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  2. Yes, the latest report on the retro pub in York is that they are hoping to get an Asteroids machine. I am not quite sure what Asteroids is, but I gather that it was some really big arcade game in the seventies or the eighties. Going to this pub makes me rather wish that I had not given up drinking, as they have some really good ales - I think it all rather goes with the really olde worlde effect, which York is so good at.
  3. Same here! The original Nintendo was the console of choice in my heyday but I loved playing Galaxian at the arcade. I blew through so many quarters just trying to get to the next level. They've released versions that are compatible with PS4, but it doesn't feel the same to me.
  4. Interesting that someone should mention old games from the seventies - I went to a retro-style pub in York the other week and they had an old Space Invaders arcade game. I had never played it before - and it was free to play! I had heard so much about this game, because apparently it was really big in the seventies. The game was fun once you got into it, and I did rather like the sound effects. I'll definitely be going to this pub again, with my friends who are into vintage, and they said they are hoping to get a few more retro items in.
  5. Ooh yes, Pong was initially released in 1972 and I used to play it because of my love for table tennis. I am not sure what the current generation would regard this game as because a lot has changed in the video gaming scene.
  6. Yes.. (I'm showing my age now) It was released in the 70's
  7. I went to a pub in the Yorkshire Dales the other week - it was like the land that time forgot. As well as some really nice real ales, they had an ancient game of Pong. Apparently it was one of the first ever video games. It was like a coffee table, and there are two opponents, who sit at opposite sides of the table. Then it's a bit like a game of tennis. A ball bounces around, and each player has a sort of slider at their end, which they have to use to stop the ball and send it back to the other side. If you miss a ball, your opponent gains a point. It was quite fun to play, if a little slow.
  8. ^ I thought the same thing, @Maya. James Bond is one of my favourite old school games though. Goldeneye is still one of my favourite games to play. I don't know if that really counts as old school. So let's see...my favourite arcade game would probably be Frogger.
  9. I'll admit it - at first I thought that was a typo and you meant to put James Bond. Silly me! I never played any of the James Pond games. They look cute though.
  10. From the 80s, Sonic, Super Mario Bros. (1 and 3, 2 was trash), and Duck Hunt were probably my favourites. I couldn't really get into Pac-Man. It stresses me out every time I play. I've played Tetris too, but never at the arcade. I used to play it on my calculator all the time.
  11. I was a fan of Asteroids, Tetris, Mario, and Duck Hunt. I still play Asteroids occasionally when I have the nostalgic moments. I'm glad I was born in that era.
  12. I discovered Pac Man as a retro game a few years ago, and got quite addicted to it. Spent time playing it on my computer when I should have been doing other things! I also once came across an old game called Asteroids at a fair. It was the original booth that the game was in, and there were a few other old games as well. I found asteroids quite compelling, ridiculously simple and fun. I think it was from the seventies or eighties.
  13. I started with a Commodore 16 and moved on to a ZX Spectrum. I’ll always have a soft spot for the Prince of Yolk Folk “Dizzy”. But honestly right now we are in a golden era for gaming. Games now are better than they’ve ever been. Sure I have nostalgia like anyone else. But right now in 2018, I can go back and play games from my childhood. And also play amazing 2018 games. Right now I can have my cake and eat it. There has never been a better time to be a gamer.
  14. I have many favorite old games like: Snow Brows King of Fighter Sonic Mario Bros Golden Axe Pac Man Metal Slug etc
  15. Sonic is such a good game. I downloaded it on my boyfriend's PS4 and had such a great time playing it. My dad also got his hands on the new Atari Flashback console (it was new then at least) and we had a lot of fun playing all kinds of classic games. Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Pong were the games we played the most. Have you seen the movie Pixels? It's got all of these games and more in it.
  16. That is a good piece of trivia @airgold. I remember the Atari. In today's video world it's considered ancient I'm sure. That is where I was introduced to Pac Man. Those were some good times.
  17. @DandyMandy, speaking of Atari, I learned something funny recently. The guy who developed Atari, Nolan Bushnell, was also the owner of the Chucky Cheese pizza restaurants. I thought it was kind of weird until I thought about pizza and video games. Pretty smart.
  18. Oh, I had forgotten all about Sonic the Hedgehog. Whatever happened to Sega Gensis? Did the console go under? I was too young to remember much about Atari and never got into arcade games beyond air hockey.
  19. I do like the classic games. Especially Pac Man and Mrs. Pac Man. Tetras is also a great puzzle game that is mindless. Miner 2049er is very challenging. If you can find that one now, I suggest you give it a try. It might be fun for you.
  20. I didn't play many classic arcade games like that. My first system was the original Nintendo when I was 3 years old, so that system and onward is what I dealt with. Plenty of great games from that time frame. Obvious ones like Mario series and Sonic, but I also loved Death Of Superman on the Sega Genesis, NBA Jam for Sega Genesis. Loved the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games, Battletoads + Double Dragons was fun though I could never beat it.
