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  2. Thanks Motor! I will check them out these days!
  3. And one more... This is my favorite team (Carolina Panthers) in the Super Bowl following the 2003 season. It didn't go the way I hoped, but still a classic.
  4. Glad you checked it out. Without any context, here's a playoff game from 2017 that's absolutely worth checking out (Vikings vs Saints) And one other would be the Super Bowl from the 2016 season (Patriots vs Falcons). They're a few hours long, so you'll need a bit of time. Hope you enjoy!
  5. Alright, I'm interested. The sport looked complicated, but now I see it's quite simple but with some complexity that makes it unique, in a good way. I feel I can get into it fairly easily as a casual viewer, but I know it has its depth and learning curve to understand it at a higher level. I will watch some games on YouTube and try to grasp the basics explained in these videos. Do you have a specific game to recommend me? Like one would recommend a specific boxing match that displays good quality and entertainment.
  6. Thanks Motor! I will check this out during this week and report back, we'll see if I'm in or out!
  7. I found another channel with more in-depth guides to American Football. Here's their Football 101 Playlist. Another channel that might be worth exploring. Some minor things have changed since these videos were made, but they're mostly negligible. For example, the season is now 18 weeks (17 games) instead of the 17 weeks (16 games) mentioned in the video.
  8. It's great to see you take an interest! The best way to learn is probably by watching a TV broadcast if you get the chance. The TV broadcast has two announcers, one to give the play-by-play, filling you in on what's going on. The second announcer is the analyst (aka. color commentator). They give statistics, talk strategy, and give deeper insights. These are often former players. Tomorrow is the College Football National Championship game. That's the college football equivalent of what the World Cup is in soccer. If you can watch the TV broadcast of it, that would be a great place to start! NFL UK also put out a Beginner's Guide to American Football on YouTube. It's just over a minute long but does a great job of going over the basics. It might be worth checking out the channel to see if there's more like it.
  9. Hey guys! Being a foreigner and not having American Football here (instead we have Soccer and Rugby, and instead of Soccer we call it Football), I never got into the sport. When I was a kid I tried playing a videogame of it but didn't understand a thing. Let's say I'm interested in getting to know the sport, to watch a game and understand it, and maybe get the excitement behind it, where do I start? What do you recommend?
  10. The Panthers "earned" the #1 pick in the draft. Normally, that's something I would be excited about, but we traded our first rounder next year as part of the package for Bryce. I'm still happy we got Bryce, but ending up trading away the #1 overall next year still stings 😬
  11. Are you in the top 5 of the NFL draft again? I don't miss that. The Bills were worse forever because they were stuck thinking 9-7 and 10-6. would win in the playoffs. Than Beane came in and said get in the top 5 by trading your QB. Traded Tyrod Taylor had a tank season and someone thought josh allen was a project and let in fall to the bills. Josh Rosen was graded better Now they have a better owner. a new stadiium coming and will actually invest in football operations. I hope the panthers stick to a coach, hit on a few top 5 picks and we get to watch a Bills-Panthers Superbowl someday.
  12. This has been a really weird season across the league, it feels like. The Bills still feel like they can beat anyone when they're on. If interested, I'd be willing to trade positions with you 😄
  13. My Bills have driven me nuts this year. They wanted to get Josh Allen out of a run pass option offense where he got hit a lot and in to a pro-style offense that featured James cook and 2 TE's and of course Stefan Diggs and Gabe Davis Predictably if you change an offense a guys been in forever the results won't be good at first. The teams staring to win again but has playoff or bust scenarios now.
  14. Week 15 got off to a bang last night with the Raiders scoring a whopping 63 POINTS against the Chargers. Sorry Chargers fans. At least the Broncos proved you can have a game like this and still turn it around.
  15. Week 15 Schedule Thursday, Dec. 14 LA Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders Saturday, Dec. 16 Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos at Detroit Lions, Sunday, Dec. 17 New York Giants at New Orleans Saints Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay New York Jets at Miami Dolphins KC Chiefs at New England Patriots Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Washington Commanders at Los Angeles Rams Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars Monday, Dec. 18 Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks
  16. Hey all, We have just over a month before the NFL Season is officially underway, and I would like to get an official Fan Clubs Fantasy Football League running if we can gather up enough members. Please drop a message in this thread if you're interested in joining. I'm partial to using Yahoo since it's what I've been using for years, but please share if you have a different preference as well. Thank you! 🏆
  17. I've heard about that AHL team and as far as I know are one of the better teams in that league. Canes are a good team to cheer for, one of the best teams in the east last 10 years and always a threat.
  18. Can I cheat and say my local AHL team, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins? Otherwise I don't have one, but I'm leaning towards being a 'Cane.
  19. 1. Calgary Flames 2nd favorite team is Washington Capitals.
  20. Will it be the Lakers, Bucks, or Clippers this time round? When Anthony Davis joined the Lakers in June, a lot of fans predicted a formidable partnership with Lebron James. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George also joined the Clippers as free agents.
  21. I saw they suspended Chapman for 3 games. He appealed it though. Both managers were fined too. Yankees are getting beat right now. It will be interesting in the playoffs when they meet again.
  22. It's going to be a great game tonight. With the Rays thinking that Chapman tried to hit their player. At the end of the game last night both benches cleared. Now that is real baseball, not COVID-19 style. I can't wait to see if the Rays pitchers fire back.
  23. Sanchez for a grand slam to take the lead in game 2. 5 to 1... Come on team. They play the Ray's tomorrow. That will be a key series for them. Fingers crossed for tomorrow and to get the next 3 outs.
  24. You watch the first game today? Scored 5 runs to tie it up and had a walk-off homerun to win. They are playing a double header today. Second game, 5th inning they are up 1-0. Come on Yanks!
  25. Ha ha scatman! Well they lost 7 in a row! Finally won last night. Double header today against the Mets (Subway Series). Who is your team?

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