little fanfare back in 1998, John Dahl's credible portrayal of the underground gambling scene has since grown from a cult-classic into one of the heavyweights of the genre. Much like Mississippi Grind's one-two punch from Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds, Rounders draws some fantastic performances and on-screen chemistry from Matt Damon and Edward Norton.
      While it's not as jarringly gritty, if you're looking for something that's a little more high-octane and upbeat, then Rounders checks all of the boxes.
      2. Win It All
      Win It All shares a lot in common with Mississippi Grind. It too involves a struggling gambling addict who can't stay away from the tables despite continuing to lose every penny he has to his name. With a gutsy performance from Jake Johnson, if you enjoyed the pacing of Mississippi Grind and Ben Mendelsohn's never say die attitude then this could be what you're looking for.
      While this movie went under the radar due to its small budget and marketing, there's plenty of enthralling gambling involved with enough high-wire tension and excitement to keep you on the edge of your seat.
      3. The Grifters
      Next up on our list we have Stephen Friars critically acclaimed - The Grifters. While the story focuses on hustling rather than gambling, viscerally it feels very similar to Mississippi Grind. John Cusack stars a hustler caught in the middle between his estranged mother and swindling girlfriend as they all come together to carry out one big con.
      If you've never seen it before, then we definitely recommend you add this one to your list of movies to watch.
      4. The Gambler
      Moving along we have the crime-drama masterpiece, The Gambler. James Caan plays an intelligent English Professor who despite his best efforts, continues to get sucked back into gambling. With the debts racking up and his personal life spiraling, things take a turn for the worse as the mob come calling for what they're owed.
      Simply mesmerizing from start to finish, Caan's take on a man who can't shake off his gambling compulsion earned him a very well deserved Oscar for his efforts. Getting a top rating from us - it doesn't get much better than this classic.
      5. California Split
      And last but not least we have Robert Altman's stylish gambling comedy - California Split. A story of a man who continues to double up on his bets in search of a big payday, many people consider California Split to be the prime inspiration behind Mississippi Grind.
      This thrilling, hectic and well-executed movie will effortlessly reel you while it sets up a spectacular payoff at the end. If you liked Mississippi Grind then we're confident you'll be a big fan of this one as well.
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      5 Brilliant Action Movies Like True Lies

      In between the making of T2 and Titanic, legendary filmmaker James Cameron gave us one of the greatest action-comedies of all time, True Lies. With thrilling action-sequences that still hold up better than 99.9% of today's CGI nonsense, a brilliant side plot involving Bill Paxton and some good old fashioned buddy-cop humor, it's a window into all of the things we love about 90's movies. If you're in between sittings, or like us, waiting for the Blu-ray version to finally be released, check out these 5 movies that do their best to offer a similar level of enjoyment.
      Here are our recommended picks for movies similar to True Lies:
      1. The Man From U.N.C.L.E
      Kick starting our list, we have Guy Ritchie's return to form with the stylish and wildly entertaining black comedy - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015). As a result of lackluster (or rather, nonexistent) marketing, this silky smooth feature went largely unnoticed at the time of release. But ever since then it's grown into something of a cult-classic as fans all over begin to appreciate it's appeal.
      Through Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer and Alicia Vikander it's effortlessly charming, while it also has enough eye-pleasing action to move it along nicely. The banter is in line with True Lies even if the action is a touch more subdued. Watch if you like: Stylish action-movies.
      2. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
      Falling right back into step with a strict action-comedy, next up we have Doug Limon's Mr. & Mrs. Smith. With Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt playing a married couple of gun for hires who hide their profession from each other, this sizzling and lively ride is no doubt directly influenced by True Lies.
      Another entry that continues to hold up well to this day, if it's been a while since you last saw it then this could be a great option to stick on next. Watch if you like: Seductive action-comedies.
      3. Spy
      Next up we have Paul Feig's self-written and directed hit movie - Spy. Featuring some stunning backdrops for the locale and more importantly, a relentless onslaught of humor, this movie rather insists on making you laugh all the way through. Starring Melissa McCartney in a winning performance, if you're okay with less high-wire action and more humor then look no further. Watch if you like: Non-stop humor.
      4. The Rock
      Giving a nod to another fabulous action-movie of the 90's, we have Michael Bay's highly-esteemed The Rock. With Bay at the height of his powers, this movie stands up well on just about any list. Sharing common themes with True Lies such as tight-action sequences, a dangerous terrorist plot or the star-studded talent on display (Nicholas Cage, Sean Connery etc), there's no doubt that you'll be in good hands with this one. Watch if you like: Michael Bay.
      5. Demolition Man
      While Arnold Schwarzenegger undoubtedly reigned supreme as a heavyweight of the action genre, it's hard to ignore his opposing number Sylvester Stallone. As another larger than life 90's star, we've narrowed down his extensive action-packed resume to the 1993 hit - Demolition Man. Of course, Stallone has many more high profile movies but as a pairing to True Lies, this is the most fitting in both style and substance. Watch if you like: Sylvester Stallone.

      5 Movies To Watch If You Liked Lord Of War

      One of the best movies from the class of 2005 and among Nicholas Cage's finest performances in a long and uneven career, Lord of War, is an authentic and thrilling window into the murky world of illegal gun-running and the larger international arms industry. If you enjoyed this iconic addition to the war/crime-drama genre, we've got 5 others that you should definitely consider watching next.
