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  2. Considering the changes made this offseason and the upcoming schedule, how many wins do you see the Panthers winning this season? Will we see more of the same, an upward trend, PLAYOFFS?! Or.... is the team somehow worse? Looking forward to your thoughts! Preseason: Week 1 @ New England Patriots Week 2 vs New York Jets Week 3 @ Buffalo Bills Regular Season: Week 1 @ New Orleans Saints Week 2 vs Los Angeles Chargers Week 3 @ Las Vegas Raiders Week 4 vs Cincinnati Bengals Week 5 @ Chicago Bears Week 6 vs Atlanta Falcons Week 7 @ Washington Commanders Week 8 @ Denver Broncos Week 9 vs New Orleans Saints Week 10 vs New York Giants (Germany) Week 11 - BYE Week 12 vs Kansas City Chiefs Week 13 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 14 @ Philadelphia Eagles Week 15 vs Dallas Cowboys Week 16 vs Arizona Cardinals Week 17 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. March 27, 2024: Adam Thielen joins GMFB
  4. Bill Cowher talks about the Carolina's lack of direction on The Pat McAfee Show
  5. Giants and Panthers Fans React to the Brian Burns Trade
  6. February 2, 2024: Dave Canales on GMFB
  7. The Panthers first big signing of the offseason is Robert Hunt with a 5 year, $100 Million deal. If you don't recognize the name, he's the lineman responsible for one of the best TDs ever (that didn't count). And he's also a hell of a guard.
  8. Brian Burns has officially received the tag. Now it's a matter of whether they trade him or have him play on it this season. It feels like a long term deal isn't happening this offseason. They really need to lock down Luvu before Free Agency though. He's somebody I'd like to see in Carolina blue for a long time
  9. Yeah. We definitely need to keep Luvu and Derrick brown.
  10. Agreed! And it's tricky though since our Defense was surprisingly stout with Evero the wizard at the helm. We need to bolster the offense, but if we keep the Defense intact, we should be able to compete if we can score SOME points. Locking down Burns, Luvu, and D. Brown (and Evero) might be enough to keep us in games while the Offense gets going. Losing those guys might make it even harder on the offense. I'm curious to see what path this regime takes in Free Agency and the draft.
  11. I totally agree. We practically gave away our best offensive pieces. We really need to build a solid offense.
  12. Unless we could get players that could immediately improve the team like a #1 WR, I think we have to keep him. We can't afford to let him go for unproven assets like we did with McCaffrey. I still think Burns could be worth the contact and wouldn't be surprised if playing got a perennial loser since being drafted plays a role. I still think if we let him go, he's another guy who blows up with a competitive team. Lol.
  13. I'm wondering if he is worth keeping. I mean, we don't have better, but I don't want to mortgage the team on someone who underperformed.
  14. Quick recap: The Panthers are expected to franchise tag Brian Burns, valued at just over $20 Million. Carolina reportedly offered Burns $27M / year for 5 years. Burns is seeking $30M / year. The team has until March 5, 2024 to decide if they want to use the tag on Burns. With each passing day, it's looking more likely they'll franchise tag burns, and $20M is a fair value for someone like Burns. Even if he's tagged, there are still some questions. 1. Will the Panthers tag and trade him? He'll most likely get the team at least a 1st round pick 2. Will they work out a long-term deal before the season? 3. Could we see Burns hold out? On a positive note, Burns had this to say on X (Twitter) today.
  15. Piniero is starting to put it all together. This is the most confident I've been in our ability to kick field goals since Gano was here. One less concern for next season, at least. The Bright Spots I'm excluding the staples that have done it for years like Hekker, Taylor Moton, and JJ Jansen Ejiro Evero is a legit DC who knows how to get the best out of his guys Derrick Brown is becoming one of the best DTs in the league Chuba Hubbard has been improving every year. After writing him after his rookie season, he won me over. He's putting in the work and has become one of our most reliable players Frankie Luvu is becoming a force at LB Eddy Piñeiro has become a machine, with the exception of the ludicrous 59-yard attempt against Chicago Ihmir Smith-Marsette (WR #11) has shown he can provide a spark when given opportunities I'll skip the not-so-bright spots since they were aplenty. But there were at least a few nice surprises.
  16. Hahaha, done deal! How about one of the few bright spots from this season (Piñeiro game-winning kick vs the Texans)
  17. We can't do much worse *knock on wood* And Evero is the real deal. He had no right to get that much production for this group, especially given all the injuries. He has that secret stuff.
  18. It most definitely did not. Can we...maybe...do better next season? At least our defense was #4. Like what was that about? Evero is a wizard.

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