  21. Just wondering if anyone likes the oldies that came out in the 80s? Games like Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede or Millipede. What about Sonic? The graphics definitely aren't as good as they are now, but I still like to play some of those games. I was even talking to someone the other day about how I used to spend a lot of time playing Lemmings.
  22. Welcome back to the Nostagia Train – the series that brings you back in time to enjoy the beloved or not-so-beloved games of our past. This time, we are headed back to 1994 when FPS shooters involved tricky mazes, creatures from another world, and mild motion-sickness. Following the success of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders was a dark, medieval take on the first-person shooter. A twisted atmosphere of ambient noise and uncertainty around every corner, Heretic is more than just a Doom clone. While most of the game takes cues from its predecessor, Heretic manages to stand on its own as a pretty solid game. There are a few functional changes and a different theme bundled with a little online multi-player option that makes this game worth checking out. Heretic: War of the Serpent Riders Three devious Serpent Riders with powerful magic have sought to control the kings of the world and wage war. However, the Sidhe elves resisted the riders. They sacrificed their own power to stop the kings from tearing each other a part at the cost of their own magic. Thus, the elves were rendered helpless before the Serpent Riders and forced to go into hiding. One remaining warrior, Corvus, seeks vengeance against the Serpent Riders and sets out to defeat the weakest first – D’Sparil. Will his vengeance be realized and can he make it home alive? Navigating the City of the Damned Heretic is your basic first-person shooter, but with a few perks. Unlike previous games, you can actually look up and down in this game! It’s a little change, but it really helps when you’re trying to find out what’s shooting you. A less helpful tidbit is the introduction of gibs – that way you are pleasantly reminded of the fact that you died a horrible, skin-melting lava death. Oh yes! And you can fly. So, there’s that. Aside from these small changes, game play is very similar to other FP shooters of the era. Players must navigate through a level-based structure with varying degrees of difficulty. Find weapons, find keys, find treasure and murder the bad guys. Part of the fun of these games is figuring out the puzzles and unlocking the door forward to the next, more difficult level of the dungeon. That, and the abusive cheat codes. Trying to cheat, eh? Now you die! One of the best parts of Heretic and games like it is throwing on the cheat codes and slaughtering your foes. There are several codes for “god mode” or “all weapons” – but don’t go typing in IDKFA of IDDQD just yet. The game actually punishes players that try to use the secret codes from Doom. If you don’t believe me, give it a try! You can download the game on steam! Overall, Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders is one of those games that slipped through the cracks. While the story isn't much to write home about, the actual game play is where Heretic shines. It was released at a time where Doom was king, and the release date had it competing with the next level of gaming. It had missed its mark, but it really is a solid game. If you are into old school first-person shooters, Heretic is really worth spending the time and money on. If you end up liking it, there are two sequels! So, what do you think? Want to head back into the past? Where should we go next? Let us know in the comments below!
  23. Our next trip on the Nostalgia Train brings us to a true SNES treasure. While this beloved system had many memorable games, it’s truly an experience to play this classic. Chrono Trigger is regarded as one of the best RPGs of all time. With a rich story, easy-to-grasp gameplay, and an outstanding soundtrack, it’s no wonder this title always seems to end up at the top of any “Greatest Games of All Time” list. What else would you expect from the creators of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and the Dragon Ball series? Seriously, all of the stars aligned on this project - complete with the musical genius of Yansunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu. While not overly complicated, Chrono Trigger is a masterpiece with outstanding graphics, multiple endings, and a New Game+ option that will keep you playing time and again. Originally released on the SNES in 1995, this JRPG favorite has been re-released on the Playstation, Nintendo DS, and it’s available for mobile download. If you’ve never gotten the chance to play, you are in for a treat. Hopping into the Epoch In 1000 AD, it's time for the Millennial Fair, and our hero, Chrono is enjoying the festival. Lucca, his best friend, shows off her latest invention when things suddenly go awry. Something strange happens to Lucca’s volunteer, Marle, and the three are thrown through time on an epic adventure. What starts as a search and rescue mission turns in something much more as Chrono and friends stumble across a shocking discovery. With the future in imminent peril, Chrono, Marle and Lucca must come up with a plan to save the world! Finding the Chrono Trigger Like most RPGs, Chrono Trigger is a sprawling adventure, but this journey takes us through time. Players guide a three-person party through various dungeons, trials and towns in search of information or treasure. What’s unique about this game is the use of time travel. The main objective is to ultimately stop the apocalypse, but there are so many intricate plot details that create a wonderfully lighthearted, yet poignant narrative. Most of the mechanics are the same as other RPGS, but with unique designs. You encounter enemies directly in the field, and with minimal transition time, the fight begins. Player position actually effects the battle. Enemies move around and characters can be tossed across the screen. It makes for some interesting strategy changes, especially when trying to hit multiple enemies with one attack. There’s a total of six playable characters and one secret character. Like most RPGs, you have complete control of your party’s equipment. The party’s stats and abilities increase as they fight battles, which increase in difficulty over time. As characters level, they gain access