      Here are our recommended picks for movies similar to Lord of War:
      1. Three Kings
      While Nicholas Cage's Yuri Orlov made his fortune pilfering munitions and arms from the breakup of the Soviet Union and selling them into war-torn Liberia and Sierra Leone - Three Kings is a similar account following the fallout from the Gulf War. George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube star as a trio of U.S. soldiers who find a map containing the location of stolen Kuwaiti gold. Deeming it a well-earned reward from their participation in the war, they endeavor to secretly retrieve the gold with no one else the wiser.
      Much like Lord of War serves to point out the hypocrisy of the United Nations Security Council also being the world's largest suppliers of arms, David O Russell's 1999 hit also manages to pull of a brilliant action / heist movie while subtly critiquing the forever wars of the U.S. Watch if you like: Stylish war movies.
      2. War Dogs
      Next up we have Todd Phillips' superb, biographical dark comedy - War Dogs. This movie is as close as you can get to the story of Lord of War without re-watching it. Based on the real life memoir 'Once A Gun Runner', it involves two arms dealers who manage to secure highly lucrative U.S contracts totaling over $250million, to supply the Afghan National Army.
      RELATED: 11 Movies To Watch If You Liked War Dogs
      While it feels very different in style and tone to Lord of War, if you're set on more gun-running and illegal arms dealing then look no further. With blistering action and some capable performances from Jonah Hill, Miles Teller and Bradley Cooper there's plenty to like about War Dogs. Watch if you like: Movies based on real-life events.
      3. The Hurt Locker
      Moving along we have Kathryn Bigelow's critically acclaimed, action war thriller - The Hurt Locker. Departing from the theme of illegal arms dealing, it instead focuses on an elite Explosive Ordinance Disposal team who must combat the massive psychological stresses of defusing improvised explosive devices while on the front line.
      If you're looking for something that will give you a pure shot of adrenaline and have you on the edge of your seat then this is the one for you. Jeremy Renner's visceral performance will send your heart rate rocketing and leave you exhausted when it's all said and done. Watch if you like: Modern must-see movies.
      4. 13 Hours
      Continuing with another movie based on a real-life event (in this instance – the attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi), we have Michael Bay's 2016 action-war thriller 13 hours. It involves the heroic actions of the 6 Annex Security Team members as they fought to repel wave after wave of Islamic militant attacks.
      Surprisingly one of the most overlooked movies of the year, we’re confident you’ll find more than enough entertainment in Michael Bay's famed action-sequences and the ensemble cast featuring John Krasinski, James Badge Dale and David Costabile. Watch if you like: Michael Bay action sets.
      5. Traffic
      And last but not least we have Steven Soderbergh's crime-drama release - Traffic. As Lord of War explores the illegal sale of arms from the manufacturers to arms dealers to Governments, Traffic looks at the illegal drug-trade and the various parties involved.
      Much like Lord of War, it is a suspenseful and gripping thriller that builds up to a satisfying payoff at the end. If you've never seen this one before we highly recommend you add it to your list of movies to watch next. Watch if you like: Inter-connecting storylines.
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      9 Thrilling Movies Like Den Of Thieves

      If you enjoyed Christian Gudegast's 2018 action-heist movie Den of Thieves you're not alone. With plenty of high-wire action sequences, some very unexpected twists and turns and a great ensemble cast, it was an exhilarating ride from start to finish. While there are no shortage of cops v robbers / thrilling heist flicks out there, we've provided 9 of the best options for you to binge on next.
      Here are our recommended picks for movies similar to Den of Thieves:
      1. The Town
      Swapping out the streets of L.A. for Boston, we have Ben Affleck's self-written and directed crime thriller - The Town. Much like Den of Thieves, this is a heist movie that holds absolutely nothing back. Whether it's the high-caliber rounds of ammunition fizzing by, the clever and meticulous planning involved or the screeching police sirens always a couple of seconds away - there's more than enough scintillating action on display to get your heart rate pounding and have you on the edge of your seat throughout.
      2. American Animals
      Moving along we have perhaps one of the most underseen movies on our list - Bart Layton's 2018 heist thriller - American Animals. As the trailer duly notes, this movie isn't based on real life events, they actually happened. It chronicles the story of four friends who set out to steal an extremely rare book from the Transylvania University library. Interspersed with interviews from people who were involved, this larger than life retelling will have you gasping for breath at the sheer audacity of the heist and the inevitable consequences that follow.
      RELATED: 7 Movies Like American Animals
      3. Inside Man
      Next up we have Spike Lee's fabulous 2006 heist thriller Inside Man. A worthy addition to the genre, this is a must-watch if you're serious about well-done heist movies. As with Den of Thieves, it features a star-studded cast with Clive Owen, Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington all bringing their A-game. If you don't mind a pinch less action and more brilliant planning and execution then look no further - you can't go wrong with this one.
