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  2. I missed out on my first Micropet last month, but I can't miss out on a CORGI! Time to get back on the wagon app. @Disgruntled Dragon, can I ask you to be my accountability buddy? 🤞
  3. If that cherry falls, Rocky is catching that right in his beak..😋
  4. They're forcing me to stay mindful.... with CUTENESS. Brilliant! I'm gonna get myself a new buddy in a few weeks 😄
  5. I started using the Finch App at the start of the year, and I love it. Here's My birb is feelin' like a tough guy, today. @Disgruntled Dragon, tell your birb to stop stealing the show
  6. The Flutter Micropet is cute! (Not cuter than the polar bear with the magician hat...but, still.) I like they are switching things up. These monthly themes are so great.

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