to new abilities called Techs. While Techs and magic spells are character specific, Chrono Trigger adds a new twist. Characters can combine their turns to form Dual Techs and Triple Techs. It's important to try out different party combinations in order to discover all of these unique abilities. These special techs pull the efforts of two or more party members to create devastating attacks. It's debatable whether or not the Dual or Triple Techs are worth the cost, but that really depends on how you want to use your party. Multiple Endings and New Game+ Besides battling bosses, there are plenty of side quests, secret missions and puzzles players can tackle across the different time periods. While these objectives are like many other great RPGs, Chrono Trigger created concepts still used in games today. After playing through the game once, the New Game + option appears. This allows you to retain most of your items, (provided that they are not directly involved with the storyline) levels, and techs to use at the start of a new game. The New Game+ option is pretty incredible, especially if you are a completionist gamer. Of course, this option is very helpful for anyone who wants to experience every single hidden ending that Chrono Trigger has to offer! There are thirteen in total and each is unique to how you defeat the game. The DS version expands upon the New Game+ idea by adding an additional dungeon and an optional final boss. With so many side quests and secrets, Chrono Trigger keeps giving players reason to pick up the controller again. Chrono Trigger: A Journey Through Time Chrono Trigger is an innovative RPG that paved the way for future genre classics, but it's very hard to capture the same magic. A truly remarkable tale of friendship, love, and sacrifice, this game has a solid plot that leaves a mark in my heart. It found a way to marry literary genres together into one epic story with heart-pumping action, touching and silly moments, and many surprise endings. Supported by an enchanting soundtrack and amazing graphics, considering the designer and the time period, it is a privilege to play this game. With so many positive elements, Chrono Trigger certainly does earn a spot on every "Greatest Games of All Time" list. So what do you think? Have you played Chrono Trigger? What's taking you so long!!! How about Chrono Cross? Or perhaps Final Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!
  24. Welcome back aboard the Nostalgia Train - the series that takes a look back at crazy movies and games from our past that we love, hate, and sometimes forget about. Today's trip leads us back to the NES era - a time of masterpieces and some rather obscure titles. In honor of those forgotten cartridges, I give you Milon's Secret Castle. There's much to be said about this game and very little makes sense. It is one of those titles that you may have lying around or in the bottom of a box in your basement. Just remember, all trips down memory-lane aren't going to be good ones. Milon's Complicated Story As a gamer fires up this game on the good ol' NES, it becomes immediately apparent that it will be a bit of a dumpster fire. There is no explanation and no story; players are set before a castle with three doors, a well and that's it. After some digging, I finally found the game's story! It revolves around young Milon, who lives in a land where people use music to communicate with each other - but he can't understand anyone. Apparently, he's music illiterate. He decides to travel the world. Before he leaves, he wants to visit the Queen. Wouldn't you know it, she's been taken by an Evil Warlord. (As you do...) The court magician appoints Milon to save her. He gives Milon...bubbles and tells him the castle where she's being held has all sorts of tools for him, and that's it. Milon's off to save the day. Stormin' the Castle Milon's Secret Castle doesn't just lack a cohesive story, it doesn't really make any sense at all. A young man saving a girl is a basic trope, but why would Milon even attempt to meet with the queen knowing he could not communicate with her. If all the inhabitants of the land he lives in only communicate using music, why would he think the royal family was any different? For that matter, how in the world did the magician even clue Milon in? The story itself doesn't scratch the surface. Players aren't even clued into story, so it doesn't really matter. Playing the game is just and needlessly complicated. Sticky Platforms and Curious Secrets The game-play for Milon's Secret Castle isn't overly complicated. Milon is given a life bar and a single life. He can run, jump, and shoot bubbles. He has to enter the castle and discover the secrets within while battling beasts. There is no rhyme or reason to the placement of things, but Milon must fire his bubbles at everything. Bubbles will kill enemies, reveal secret doors, and break blocks. Players have to find the hidden shops, music boxes, and items in order to battle stage bosses. After defeating these bosses, Milon gets stronger and gamers advance to new parts of the castle to repeat the process all over again. Milon's Secret Castle: Keeping it Secret Looking past the story and the weird weapon, one of the things that makes this game frustrating is the difficulty. Unlike other platformers, when Milon gets hit, there is no 'post-hit invisibility.' He also has a very small life bar. When that depletes, it's game over. Players have to start at the beginning. Of course, if you manage to make it past the first boss, there is a trick to starting where you left off. Also, there are ways to increase Milon's health, but it's so minuscule it's barely worth it. Another pain point with this game is a lack of direction. While it's pretty neat that players can complete the game in any way they wish, it doesn't clue gamers in on what to do. The secrets are hidden so well that hardly anyone knew they had to look for them. The boss chamber only fills once certain bench marks are complete. Players can't even exit a level without finding a door first. Couple all of these grievances with sticky controls, respawning enemies, and cryptic hints, and you've got yourself a pretty terrible game. While it isn't the worst game, it's almost not worth remembering. ALMOST. So, play on, gamers. What do you think of Milon's Secret Castle? Want a more truthful review? Check out !

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