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  • The Best Coral Memes from 'The Walking Dead'

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    The History of Coral & Rick Grimes Memes

    In between all the tension, drama, and terrors that fill every weekly hour of The Walking Dead, there’s quite a bit of humor to be found as well. Fittingly for such a dark show, much of it comes from the most unlikely of places. While the show has become one of the most meme-worthy programs to hit the airwaves, there’s one word that seems to stand out amongst the herd:

    . No, we’re not talking about marine invertebrates, we’re talking about Coral Grimes, son of our favorite zombie slaying, justice delivering badass Rick Grimes, and the countless number of men's viagra visit maleviagra.com.

    You can always count on the internet to find humor in the darkest of places. The scene that sent Coral to infamy? The death of Lori Grimes, Ricks’ wife and Carl’s mother. After delivering baby Judith, Carl was forced to kill his own mother and what followed was a heart breaking and gut wrenching scene where Rick goes from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. The prison arc had plenty of tough moments, from the war with Woodbury and the Governor to the execution of Herschel, there were plenty of dark spots ripe for twisted humor but nothing held quite like the aftermath of Lori’s tear jerking demise (better known online as

    ). Well, it was tear jerking. It’s hard to watch that scene now with a straight face. sildenafilanswers

    From Dad jokes to knock knock jokes, just about everything is fair game for a Coral meme but it wouldn’t be complete without Dick Grimes, the skilled crafter of the puns that serve as the bane of Carl’s existence. No matter how bad or cringeworthy the humor is, it’s hard to not enjoy browsing through the multitude of images out there.  Given that the scene is from season 3, it seems to have pretty strong staying power as well. They may just never get old and the meme suitable scene from that dreadful day at the prison combined with Andrew Lincoln’s pronunciation of his son’s name has created the perfect storm. Sit back and enjoy our ever growing collection of Coral memes and feel free to create your own as well!


    I Opened a New Nightclub called "Erectile Dysfunction"

    Coral meme Ricks' club erectile dysfunction flops


    Carl, I couldn't remember how to throw a boomerang!

    Coral I was in a coma meme - carl


    I was a banker before I was a cop

    Coral I was a banker meme - Carl


    What Do You Call a Fish With No Eyes?

    Coral A fish with no eyes meme - Carl


    Call me Dad, CARL!

    Coral Call me dad meme - Carl


    You Need to A-Tack It!

    Coral a-tack it meme - Carl

    Clowns Taste Funny

    Cannibals don't eat clowns Coral meme


    Kidnapping at the Prison

    Walking Dead kidnapping Coral meme


    I'd Kill for a Quesadilla

    Coral kill for a quesadilla meme


    Are you alright? No, I'm half left.

    Dick Grimes half left Coral meme


    I'm Doing Stuff, Carl... THIIIIIIIIINGS

    Stuff things Coral meme


    Bob Can't Stand It!

    Coral Bob can't stand it meme


    How Did Moses Make His Tea?

    Moses Hebrews it Coral meme


    Why do Pirates Read Playboy?

    Coral pirates playboy meme - Carl


    We Both Committed Matricide...

    Matricide Coral meme


    We Don't Go to Those Places

    Hershel places don't go Coral meme


    My Butler Who Walked on All Fours

    Butler waits on Dick Grimes hand and foot Coral meme - Carl


    What do you get when you cross the Atlantic with the Titanic?

    Titanic gets you half way Coral meme


    Did You Hear About Rudolph's Report Card?

    Coral Rudolph's report card meme


    I changed my iPod's name to Titanic... It's syncing!

    My Titanic ipod is syncing Coral meme


    Did You Hear About the New Restaurant on the Moon?

    Coral restaurant on the moon meme


    Why Don't We Tell Secrets in the Corn Patch?

    Too many ears in the corn patch Coral meme


    How Much Does it Cost a Pirate to get his Ear Pierced?

