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    TØP: Are You Still Sleeping?

    By Pup
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    ...and we are all really curious what it actually means!

    This morning, during the 8AM hour EST, another cryptic message, probably a new clue, was delivered to the inboxes of Twenty Øne Pilots' fans that had signed up for e-mail alerts. though this is admittedly more direct than many of the other clues, it is no less mysterious.

    (Update: An even more significant Twenty Øne Pilots' fan club e-mail hits and blows the doors WIDE OPEN!)

    All we have to go on is the headline of "ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING" and the below image of a yellow eye that almost looks like it could be part of the sky. It's strange, beautiful, and leaving us all to wonder how this fits in with the rest of their clues.

    We're hopeful for an answer and new music very, very soon.

    Eye Gif.gif

    The Theories

    Over the last year, rampant theorizing about the end of Twenty One Pilots’ musical hiatus have been circulating the internet. Gathered in message boards and social media platforms, such as reddit’s r/twentyonepilots thread, fans have uncovered many clues (some of which have disappeared already) leading us to believe the forthcoming album would be dropped sometime around, well, now.

    The hiatus itself was announced in a cryptic fashion, using near mirror images, where the slash in the “ø” remained in the proper direction while everything else was flipped and every “E” had an elongated slash, of their song lyrics and an overarching message of “You have to come and find me” inside of an eye that appears to be closing. This all concluded on July 6th of last year with a final message referencing “Car Radio” that said, “Now we just sit in silence.”

    We’re right at the anniversary of that date! What could it mean?

    Back in January, Josh Dunn explained in his acceptance speech at the APMA Awards that Joseph Tyler’s absence was due to his “cutting ties with Dema.” Dema is a Tower of Silence. Twenty One Pilots has always had a relationship with the idea of silence versus noise and polarity in general, so this could have been meant to signify TØP, Joseph himself, or the Blurryface era. This sparked a resurgence in the search for clues.

    Since then, all we had on the official front was silence...

    ...but fans worked hard to find meaning in it.

    If you follow down the rabbit hole, certain words and phrases have become singled out, including Dema, Clancy, 43, East is Up, and Friday, along with images of a single eye.

    Which Friday, Twenty One Pilots?

    Though some theorized that the album would drop on May 1st, due to a series of dashes and dot, that day has come and passed and new theories have come to light. Trying to decipher when the silence will end, some super sleuths in the online fan community have come up with violation messages and error messages that spelled out the Friday clue only recently, which many take to mean that the album will drop on a Friday. Warring theories go between either Friday, July 6th (Today!!!) or possibly Friday the 13th of July.

    The new clue dropped to the fans that are on the email list this morning could signify today, but until we hear something more, it’s still only theoretical.

    Twenty One Pilots Sits in Silence

    So… is today the day we will be awakened to new Twenty One Pilots’ music? Can we open our eyes? Is the silence over? I know we hope so, but we won’t know until more clues are released or until the album drops. TØP clearly has some of the most clever fans around that will be ready and willing to figure out any clues that happen next, so even if it’s not today, we’ll be okay with this waiting. Only Twenty One Pilots’ could leave us on the edge like this, but we are happy to be here and ready to hear.

    My only message to the clique- stay aware and keep listening.

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