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  • Pride & Prejudice: 7 Period Romance Movies To Enjoy Next

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    It's been over 15 years since Joe Wright released his movie adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. And if you're anything like us, since then - it's one that you've watched over and over again. This sweeping period piece is one of the few rare gems that manages to win over both ardent book fans and casual moviegoers alike.

    If you're taking a quick break from Mr. Darcy and Lizzie's grand romance, here are 7 other movies that you should consider watching next:

    1. Sense and Sensibility


    It's only fitting that we should start our list with another worthy Jane Austen adaptation, this time around we have Ang Lee's 1995 hit - Sense and Sensibility.

    As to be expected, there are plenty of dashing and courteous gentlemen along with the familiar themes of money, marriage and empowerment. The story focuses on the daughters Elinor and Marianne of the once respectable Dashwood family. Due to some very unexpected circumstances, they fall into hard times and are forced to invite potential suitors for their hand in marriage.

    With an Academy award-winning performance from Emma Thompson that will enthrall you every bit as much as Keira Knightley's in Pride & Prejudice, we're confident you'll love this one.

    2. A Room With A View


    Moving right along, we have another romance novel turned-big-screen-hit with James Ivory's 1985, A Room with a View.

    Not quite Austenesque in terms of the time period, but set a little later in Edwardian England instead - social class and unsuitable romance are once again at the forefront in this mesmerizing story. It involves a young girl named Lucy (Helena Bonham-Carter) who develops a strong connection to a man deemed unfit for her affection due to his poor social standing.

    If you're looking for that slow build up of tension and deep passion that rewards you with a satisfying payoff at the end then look no further.

    3. Love & Friendship


    Stepping right back into the wonderful world of Jane Austen's imagination, next up we have one of the more modern releases on our list - Whit Stillman's 2016 Love & Friendship (adapted from the story Lady Susan).

    As another terrific period piece, this one is light on the romance and heavy on the humor. In fact, the main character Lady Susan Vernon is as far removed from our beloved Lizzie as can be imagined. Recently a widow, she schemes to ensnare a suitable match for her and her daughter through all of the considerable tricks at her disposal.

    With Kate Beckinsale in top form you will be howling in laughter as she flirts, lies and corrupts her way into the hearts of all those around her.

    4. Persuasion


    Our fourth entry is another much-adored Jane Austen story, this time up we have Roger Michell's 1995 film - Persuasion. While there have since been additional adaptations of the story - this one with Amanda Root and Ciaran Healy is our favorite.

    It tells the story of Anne Elliot - a member of the aristocrat, who rejects a wedding proposal from the ambitious naval officer Frederick Wentworth. Much like Pride and Prejudice, their paths cross again (some 8 years later) as Anne ponders the possibilities of what could have come to pass in light of the now esteemed and highly sought-after Captain Wentworth.

    Our personal favorite of all the movies included, this cracking period piece makes for an excellent pairing with Pride ^ Prejudice.

    5. Jane Eyre


    While we've featured a number of Jane Austen works, it's now time to include a fellow contemporary of the time through a reimagining of Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre. With over 15 adaptations to date, we definitely recommend you go with Cary Fukunaga's stylish and fiery take on the story.

    With lust, love and deception at it's heart, it follows the story of Jane Eyre as she becomes acquainted and eventually enamored with the broody Mr. Rochestor. Featuring some electric performances from Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender, this period piece is a must watch for any serious fans of the genre.

    6. Howards End


    Director James Ivory was charged with adapting yet another E.M.Forster story, this time with the 1992 romantic-drama Howards End. As with Pride & Prejudice, it's a story that zooms in on the class levels of society and how that affects the ambitions, emotions and relationships of three interconnected families.

    Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins share some hypnotizing chemistry that will have you engrossed right from the beginning. If you've never seen this one before, it definitely warrants a viewing.

    7. Emma


    And last but certainly not least, we have Autumn de Wilde's 2020 adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma. In the latest of a long line of adaptations, this movie holds up exceptionally well in capturing the spirit of the book.

    Through the charming and endearing Anya Taylor-Joy, even romance-skeptics will undoubtedly get drawn into her captivating performance. If you haven't decided on a choice just yet, maybe this is the one you're looking for.

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