    Coral meme a buck an ear


    What Do You Call a Fast Zombie?

    Coral meme a fast zoombie Carl


    We Should Make a Play About Puns

    A punny play on words Coral meme


    What Sea Creature is the Most Musical?

    The choral is the most musical Coral meme


    I'll Call Myself a Jolly Rancher

    Coral meme a gay jolly rancher


    Did you Hear About the Cannibal that was Late for Dinner?

    Coral meme cannibal given the cold shoulder


    Tyreese and Hershel Bought a Car Together

    Cost Tyreese and Hershel an arm and a leg Coral meme


    They Multiplied, Carl!

    Walking Dead Thanks for halving me Coral meme


    I'd Never Met Herbivore, Coral

    Dick Grimes never met herbivore Coral meme


    Remember Not to Shoot Zombies that have Missing Limbs

    Coral meme don't shoot unarmed zombies


    How Many Tickles Does it Take to Make an Octopus Laugh?

    Octopus laughs with ten tickles Coral meme


    I've Decided to Make My Own Sausage

    Coral meme Dick Grimes on the wrong subreddit

    The wurst brat Coral meme

    Walking Dead quitting Thanksgiving cold turkey Coral meme

    Coral meme knock knock bless you

    I dyed inside from food coloring Coral meme

    Coral meme not U2 again Walking Dead

    Menstruating gypsy gives you a red palm Coral meme

    Coral meme seasoned by mustard gas and pepper spray

    Hungry clock goes back four seconds Coral meme

    Coral meme answer your ringing ears

    Walking Dead they were herpes Coral meme

    Squid laughs with ten tickles Coral meme

    Coral meme stolen toilet

    Coral meme Murphy and Cole's law Walking Dead

    The farmer was out standing in his field Coral meme - Carl

    Resisting a rest Walking Dead Coral meme

    They get their kicks Carl they cut foot loose Bob Coral meme

    Coral meme think the unthinkable

    Walking Dead cows say moo Coral meme

    knock knock it's to whom Coral meme

    Coral meme used to have two kidneys Walking Dead

    Carol's christmas carolling Coral meme

    Coral meme the bicycle is too tired Walking Dead

    Hey Carl ask your mother Lori Coral meme

    Sea kelp Coral meme - Carl

    Coral meme why do seagulls live in the sea

    Governor only had one pupil Coral meme

    Clementine are you alright Tell Tale Coral meme

    Coral meme cows are out standing in their field

    Dick Grimes A Paul Walker Coral meme - Carl

    Rick has herd of walkers Coral meme

    Coral meme zombie prostitute street walker

    Walking Dead hats are for heads Coral meme

    Coral meme the sun dawned on Rick

    The hokey pokey Coral meme - Carl

    Coral meme Carl's Jr version

    Coral meme How do I smell Dick Grimes

    Rick makes Carl a sandwich Coral meme

    The fence will be a repost Coral meme

    Coral meme the pirate gets lost at C

    A bad driver crashed the computer Coral meme

    How coral gets its energy and nutrients Coral meme

    Walker commits sewercide Coral meme

    Coral meme Walker White makes meth bitch

    The pterodactyl P is silent Coral meme

    Spider-man loves uncle Ben's rice Coral meme

    Coral meme Dick Grimes puts his foot through the hole

    Coral meme the church boy whispers in his father's ear

    Carl gets addicted Coral meme

    Rick trips on laced shoes Coral meme

    Rick trips on laced shoes Coral meme

    Coral meme Rick shits you knot

    Lori is all right Carl Coral meme

    Coral meme Jenny is in D block Carl and Rick are in C block

    Rick and Carl are under the C Coral meme

    Coral meme that job would be soda pressing

    Coral meme don't go to the broken places Carl

    Dick Grimes does an impression of a short retarded person Coral meme

    Coral meme Rick wants low flying airplane noises now

    A herd of cows not a flock Coral meme

    Rick watch for children fair trade Coral meme


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