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  2. A local movie theater shows a different Godzilla movie every month (Kaiji Quest) and recently they aired Godzilla 2000. In Godzilla: Unleashed, it was revealed that Orga was defeated by Godzilla, not killed. Do you think Orga should make a return someday? The Final Battle:
  3. Two months later.... And their obsession just grows. What have I done.
  4. I think I'm going to wait a bit before introducing them to the later years, in that case.
  5. The Godzilla movies get more and more fantastical and kid friendly as you go through the 60's and 70's. I would bet the kids will love almost all of them! Once you get to 80's and 90's, the movies get more dark and grounded and Godzilla goes from being the good guy defending Japan to more of an anti hero or straight up villain. I'll be curious to hear how those movies go over with the kids, haha.
  6. The 1964 remastered edition The last week has been a non-stop reenactment of the movie, but I'm not complaining. It's been a couple decades (ouch) since I've seen it myself, and I couldn't look away. If you're wondering how it is for the kiddos, it's completely fine, and I have to think all the old ones are. Now the kids want to have a Godzilla binge. P.S. I forgot how well shot it was.
  7. Saw it, it was cool. I went in wanted to see Godzilla being awesome and giant, that's exactly what I got. Some of the non-Godzilla stuff dragged for me, it felt like two hours of build up, and half an hour pay off, which is suppose is better than the Zack Snyder/Michael Bay school of half and hour of build up, two hours of pay off, but, still, I'll admit I checked my watch a couple of times, and didn't give aaaaaaaaaaaany f*cks about any of the human characters. But it was all made better by Godzilla looking really, really cool, and generally being a stand up guy. I heard they motion captured dogs for the face or something like that, and you can certainly tell, there's moments when he looks really cute and friendly, in a good way. I loved the ending, it was really sweet, I was generally really happy with how likeable they made Godzilla, he was just a silly, clumsy lizard, it wasn't his fault. Loved the little moments of him looking at human characters and then just walking off because he's not a dick.
  8. A few pennies under £18.
  9. How much does that set you back a ticket?
  10. Seeing this tomorrow at the huge BFI IMAX on the South Bank. Only the largest screen in Britain (1198 square feet) will do for the might of Godzilla.
  11. Just saw this, it was about as good as it's possible to make a Godzilla movie. Loved the implication that we were responsible for waking the gaiju.
  12. Went to this on Saturday. THIS is how you do a summer blockbuster! I loved every second of it and was so immersed I felt like a kid again. I didn't even open the five dollar candy I bought because my mouth was agape the entire time. Everything was perfect. The first Godzilla reveal was mind-blowing. I just can't say how much I loved this. It's the first movie I've seen in years that I would pay to see again. Five out of five. Go see it.
  13. I saw this last night and was blown away. What a movie! I loved the suspense and the scene setting for godzilla. I saw the 97 version and was worried going into this one. But i loved it.
  14. This was an awesome film. cranston was fantastic and watanabe did his job but can't help their were some elements that could have made this perfect such as {SPOILER ALERT IF ON APP SCROLL DOWN AND IGNORE!) A side all of that, i really liked this film and it was a hundred times better than the first american one.
  15. Just got back from watching this. Swerves!
  16. Tickets are booked, I'm off to the IMAX.
  17. http://i.imgur.com/rfkrY6P.png http://i.imgur.com/paGPPa5.gif
  18. I've got my tickets booked for next Sunday. *squeal*
  19. It's getting great reviews from all over. I can't wait to see this. So goddamn excited.
  20. I don't know anything about Godzilla but this movie looks awesome, will definitely be giving it a watch! Bryan Cranston may have been a factor as I'm a massive breaking bad fan
  21. IGN Review, no doubt will contain SPOILERS. http://ie.ign.com/articles/2014/05/11/godzilla-review
  22. It's cool I just watched the trailer and thought what I asked :)
  23. You misunderstand. It's okay to ask, it just gets a little frustrating when it's a topic we're pretty much covered in depth in the thread.
  24. Apologies for asking
  25. Well guess what? There's a whole thread topic you could have read before asking questions. That's what the thread is for.
  26. My knowledge of Godzilla is ZERO, just a general question about a topic I know nothing about

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