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  2. https://www.mlb.com/braves/news/chris-sale-solid-as-braves-sweep-diamondbacks Braves Sweep the Diamondbacks lead the season series 3-0
  3. Boston ShortstopTrevor Story injures his shoulder on a diving stop(looked bad) exits the game
  4. Power surge by The Red Sox has them up 4-0 on a Friday evening here in the 3rd inning on the road.
  5. Braves get a key hold from Peirce Johnson 3 outs with a runner at 2nd. Now they get 9, 1, 2 with a runner at 2nd to walk off.
  6. Braves pull within 3-2 in their home opener. Now 4-2 Diamondbacks Strider struggling again in the fourth inning. Diamondbacks are an impressive group. Making alot of contact.
  7. Having to cover 4 innings yesterday and 8 1/3 today I think they've let in maybe 3 or 4 runs. That said having your bullpen cover 12 1/3 of 18 innings pitched is a recipe for disaster long term.
  8. Going 2/3rd's of an inning and allowing 3 runs. He did get hosed on a strike 3 call but his command had short start written all over it. Hope he bounces back soon.
  9. 21 runs. The Phillies Bullpen giving up lots of that. So many Braves putting the ball in play at the moment. It can't last. But it sure is fun while it does.
  10. Game has really weird energy 7-4 braves after they took Fried out in the first inning. Nola still laboring thru 4 having given up 7 runs
  11. 3-2 phillies when it could have been 2-0 Ump missed a fastball down the middle to retire the side.
  12. Phillies bullpen a strength last year, has let them down so far today. 9-2 Braves, Matt Olson's 3 doubles have been big for the Braves
  13. Braves bounce back with a 2 run double from pinch hitter Adam Duvall. Bullpen's giving up some runs after wheeler got pulled with 90 pitches.

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