      4. The Bank Job
      Continuing along we have another heist movie inspired by true events, Roger Donaldson's slick heist caper, The Bank Job. If you like watching all of the preparation and planning for the heist then you'll definitely enjoy this one. As with Den of Thieves, there's blistering action interwoven with a precise build up that leaves the payoff at the end all the more satisfying. If you've never seen it before then this could be a great option for you.
      5. Inception
      Now you you might be thinking you came here looking for heist movies and we've given you Chris Nolan's epic sci-fi thriller Inception - but stay with us. While it delves deep into dreams within dreams (and more dreams), in between those fascinating layers are of course the makings of a brilliant plot to steal top secret information (along with implanting ideas too). With Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page all on form fine along with the mesmerizing visuals, if you're okay with stepping a little outside the box then Inception is a terrific option.
      6. Triple 9
      Moving back into the territory of frenetic action flicks involving cops and robbers, we have John Hillcoat's gripping Triple 9. If you enjoyed Gerard Butler's band of corrupt and ruthless cops in Den of Thieves then you'll no doubt love Triple 9 play out with its own version. It involves a group of cops and former Navy SEALs who carry out a brazen wave of heists before things start to go very wrong. As the stakes build and a massive manhunt ensues, this electrifying tale zigs and zigs in all directions setting up a finale that you definitely won't expect.
      7. Heist
      Scott Mann's underrated action-thriller, Heist, is the first of two entries on our list to include Robert DeNiro. It involves him playing a casino boss who becomes the target of a heist after ruthlessly firing an employee. With capable performances from DeNiro alongside Jefrrey Dean Morgan, it’s a well-executed heist movie that makes for a great pairing with Den of Thieves.
      8. Hell Or High Water
      For our penultimate entry, we have David Mackenzie's captivating Hell or High Water. With Chris Pine and Benn Foster playing two brothers who decide to commit a string of robberies in order to save their family ranch, this sizzling and tense thriller is light on gunfights but more than makes up for it with a superb storyline. Like Den of Thieves, the local authorities are never far behind and a dangerous cat and mouse game plays out in ways you won't expect.
      9. Heat
      And if you haven't found anything you like by this point - why not go with Michael Mann's seminal masterpiece - Heat. Bringing together two iconic actors for the very first time, Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro, it's got everything and more that's required for a truly great action-thriller. With groundbreaking cinematography, its visceral action sequences will make you feel like you're right next to the blistering rounds of ammo as they fire off in all directions. If it's been a while since you rewatched this classic then settle yourself in for close to 3 hours of breathtaking entertainment.
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      7 Movies To Watch Next If You Liked Hell Or High Water

      David Mackenzie's Hell Or High Water proved to be a surprise hit when it came out in 2016. While it went on to garner many major award nominations, it benefited from an early freedom of anonymity that released audiences from all preconceived notions and expectations going in. Whether you enjoyed the traditional heist storyline play out, the stunning cinematography on show, or its Modern Western feel - it impressively offered something for everyone. If you're in the mood for more of the same then you're in luck. We've put together a list of movies that all share similarities, from the bleak and gritty aesthetic to the excellent screenwriting from Taylor Sheridan.
      Here are our recommended picks for movies similar to Hell Or High Water:
      1. Wind River
      Starting off with the most obvious and perhaps best choice (if you haven't already seen it), we have Wind River. Graduating from screenwriting duties (after his phenomenal success with Hell or High Water), Taylor Sheridan not only penned this fantastic Neo-Western murder thriller but he also stepped up to assume directorial duties as well.
      If you're serious about sitting through a true pairing to Hell Or High Water then Wind River ticks all of the boxes. It stars Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen as two members of law enforcement who are charged with hunting down a murderer on the Wyoming Indian Reservation. With haunting visuals and a suspenseful unease that constantly lingers just beneath the surface, it will hook you early on and delight in taking you along for the ride.
      2. No Country For Old Men
      Moving along, we have the Coen Brothers return to form with their critically acclaimed Western-thriller No Country For Old Men. Released back in 2007, this modern great is another movie that blurs the lines. Viewed by some as a straight thriller and by others as belonging strictly to the Western genre, it delights in subverting any and all expectations.
      Based on the novel of the same name, at its core, it involves an unflinching killer who picks up the trail of an army veteran after he finds a haul of cash from a drug deal gone wrong. There's no doubt that Jeff Bridge's character and performance (in HoHW) is largely inspired by Tommy Lee Jones' in No Country for Old Men. If it's been a while since you last saw it, then you can't go wrong with this one.
      3. The Rover
      Continuing along with another Modern-Western, this time swapping the plains of Texas for the Australian outback, we have David Michod's extremely underrated entry - The Rover. Sharing similar themes of bleakness and despair after the economic fallout, it involves a dystopian future where lawlessness rules the day. Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce star as two strangers who team up to survive in the barren plains while setting off to retrieve a stolen possession. While it's undoubtedly a much more sombre and gritty affair than Hell Or High Water, if those themes are what you're looking for then you'll find a lot to like about The Rover.
      4. Sicario
      Next up we have Denis Villeneuve's quick trigger action-thriller Sicario. This tightly wound and breathtaking feature merits an inclusion due to another screenwriting masterclass from Taylor Sheridan. With more blockbuster action on display, it marks a deviation away from the Westerns we've covered up until now. But if you're specifically looking for something with a bit of a faster tempo and you're a fan of Benicio del Toro and Emily Blunt, it's certainly worth watching again.
