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  2. Welcome to the board, @fastlawrencetime. I ended up playing the campaign and loved it. Some of the most fun gameplay in a Halo campaign to do. Story was solid enough for what it was -- trying to fix what Halo 5 did. As for the online, I did go on a month+ hiatus from playing online but jumped back into it this week with the Cyber Showdown event + Attrition mode. It's such an easy game to jump back into. Store items are crazy overpriced, and the rewards / progression needs a lot of work. Hoping they solve it for those who utilize those. I couldn't care less about cosmetics though. As for the maps, the designs are great, but definitely lacking. They can definitely afford to add a few more. 🤞they bring back some from the Original trilogy.
  3. I like Halo Infinite but I have somewhat stopped playing it. The lack of content like maps is a huge drawback to me. Also extremely disappointed on the store items and the weekly rewards.
  4. I'm going to try to wait. My wife & I still need to finish Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5 (I beat them all in the past, but she's having her first playthrough).
  5. Ahaha. This is a dilemma. I think it's better to wait until May than live with an angry wife. Lol. I've been loving the Multiplayer and can't wait to dive back into the story
  6. And they're looking great so far! I have a dilemma... Do I wait until May 2022 (est.) to play it via coop with my wife like all the other Halo games, or just go solo since that's all that's available at launch? I doubt I survive until May if I play it without her. But in either case, it's going to be hard to holdout with the reviews so far.

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