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  2. AMC just released their first look trailer for The Ones Who Live, which premieres next month on AMC and AMC+. I stopped watching the show after Season 6 or 7, but I'm definitely going to check this out. I'm hoping they stick the landing! Synopsis from Wikipedia: The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live is an upcoming American post-apocalyptic television series created by Scott M. Gimple and Danai Gurira for AMC. It is set after the conclusion of the original The Walking Dead series, with Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira and Pollyanna McIntosh reprising their roles. The Ones Who Live will be the sixth spin-off and overall seventh television series in The Walking Dead franchise. The Ones Who Live is scheduled to premiere on February 25, 2024, on AMC and AMC+.
  3. I watched the first season and didn't really get into it. I didn't think it was near as good as The Walking Dead. I didn't buy into the characters at all.
  4. Anyone watch this show? I was thinking of catching up on Netflix. I've never seen it. Is it anything like The Walking Dead? Any of the same actors?
  5. Revenge is a strong motivator and keeps the story line active and alive. Consider the source of the rumor as well. I had a female friend who was big into soap operas and most of the "rumors" involving shows came to be true.
  6. I just read where Michonne will be back next season for the entire season. I'm not sure how true that is. To be honest, she's not one of my favorites. I hope Negan is around for a while.
  7. Yeah, I hope it's just a rumor. I like what Negan brings to the show. They keep killing off the fan favorites. I'm ready for them to move on past the Whisperers. I can't wait for season 11.
  8. Hmmm... it doesn't make a lot of sense, but then again a lot doesn't. I thought in the comics he became some kind of a leader (good guy) after Rick was killed. He's someone you love to hate.
  9. Interesting. Perhaps Beta kills him because he killed Alpha. I would have thought that Negan would become a bigger part of the show because he killed Alpha. I was hoping that the Whisperers just went away.
  10. I was reading some internet news and there was an article about Negan not coming back next season. It blew my mind, like he stays alive in the comics. Anyone believe it? Who kills him I wonder.
  11. Honestly I really hope they wait, I guess. That means they will at least be back in studio shooting another season. I'm not even sure that any of this is happening (any actors working).
  12. I'm waiting too! I thought they were going to show it a few months ago, but nope. Maybe like you said, they will just start back out again with a new season.
  13. I have heard nothing about the season finale. Pretty crazy really. I mean Negan beheads Alpha and then COVID-19 hits. Come on, give us the last episode of the season.
  14. Nowadays, I don't believe any talk of a season finale, unless it is from very reliable sources. Walking Dead has been going on for the longest time, even when we thought it was going to end abruptly!
  15. Nothing I've seen and I'm waiting too. Maybe they won't ever show it. Maybe it will just be the beginning of the next season. I can't wait to see what happens now that Alpha is dead.
  16. Any news on when they might actually put the season finale on TV? I mean it's like we are almost out of quarantine. Didn't they already shoot it, just had to edit?
  17. I have read what you said, premiere was pushed back. It looks like it might be a group of younger people instead of the cast of the original show. I'll give it a shot because I'm a Dead fan.
  18. What, if anything has anyone heard about this new show coming out on AMC? I saw the premiere was pushed back a couple of months. I haven't seen a lot but I do love the original.
  19. Holy cow! I can't believe it. I hoped Negan was the one who did it but I didn't know he was working with Carol. My favorite episode yet. I wonder what will happen with Beta now. Hopefully he doesn't find Lydia and kill her.
  20. It's sure been a great season so far. I'm glad to see that Judith is having a bigger part. She is going to be a badass like Michonne. I hate the Negan storyline, with the Whisperers. Hopefully they put an end to that soon. A couple of episodes ago, where he was kissing (and more) Alpha with her skins on, nasty.
  21. I don't think Negan will have any problem killing someone from Hilltop, as long as it isn't Judith, Carol or Darryl. I think that Stephanie is not going to be a good thing. I really think that Judith called Michonne and Michonne and the other people are going to come help fight the Whisperers. Thoughts on that?
  22. I thought it was another good episode. I hadn't seen the trailer so was surprised to see a battle. In the past, they'd tend to hype it up over lots of episodes before we finally got to it. Since the mid-season break it's nice to see them speed up the pace. I'm enjoying the show again. I feel like Negan's plan was to infiltrate The Whisperers however it will probably be harder than he anticipated. I'm intrigued to see if Alpha might test his loyalty by asking him to kill one of the Hilltop community. I'm expecting him to turn on Alpha and co...I just don't know how long we're going to have to wait before that happens. I hope the Stephanie/Eugene plot doesn't end up in a scenario where things seem too good to be true - we've had that SO many times before!
  23. Any other Walking Dead fans? What did you think of last night's episode? What do you think about this Stephanie that Eugene is talking to? I can't figure Negan out but it was horrible seeing him in the skins. It was a great show. The last two episodes were. I think they were better than last night's. Beta's scene were 100% badass! It was great that Lydia came back. I was glad to see her.
  24. Man... did you watch last nights? Lydia is back! I knew she wouldn't kill her mother but I was hoping she would. Daryl took a beating for sure! Glad Lydia saved him! I was really not sure what they were going to do with Gamma. Beta coming underground to get her. That whole scene had me on the edge of my seat. Judith was a badass, just like Michonne!
  25. Negan and Alpha most certainly was wrong! I mean, nasty she left her skin on. I know it's too soon for Negan to kill her, I hope he does soon. I thought the episode was great! Carol is crazy, she is badass and I can't wait to see how she keeps transforming!
  26. Anyone watch last nights episode? I thought it was pretty slow at times. There were some great scenes though. What's up with Negan and Alpha.. I puked in my mouth a little with their scene. I really hope that Negan becomes a badass again, and kills off Alpha. Carol is starting to irritate me too. I get it, they beheaded Henry - she is putting everyone else in danger. I was hoping to see Lydia. Any thoughts on the episode?

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