      5. The Place Beyond The Pines
      Perhaps the wildcard entry on our list, we have Derek Cianfrance's 2012 crime drama - The Place Beyond the Pines. If you liked Chris Pine and Ben Foster's brazen bank robbing heists then you'll similarly enjoy Ryan Gosling's visceral efforts. But apart from the initial flash and excitement of the cops v robbers, it's a story that runs much deeper and is centered around themes of family and fate. Much like Hell Or High Water, it's brilliant cinematography makes it well worth watching.
      6. Hold The Dark
      For our penultimate entry we have Jeremy Saulnier's gripping 2018 action-thriller - Hold the Dark. Starring well-known names such as Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgard and James Badge Dale, the story is centered upon a remote Alaskan village where young children begin to start disappearing. Much like Hell Or High Water, its desolate and unsettling aesthetic will ensnare your attention as it sets up a thrilling climax.
      7. Shimmer Lake
      And last but not least, we have one of our favorite movies from 2017, Oren Uziel's self-written and directed crime-thriller - Shimmer Lake. While it was released largely under the radar, it is a massively entertaining flick that has close parallels to Hell Or High Water. It involves another bank robbery and investigating Sheriff, but this time the brothers are divided as one of them is suspected to be involved in the heist. With well-rounded performances from Benjamin Walker, Wyatt Russell and Rainn Wilson, if you made it this far without fancying any of the previous choices, maybe this one is what you're looking for.
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      13 Amazing Movies Like The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

      It's a tricky job delivering a faithful adaptation of a beloved book. But in the case of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, both moviegoers and book fans alike rejoiced at how incredibly good this movie turned out to be. It's a powerful and moving coming-of-age story that taps into something deep within, regardless of where you are and at what stage in life.
      While studios aren't often in the habit of letting authors handle the screenwriting efforts and certainly not the directorial duties, we're thankful that Stephen Chbosky was allowed to do both. If you're looking for more stories that will have you choking back the tears or feature coming-of age-tales, check out our handpicked list below. It's got something for everyone.
      Here are 13 similar movies like the Perks of Being a Wallflower (Updated for 2020):
      1. The Kings of Summer
      First up on our list we have Jordan Vogt-Roberts' free spirited and irresistibly charming feature - The Kings of Summer. It involves a group of teenagers who, after becoming frustrated with their overbearing parents, decide to embark upon a much needed adventure by moving to the woods. As with The Perks of Being a Wallflower, it is a true coming-of-age story with plenty of drama but perhaps a touch more humor.
      2. The Way, Way Back
      Second on our list, we have another endearing coming-of-age story courtesy of Nat Faxon and Jim Rash in their directorial debuts. The Way, Way Back focuses on another reserved teenager - in this case 14 year old Duncan (Liam James), who spends the summer holidays with his mother and her unstable boyfriend. Much in need of confidence and true friendship, Duncan stumbles into a job at the local waterpark where he is taken under the wing of the wisecracking manager.
      Just as with the Perks of Being a Wallflower, this one is perfect for those of you who are looking for something that will take a tight hold of your emotions and won't let go until long after it's over.
      3. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
      Our next entry is another movie that's based upon a novel, in this case - Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Like the very best of the coming-of-age genre, it has a special quality or rather feeling where you can't help but be captivated right from the start. The story centers around an impressionable and carefree teen who's outlook on life is forever changed after he befriends a fellow classmate who has a terminal illness.
      If you are looking for a story that will make you laugh, cry and also lift up your spirits high then this could be perfect for you.
      4. Love, Simon
      Coming in fourth on our list, we have Greg Berlanti's broody, heartfelt and funny teen-teen comedy, Love, Simon. This film from 2018 traverses along many of the same rehearsed themes of the genre, but it does so in way that's rarely as enjoyable and entertaining. It involves a closeted teen, Simon (Nick Robinson), who's carefully constructed image slowly begins to crack apart. With neither his family nor friends aware that he's gay, he finds it difficult to keep them in the dark as he searches for an anonymous classmate who he's fallen in love with online.
      If you've yet to see this instant feel-good story then we definitely recommend you check it out.
      5. The Spectacular Now
      Next up on our list, the excellent screenwriter James Ponsoltd returned to the director's chair with another hit-book-turned-movie about a high school teenager who has to contend with a worsening case of alcoholism. The Spectacular Now is a solemn and sensitive coming-of-age story that is refreshingly honest and authentic.
      With some fantastic performances from both Miles Turner and Shailene Woodley, their chemistry sizzles along beautifully to make this one of our favorite choices on our list.
      6. Lady Bird
      Moving along we have Greta Gerwig's first outing as a director with her 2017 release - Lady Bird. This film takes a hard look at the interpersonal bonds between a mother and her daughter despite their conflicting views and opinions. It approaches the subject with a firm foot in reality breaking the story down with things that we have or would say/do at one point in time.
      Just as with The Perks of Being a Wallflower, it's graced with an abundance of fine performances but notably Laurie Metcalf and Saoirse Ronan shine. Definitely add this to your list of movies to watch next.
