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  • Kevin Malone's See World Quote

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    Andy: Kevin, I appreciate what you're trying to do.

    Kevin: Thank.

    Andy: Here, we have a word code. The same way we have a dress code. And what we're talking about is basically the speech equivalent to just wearing underpants. Sometimes, words you no need use but need-need for talk-talk.

    Kevin: But save time. More success.

    Jim: Does it save time, though? 'Cause we've been here for about an hour.

    Kevin: No me fault.

    Pam: Kevin... At most, you're saving a microscopic amount of time.

    Kevin: Many small time make big time.

    The Office Season 8 Episode 2: "The Incentive"

    Andy: And what are you gonna do with all this time?

    Kevin: See world.

    Pam: Kevin, you can't possible save enough time to see the world.

    Jim: Kevin, are you saying, "See the world" or "SeaWorld"?

    Kevin: See world. Oceans, fish, jump. China.

    The Office Season 8 Episode 2: "The Incentive"

    Jim: No, see? Right there, that's the problem with your method. 'Cause I still don't know if you're saying SeaWorld or see the world, and it's taking a lot of time to explain it.

    Kevin: Fine. Fine. I'll talk normally.

    The Office Season 8 Episode 2: "The Incentive"

    Brian Baumgartner's performance really stole the show in this hilarious episode. In one of our favorite 'Office' scenes of all time, who can blame Kev' for trying to implement a few time saving initiatives? The paper business is going through lean times after all! Andy, Jim and Pam should have been applauding his efforts.


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