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  • 5 Of The Best Movies Like Dead Poets Society

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    Watching Dead Poets Society feels like a rite of passage that everyone needs to go through at least once. Inspiring, captivating and extremely emotional - it remains one of our favorite movies of all time. It captured a true masterpiece performance from Robin Williams that made us all want to be better and to do better with our lives.

    While no other movie will ever truly compare, if you're looking for that same kick, the same coming of age story, check out our recommendations below. These are our top 5 movies like Dead Poets Society.

    1. Good Will Hunting

    Right off the bat, we've gone with Good Will Hunting which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. But hey, there's a reason why we love it and pretty much everyone else does too. It's mesmerizing from start to finish, with another incredibly powerful performance by Robin Williams which will definitely give you those Dead Poet Society feels. If it's been a while since you last saw it, then look no further, you'll be in good hands with this one.

    Good Will Hunting Movie Description

    Will Hunting is a prodigiously talented young man who chooses to embrace a simpler life instead of exploring his enormous potential. However, after anonymously solving a complex mathematical problem at MIT, his life begins to change. Trading off the comforts and security of home, he begins to open up, becoming more vulnerable on a personal and professional level.

    2. Mona Lisa Smile

    We're moving right along with Mona Lisa Smile. As a movie that many consider the female led version of Dead Poets Society, Julia Robert does a great job of playing the inspirational teacher. While it doesn't reach quite the same heights, we're big fans of this one nonetheless!

    A Mona Lisa Smile Movie Description

    Recently graduated from UCLA in 1953, free spirited Katherine Watson (Roberts) steps straight into a teaching role at the affluent, all-female Wellesley College. Underwhelmed by her students lack of aspirations, she challenges them to strive for more.

    3. Billy Elliott

    We simply had to include Billy Elliott on this list. A huge hit when it came out, at times it feels a lot like Dead Poets Society. If you're in the mood for another outstanding drama, then this one is perfect for you.

    Billy Elliott Movie Description

    Billy Elliott is a story of a young boy who remains true to himself despite the expectations of all those around him. Set during the 1984 coal miners strike in Britain, Billy discovers a passion for ballet instead of boxing. Possessing an abundance of natural talent and hard work, his fiery dance instructor pushes him to follow his dreams much to the objection of his family.

    4. The Breakfast Club

    You knew it was coming, right? A classic in its own right, we had to include The Breakfast Club. Revered as one of John Hughes' greatest accomplishments along with launching the Brat Pack, we will never stop marveling at its brilliance.

    5. School Ties

    And rounding off the list finally, we have School Ties. Although it wasn't the biggest hit at the box office, there is plenty to like all round with this one. Filled with a lot of familiar faces - Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Brendan Fraser star in this underrated sports drama. The trailer doesn't do it justice but we think it's well worth a watch.

    School Ties Movie Description

    After receiving a full scholarship to a prestigious prep school, David Green (Fraser) worries that he will become an outsider once people learn he is Jewish. Initially hiding the fact from his new friends, his worst fears are later confirmed as they subject him to widespread ridicule after finding out.

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