      7. Adventureland
      At just over the halfway point of our list, we have Greg Mottola's universally adored comedy-drama, Adventureland. Jessie Eisenberg plays a young, graduate student who's expectations of a summer spent traveling abroad and dashed by unexpected financial difficulties. Forced to take a job at a local amusement park called Adventureland, things begin to shape up after he develops an unexpected relationship with a fellow employee (Kristin Stewart).
      While this is most definitely one of the most well known entries on our list, don't let that stop you from watching it once again. We've seen it at least a handful of times by now and its misadventures and thrills never fail to disappoint.
      8. Eighth Grade
      At number eight on our list, we have Bo Burnham's feature-length writing and directorial debut - Eighth Grade. Like many other entries we've included, it deals with the coming-of-age themes present in teenagers lives, but this is shown through a lens more up to the date with the current generation. Involving the mental insecurities and addiction to social media, it's a story of a young girl who looks for social acceptance from her classmates.
      Much like the Perks of Being a Wallflower, it takes on its weighty issues with a combination of grace, humor and superb execution.
      9. The Edge of Seventeen
      https://youtu.be/EB6Gecy6IP8Continuing along, we have Kelly Fremon Craig's ultra funny coming-of-age hit, The Edge of Seventeen. While many were quick to bill this as another formulaic addition to the genre, those early assumptions were soon dispelled as this turned out to be one of the best movies of the year.
      With sibling rivalry at the center of the story, it sees the tempestuous relationship between Nadine and her brother Darian get stretched to the limit after he starts dating her best friend Krista. While it features some great performances from Woody Harrelson and Haley Lu Richardson, Hailee Steinfield is undoubtedly the star of the show making this a must-watch if you've never seen it before.
      10. Paper Towns
      Coming in at our tenth spot on our list, we have Jake Schreier's charming and underrated mystery / comedy-drama, Paper Towns. Much like The Perks of Being A Wall Flower, this is another faithful and well-made adaptation to come to the big screen.
      It's a tale of adventure and intrigue that involves a young student "Q" (Natt Wolff) who joins the most popular girl in his school - Margo (Cara Delevingne) to carry out a night full of pranks and tricks on their fellow classmates. The next day "Q" finds that Margo has disappeared leaving him a slew of clues to follow and a heavy heart to nurse. While this entry isn't exactly like for like, if you're looking for a touch more adventure and mystery, you should definitely consider watching this one.
      11. Sing Street
      https://youtu.be/jYk2Vx1z6lkNext up we have the wildly entertaining, musical coming-of-age movie - Sing Street. In a story that can be found in every corner of the globe, it involves a young boy, Connor, who sets out to impress a girl he likes by creating a band. If musicals are right up your alley and you've made it this far without truly finding anything you're entirely sure about, then this could be the perfect option for you.
      12. 500 Days of Summer
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsD0NpFSADMComing in at number twelve and for our penultimate entry, we have Marc Webb's classic rom-com - 500 Days of Summer. With Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Tom, a greeting card writer, the story skips back and forth through time, looking at the life-cycle of his now failed relationship with Summer (Zooey Deschanel). In reflecting upon their 500 days as a couple, he finds a renewed sense of vigor and appetite to begin living life to the fullest.
      While there's a big chance you've already seen this one before, it's a classic for a reason. With charming performances all around, it's a clever and heartwarming comedy that you know you can settle in for and simply enjoy the ride.
      13. The Breakfast Club
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSXBvor47ZsAnd last but certainly not least, we have John Hughes' seminal and much imitated coming-of-age hit, The Breakfast Club. Like a fine wine, this 1985 story has only gotten better with time. If you've run through all of the options and reached this point, then perhaps you were waiting for it all along. As a heavyweight of the genre, no matter when or how many times you've seen it, it's never a bad time to sit through it once again.
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      7 Movies To Watch If You Liked Adventureland

      Director Greg Mottola rose to prominence with his laugh-out-loud, raunchy teen comedy Superbad. It was the sort of R-rated teen comedy that we never knew we needed. While most people expected his follow-up to be much in the same vein, Adventureland proved to be vastly different if not just as enjoyable. Involving a coming-of-age tale starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristin Stewart, it was light on the knee-slapping hijinks and heavy on the heartwarming and mature character-driven story.
      If you're a big fan of Adventureland like us, check out these coming-of-age films to enjoy next:
      1. The Way, Wack Back
      Written and directed by Jim Rash and Nat Faxon (The Descendants) The Way, Way Back is a superb and warm comedy about a teenager who takes a summer trip with his family, including his new stepfather. He ends up making friends in the oddest of places and begins to gain some much needed confidence and self-assurance. There are some terrific performances in The Way, Way Back, especially from future Oscar winner Sam Rockwell. The story feels a lot like Adventureland but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it makes a wonderful double feature with Greg Mottola’s comedy.
      2. The Kings of Summer
      Another coming-of-age comedy about young boys becoming men, The Kings of Summer revolves around three boys who leave the stress and hassle of family life behind to spend their days in the woods with each other.  You’ll find a lot of similarities with Adventureland including the idea of teens growing up, young romance and the uncertainty of the future. While director Jordan Vogt-Roberts owes a lot to Greg Mottola and other directors who paved the way before, it’s most definitely a worthy addition to the genre.
