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  2. I hope different because why else put out a new release. I really thought that they were pretty much done too. Heck I've been playing these games for years.
  3. Just when I thought the franchise was finished, WWE comes out with the news of a September release. I wonder how different this game will be from the others? https://thesportsrush.com/wwe-news-wwe-2k-battlegrounds-confirmed-superstars-release-date-and-story-mode-explained/
  4. I stopped buying the WWE games a few years back, just for that reason. It does not surprise me that they are releasing every couple of years.
  5. I'm pretty surprised by the announcement too, @Knox. I thought WWE 2K21 was already in the works. What bugged me about WWE 2K20 was that they got rid of so many options that I loved in previous versions. Every release has been full of glitches though.
  6. With the last two versions it seemed like the developers were rushed to get them out, which is why they were so buggy. The lag while playing online was just terrible. I'm sure there'll be other WWE centric games in the future, but they're smart to slow down the number of releases.
  7. I finally played WWE 2K20 which was enjoyable, but a bit underwhelming. I waited so long in hopes that they'd fix the glitches so maybe that's why I found it underwhelming. I built it up in my head. What did you think of the game? There's usually a new release of the WWE's gaming franchise every year, but it looks like there won't be one coming up in 2021. That's pretty surprising. Do you think the franchise is done for good?

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