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  • 5 Must-Watch Movies If You Love Traveling

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    There is nothing more fun and exciting than traveling, but one thing that thrills people equally is watching a good travel movie. A good travel movie inspires and motivates to travel to new and unexplored locations as it brings to light the unique places in the world.


    If you are Savvy Expeditioner and looking for some travel ideas for your next big travel experience, here are 5 must watch travel movies that will help you set your travel goals.

    1. Into The Wild

    It is surely one of the most loved travelogues as it beautifully captures the beauty of nature, youth, the human mind, and adventure. With 8.1 on IMDB, this movie is a true story of Christopher McCandless, a college graduate who abandons his savings and hitchhikes to Alaska. While watching the movie you will be in awe of the confidence and bravery of the man who decides to leave his life of convenience and live in Alaska. The movie is all about his experiences with people that he meets along the way and each has their own story.


    By the end of the film, you will be motivated to travel and live a life away from the dependence on technology-led society, especially on your vacations.

    2. The Motorcycle Diaries

    It will not be wrong to say that this film is an ode to South America. Soon after you begin to watch this movie you will be awestruck by the beauty of this continent, thanks to its awesome cinematography. The movie explores the motorcycle trip undertaken by Che Guevera and his buddy Alberto Granado and focuses on the human transformation of these two Argentine men. The movie beautifully covers Che Guevera’s life before he became famous and offers a unique perspective on what led him to become one of the most important political figures from a would-be doctor.


    The movie showcases an event-filled and arduous journey from Argentina across South America and finally to Miami. A planned day-trip ends up being a stretched-out month’s stay with only one dollar in this pocket because of the technical fault on the plane he flew in on. The movie also beautifully shows the mental journey of a young man learning about politics, philosophy, and poverty which makes him a well-known Marxist revolutionary. But at the end, the film is a tale of laddish and boozy fun.

    3. The Beach

    It is Leonardo DiCaprio classic and offers breath-taking panoramic shots of Thailand. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Richard is an energetic and young backpacker who ventures to Thailand to find the allusive, idyllic and legendary beach that is home to international backpackers.


    Richard meets eccentric Daffy who tells him about the uninhabited island with breathtaking lagoon and hidden beach. Soon Daffy commits suicide, leaving a map that leads to the island. Intrigued and excited he sets out to find it. The crystal-clear water of Ko Phi PhiLeh and shirtless Leonardo DiCaprio are surely the treat to eyes for all. It will not be wrong to say that by the end of the movie you will be wanting to backpack and leave for Thailand to experience crystalline water, full-moon parties, and white sand beaches.

    4. A Map for Saturday

    If you like real-life stories this documentary will surely offer some pearls of wisdom to the travelers. The movie beautifully documents the journey of a man as he quits his job to travel around the world and live out of his backpack. The movie beautifully showcases what it feels like to vagabond around the world. As a viewer, you will witness a lot of highs and lows of his trips at a personal level. If you are planning to undertake a long-term trip, then this movie will surely give you some tips and idea of what to expect from a backpacking trip.

    5. Wild

    The movie is based on the book by Cheryl Strand and beautifully documents the journey of women on the Pacific Crest Trail. She travels the trail of 1,100 Km that covers the West Coast of the United States of America to bounce back after losing her mother. During the journey, she passes through crazy forests, dusty Mojave, snowy fields, and muddy trails only to achieve mental clarity. The movie is sure to inspire you to leave the comforts of your home and head out on an adventurous journey that is soul enriching.


    After you have finished watching these movies, you are sure to get the travel bug itching. You will surely feel the urge to pack your bags and head to vacations to explore the world. There is nothing more enlightening and enriching than traveling as the experiences make you wise and you are also opened to new insights.

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