      3. Superbad
      Bringing a dose of more out-and-out comedy than the other entries on our list, Superbad has much in common with Adventureland — and not just the fact that both are directed by the same man. It essence it's a story of two friends growing up and growing apart. It examines that important and life-changing time of adolescence when it’s time to grow up and put childish things behind. Of course, Superbad does that with a slew of R-rated jokes and gags. While it's a supremely fun and hilarious movie, that wouldn’t mean much if it didn’t have so much heart.
      4. Almost Famous
      Taking place in the 1970s, Almost Famous follows a young man who is sent on tour with the fictional rock band Stillwater. It’s on the road that he grows up in some major ways and learns a lot about love, life and the power of music. Heavily based on Crowe’s real-life experiences working for Rolling Stone, the movie definitely feels like it's grounded in reality. The people feel real, the story authentic and the memories feel so, so precious. This one is a masterpiece.
      5. Juno
      Next up we have Jason Reitman’s breakout hit - Juno. The movie that launched Ellen Page's career into the spotlight, it also kickstarted the career of renowned screenwriter Diablo Cody. It has a lot in common with Adventureland and other movies listed above but it has one important thing that sets it apart: a female protagonist. Juno is about a young, hip girl who gets pregnant and decides to keep the baby. Juno isn’t your typical teen girl and Page plays her to perfection. The rest of the cast is stellar too, including a fantastic Jennifer Garner and a scene-stealing Michael Cera. There’s a reason Juno was an Oscar contender: because it’s terrific.
      6. Dazed and Confused
      Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused remains one of our favorite movies from the 1990s. The cast is second-to-none, featuring many A-listers in their first onscreen roles. The story is simple enough: a group of high schoolers cut loose and look for fun and mischief on the first night of summer vacation in the late 1970s. The movie feels similar to Adventureland when it comes to the realistic and laid back characters and the lazy feel of summer. But it also feels different too. The movie is rich with a diverse and well-developed group of characters, not focusing on any one. It’s a bird’s eye view of the dog days of summer and that feeling you had when you were young and your whole life was ahead of you.
      7. The Spectacular Now
      And last but not least we have James Ponsoldt’s fantastic coming-of-age story - The Spectacular Now. It has laughs, of course, but it is heavy on the drama and is an in-depth examination of young love and the pains of growing up. The Spectacular Now has a killer cast and features some wonderful supporting turns from Brie Larson, Kyle Chandler and Jennifer Jason Leigh. It’s a gentle and heartfelt dramedy that is all-too-relatable to anyone who was ever young and in love. 

      7 Great Movies To Watch If You Liked Street Kings

      If you enjoyed David Ayer's dirty-cop thriller Street Kings you're not alone. Sporting an all-star cast and a terrific script, it whipped around the bleak criminal underworld in a pulsating and bruising manner. As one of our guilty pleasure movies from the early 2000's, we've compiled a list of similar crime dramas that offer up a slew of crooked officers, shady crime lords and tug-of-war contests between morals and greed.
      Here are 7 great movies similar to Street Kings for you to binge on next:
      1. Narc
      Narc is a dark and compelling thriller about an undercover narcotics officer, Nick Tellis, who gets dragged into a murder mystery. Matched with a hulking menace of a partner (played to perfection by Ray Liotta), Tellis goes spiraling down a rabbit hole of revenge and violence. Joe Carnahan’s direction is very similar to David Ayer’s making Narc an especially great pairing with Street Kings. It almost feels like it exists in the same universe as Street Kings, and that isn’t necessarily one you want to be a part of. Be careful, Liotta gets downright scary in this one.
      2. Brooklyn’s Finest
      Director Antoine Fuqua made quite the name for himself after Training Day was released (another Street Kings contemporary that you’ll read about later). However, Brooklyn’s Finest can also be counted among his most enthralling pieces of work. Like Street Kings, it contains a star-studded lineup and follows a group of cops who get caught up in some not-so-admirable dealings. There are a lot of drugs, a lot of betrayal and a lot of questionable morals on show. It’s a great addition to any modern crime drama library.
      3. The Departed
      Moving along we have Martin Scorsese's epic action-thriller - The Departed. While corrupt cops have made their home in the previous two entries, the Departed seems to stretch that theme to the very limit leaving you wondering if anyone can be trusted. It's jam-packed with betrayal, violence and plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. If it's been a while since you last saw it then this is a superb option for you to binge on next.
      4. Triple 9
      Australian director John Hillcoat gave us a slick and enticing crime drama with 2016’s Triple 9. The movie revolves around a crooked cop (Anthony Mackie) looking to plan the heist of a lifetime. The only roadblock? His incorruptible partner, played by Oscar winner Casey Affleck. Hillcoat’s movie is an adrenaline rush of a story, pushed forward by a rapid-fire script and a stacked cast, much like Street Kings. It flew under the radar but it's well worth checking out when you’re looking for more dirty cops and their unsavory schemes.
      5. S.W.A.T.
      Director Clark Johnson is best known for his work on HBO’s masterpiece series The Wire, so you can bet he knows crime and cops well. His big screen adaptation of S.W.A.T. wasn’t the runaway success that some had hoped for but it still had enough crime drama and thrills to keep viewers engaged. Similar to Street Kings, S.W.A.T. relies on its cop-centered plot and a well-known cast, led by Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell. It contains more hire-wire action than any other movie on this list so if that's what you're interested in, sit back and relax, it won't let you down.
