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  • 9 Thrilling Movies Like Den Of Thieves

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    If you enjoyed Christian Gudegast's 2018 action-heist movie Den of Thieves you're not alone. With plenty of high-wire action sequences, some very unexpected twists and turns and a great ensemble cast, it was an exhilarating ride from start to finish. While there are no shortage of cops v robbers / thrilling heist flicks out there, we've provided 9 of the best options for you to binge on next.

    Here are our recommended picks for movies similar to Den of Thieves:

    1. The Town


    Swapping out the streets of L.A. for Boston, we have Ben Affleck's self-written and directed crime thriller - The Town. Much like Den of Thieves, this is a heist movie that holds absolutely nothing back. Whether it's the high-caliber rounds of ammunition fizzing by, the clever and meticulous planning involved or the screeching police sirens always a couple of seconds away - there's more than enough scintillating action on display to get your heart rate pounding and have you on the edge of your seat throughout.

    2. American Animals


    Moving along we have perhaps one of the most underseen movies on our list - Bart Layton's 2018 heist thriller - American Animals. As the trailer duly notes, this movie isn't based on real life events, they actually happened. It chronicles the story of four friends who set out to steal an extremely rare book from the Transylvania University library. Interspersed with interviews from people who were involved, this larger than life retelling will have you gasping for breath at the sheer audacity of the heist and the inevitable consequences that follow.

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    3. Inside Man


    Next up we have Spike Lee's fabulous 2006 heist thriller Inside Man. A worthy addition to the genre, this is a must-watch if you're serious about well-done heist movies. As with Den of Thieves, it features a star-studded cast with Clive Owen, Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington all bringing their A-game. If you don't mind a pinch less action and more brilliant planning and execution then look no further - you can't go wrong with this one.

    4. The Bank Job


    Continuing along we have another heist movie inspired by true events, Roger Donaldson's slick heist caper, The Bank Job. If you like watching all of the preparation and planning for the heist then you'll definitely enjoy this one. As with Den of Thieves, there's blistering action interwoven with a precise build up that leaves the payoff at the end all the more satisfying. If you've never seen it before then this could be a great option for you.

    5. Inception


    Now you you might be thinking you came here looking for heist movies and we've given you Chris Nolan's epic sci-fi thriller Inception - but stay with us. While it delves deep into dreams within dreams (and more dreams), in between those fascinating layers are of course the makings of a brilliant plot to steal top secret information (along with implanting ideas too). With Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page all on form fine along with the mesmerizing visuals, if you're okay with stepping a little outside the box then Inception is a terrific option.

    6. Triple 9


    Moving back into the territory of frenetic action flicks involving cops and robbers, we have John Hillcoat's gripping Triple 9. If you enjoyed Gerard Butler's band of corrupt and ruthless cops in Den of Thieves then you'll no doubt love Triple 9 play out with its own version. It involves a group of cops and former Navy SEALs who carry out a brazen wave of heists before things start to go very wrong. As the stakes build and a massive manhunt ensues, this electrifying tale zigs and zigs in all directions setting up a finale that you definitely won't expect.

    7. Heist


    Scott Mann's underrated action-thriller, Heist, is the first of two entries on our list to include Robert DeNiro. It involves him playing a casino boss who becomes the target of a heist after ruthlessly firing an employee. With capable performances from DeNiro alongside Jefrrey Dean Morgan, it’s a well-executed heist movie that makes for a great pairing with Den of Thieves.

    8. Hell Or High Water


    For our penultimate entry, we have David Mackenzie's captivating Hell or High Water. With Chris Pine and Benn Foster playing two brothers who decide to commit a string of robberies in order to save their family ranch, this sizzling and tense thriller is light on gunfights but more than makes up for it with a superb storyline. Like Den of Thieves, the local authorities are never far behind and a dangerous cat and mouse game plays out in ways you won't expect.

    9. Heat

    List of movies like The Town - Heat

    And if you haven't found anything you like by this point - why not go with Michael Mann's seminal masterpiece - Heat. Bringing together two iconic actors for the very first time, Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro, it's got everything and more that's required for a truly great action-thriller. With groundbreaking cinematography, its visceral action sequences will make you feel like you're right next to the blistering rounds of ammo as they fire off in all directions. If it's been a while since you rewatched this classic then settle yourself in for close to 3 hours of breathtaking entertainment.

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