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  • 5 Movies To Watch If You Liked Mississippi Grind

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    With a show-stopping performance from Ben Mendelsohn, Mississippi Grind is easily one of the best gambling movies to have come out in recent years. If you're in the mood to see more self-tortured gambling addicts with a need to play just more hand, then look no further - we've got you covered.

    Check out these 5 excellent movies like Mississippi Grind:

    1. Rounders


    Kicking off our list, it only feels right to start off with one of the most popular poker movies of all time - Rounders. Released to relatively little fanfare back in 1998, John Dahl's credible portrayal of the underground gambling scene has since grown from a cult-classic into one of the heavyweights of the genre. Much like Mississippi Grind's one-two punch from Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds, Rounders draws some fantastic performances and on-screen chemistry from Matt Damon and Edward Norton.

    While it's not as jarringly gritty, if you're looking for something that's a little more high-octane and upbeat, then Rounders checks all of the boxes.

    2. Win It All


    Win It All shares a lot in common with Mississippi Grind. It too involves a struggling gambling addict who can't stay away from the tables despite continuing to lose every penny he has to his name. With a gutsy performance from Jake Johnson, if you enjoyed the pacing of Mississippi Grind and Ben Mendelsohn's never say die attitude then this could be what you're looking for.

    While this movie went under the radar due to its small budget and marketing, there's plenty of enthralling gambling involved with enough high-wire tension and excitement to keep you on the edge of your seat.

    3. The Grifters


    Next up on our list we have Stephen Friars critically acclaimed - The Grifters. While the story focuses on hustling rather than gambling, viscerally it feels very similar to Mississippi Grind. John Cusack stars a hustler caught in the middle between his estranged mother and swindling girlfriend as they all come together to carry out one big con.

    If you've never seen it before, then we definitely recommend you add this one to your list of movies to watch.

    4. The Gambler


    Moving along we have the crime-drama masterpiece, The Gambler. James Caan plays an intelligent English Professor who despite his best efforts, continues to get sucked back into gambling. With the debts racking up and his personal life spiraling, things take a turn for the worse as the mob come calling for what they're owed.

    Simply mesmerizing from start to finish, Caan's take on a man who can't shake off his gambling compulsion earned him a very well deserved Oscar for his efforts. Getting a top rating from us - it doesn't get much better than this classic.

    5. California Split


    And last but not least we have Robert Altman's stylish gambling comedy - California Split. A story of a man who continues to double up on his bets in search of a big payday, many people consider California Split to be the prime inspiration behind Mississippi Grind.

    This thrilling, hectic and well-executed movie will effortlessly reel you while it sets up a spectacular payoff at the end. If you liked Mississippi Grind then we're confident you'll be a big fan of this one as well.

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