      6. Rampart
      Director Oren Moverman is best known for his character-driven dramas so when he directed Rampart, we knew we were in for something special. Sure enough, Rampart is easily one of the best films on this list. A crooked cop drama like Street Kings and others listed above, Rampart has something the others don’t: a wildly entertaining and transformative performance from Woody Harrelson. Harrelson plays a tough, uncompromising LAPD officer who takes no prisoners and pulls no punches. It’s a shame he didn’t receive many awards for his work here because, next to Denzel Washington’s turn in Training Day, he gives one of the best performances on show. 
      7. Training Day
      If you haven't found anything thus far that piques your interest, why not settle with one of the greatest crime-thrillers of all time - Antoine Fuqua's Training Day. As the smash hit that rightfully earned Denzel Washington an Academy Award, it set a high bar for all other cop dramas since. It's a powerhouse of acting and tension, taking us deep into the dangerous universe of corrupt cops and undercover officers. It shares a lot of similar themes with Street Kings and while it also has a stellar cast you should make no mistake: Training Day is Denzel Washington’s tour de force. He is irresistible from start to finish. Any fan of Street Kings should wisely watch Training Day as well.

      7 Movies To Watch If You Liked American Made

      Doug Liman might not be a household name to many but he’s been quietly going about his business making movies like The Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow, two of the best action movies from the last few decades. He re-teamed Tom Cruise for American Made, the real-life story of Barry Seal, a pilot employed by the CIA to fly recon missions in Central America. He ends up playing one side against the other when he also starts running drugs for the Medellin cartel.
      American Made is a super-slick comedy thriller that breezes along on the megastar charisma of Cruise, who is obviously enjoying the hell out of the role. Seal's exploits are the dark side of the American Dream, and if you like movies like this, you should definitely check out the following:
      1. Lord of War
      Switch out drugs for guns and you basically have Lord of War, Andrew Niccol’s flashy examination of the global trade in deadly weapons. Nicolas Cage is surprisingly restrained as Yuri Orlov, an opportunist who starts a career in gunrunning to make his fortune. His exploits take him on a globe-trotting adventure, pursued by an intrepid Interpol agent played by Ethan Hawke. 
      Lord of War pulls off a delicate balancing act, condemning the illegal arms trade while also offering riotous entertainment. Niccol serves up a fine cocktail of guns, explosions, fast planes and deadly situations for our amoral protagonist.
      2. Catch Me If You Can
      Steven Spielberg's bubbly jet-setting caper is another true crime story, charting the exploits of Frank Abagnale, the teenager who pulled off a variety of scams while posing as a doctor, a lawyer and an airline pilot in the '60s. 
      Leonardo DiCaprio is superb as the likeable young conman, matched by Tom Hanks as the devoted FBI agent trying to track him down. Christopher Walken received only the second Oscar nomination of his career for his terrific performance as Abagnale’s hard-working father.
      Spielberg directs this light-hearted tale with a real spring in his step, almost as if it were a palate-cleanser after several darker, more serious works. With Spielberg’s craft, impeccable period detail and John Williams’ jazzy score, Catch Me if You Can is effortlessly entertaining.
      3. American Animals
      Bart Layton takes a darker, grittier approach to a true-crime tale in American Animals. It is the story of four students who hatch a plan to steal a collection of rare books from their university library. Despite their carefully laid plans, the unlikely heist predictably goes awry.
      Layton takes the unusual approach of intercutting the action with interviews with the real people involved, giving the film a documentary feel. Of his young cast, fearless up-and-comer Barry Keoghan stands out as the instigator of the botched robbery. 
      It's a bold and impressive sophomore effort from British filmmaker Layton, who brings a clear-eyed outsider perspective to the story. He's also concerned with social issues such as peer pressure and toxic masculinity, which makes American Animals richer in texture than your average crime flick.
      4. The Mule
      There is more drug smuggling going on in The Mule, Clint Eastwood’s low-key yet charming crime drama based on the real-life story of “The Sinaloa Cartel’s 90-year-old Drug Mule".
      Eastwood stars as Earl Stone a cantankerous eighty-something horticulturist. Estranged from his family and fallen on hard times, he starts running packages for a Mexican cartel to make some extra cash. They think he is the perfect candidate for the job due to his advanced age and spotless driving record, but the DEA is closing in..
      The Mule is an entertaining, old-fashioned film directed with Eastwood's usual efficient style, mixing mild danger with a few gentle chuckles as we follow Earl's journey. Eastwood the actor brings his familiar crotchety charisma to the lead part. He isn't really playing Earl, he's playing Clint Eastwood, just as he has with every role for the past sixty years - and we're totally OK with that. Bradley Cooper also stars as the sympathetic DEA agent on his tail.
      5. The Wolf Of Wall Street
      Much like American Made, Martin Scorsese takes a glamorous approach to criminality in his epic biography of Jordan Belfort. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the unscrupulous broker who took on Wall Street and made millions through corrupt practices, all on a hard diet of drugs, booze and hookers. 
      Nothing exceeds like excess, and The Wolf of Wall Street is a whole lot of movie. Scorsese matches the hedonism of the story with a three-hour blow-out of master filmmaking, great tunes, debauched set pieces, massive performances and midget abuse. 
      DiCaprio gives a performance of scenery-chewing prowess, forming a demented duo with Jonah Hill, while Margot Robbie and Kyle Chandler bring some normality to the proceedings. Matthew McConaughey shows up for about 10 minutes, beats his chest and almost walks off with the whole movie. Some may suspect that Scorsese is a little too in awe of Belfort and his accomplices for comfort, but there is no denying this is the director working close to his best.
      6. Blow
      If there is a recurring theme on this list, it's that anyone can go a long way if they are prepared to combine American go-getting spirit with breaking a few laws. The same goes for Ted Demme’s Blow, the true story of George Jung, the man who established America’s cocaine market in the ‘70s with a little help from a guy called Pablo Escobar. 
      Take a little Goodfellas and add a lot of Boogie Nights and you have the style of this rise-and-fall story, which intoxicates us with luxury, thrills and excess in the first half before putting us through the wringer in the second. 
      Johnny Depp in his prime stars as Jung, matched for gorgeousness by Penelope Cruz. The colourful cast also includes Paul "Pee Wee" Reubens and Ray Liotta, who completes the Goodfellas connection. Demme does his best Scorsese impression, ladling on the style and packing the soundtrack with wall-to-wall rock classics.
      7. The Infiltrator
      We wrap up this list with The Infiltrator, another movie about drug cartels and the men who get involved with them, with often deadly results. This time we are on the side of law and order, following a U.S customs agent going undercover to expose a massive money-laundering operation run by Pablo Escobar.
      A post-Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston brings his usual craggy intensity to the role of Robert Mazur, the man who infiltrated the cartel and lived to tell the tale. He teams up with John Leguizamo at the head of a strong cast that also includes Diane Kruger, Benjamin Bratt and Jason Isaacs.
      Brad Furman competently directs this compelling true-life crime thriller. It is pretty routine stuff with few surprises, but the strength of the story still makes it a gripping watch.
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      5 Of The Best Movies Like Dead Poets Society

      Watching Dead Poets Society feels like a rite of passage that everyone needs to go through at least once. Inspiring, captivating and extremely emotional - it remains one of our favorite movies of all time. It captured a true masterpiece performance from Robin Williams that made us all want to be better and to do better with our lives.
      While no other movie will ever truly compare, if you're looking for that same kick, the same coming of age story, check out our recommendations below. These are our top 5 movies like Dead Poets Society.
      1. Good Will Hunting
      Right off the bat, we've gone with Good Will Hunting which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. But hey, there's a reason why we love it and pretty much everyone else does too. It's mesmerizing from start to finish, with another incredibly powerful performance by Robin Williams which will definitely give you those Dead Poet Society feels. If it's been a while since you last saw it, then look no further, you'll be in good hands with this one.
      Good Will Hunting Movie Description
      Will Hunting is a prodigiously talented young man who chooses to embrace a simpler life instead of exploring his enormous potential. However, after anonymously solving a complex mathematical problem at MIT, his life begins to change. Trading off the comforts and security of home, he begins to open up, becoming more vulnerable on a personal and professional level.
      2. Mona Lisa Smile
      We're moving right along with Mona Lisa Smile. As a movie that many consider the female led version of Dead Poets Society, Julia Robert does a great job of playing the inspirational teacher. While it doesn't reach quite the same heights, we're big fans of this one nonetheless!
      A Mona Lisa Smile Movie Description
      Recently graduated from UCLA in 1953, free spirited Katherine Watson (Roberts) steps straight into a teaching role at the affluent, all-female Wellesley College. Underwhelmed by her students lack of aspirations, she challenges them to strive for more.
      3. Billy Elliott
      We simply had to include Billy Elliott on this list. A huge hit when it came out, at times it feels a lot like Dead Poets Society. If you're in the mood for another outstanding drama, then this one is perfect for you.
      Billy Elliott Movie Description
      Billy Elliott is a story of a young boy who remains true to himself despite the expectations of all those around him. Set during the 1984 coal miners strike in Britain, Billy discovers a passion for ballet instead of boxing. Possessing an abundance of natural talent and hard work, his fiery dance instructor pushes him to follow his dreams much to the objection of his family.
      4. The Breakfast Club
      You knew it was coming, right? A classic in its own right, we had to include The Breakfast Club. Revered as one of John Hughes' greatest accomplishments along with launching the Brat Pack, we will never stop marveling at its brilliance.
      5. School Ties
      And rounding off the list finally, we have School Ties. Although it wasn't the biggest hit at the box office, there is plenty to like all round with this one. Filled with a lot of familiar faces - Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Brendan Fraser star in this underrated sports drama. The trailer doesn't do it justice but we think it's well worth a watch.
      School Ties Movie Description
      After receiving a full scholarship to a prestigious prep school, David Green (Fraser) worries that he will become an outsider once people learn he is Jewish. Initially hiding the fact from his new friends, his worst fears are later confirmed as they subject him to widespread ridicule after finding out.

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