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  2. A release date was revealed on MAR10 day. It'll release on May 23, 2024! https://www.ign.com/articles/paper-mario-the-thousand-year-door-remake-release-date-announced-on-mar10-day
  3. I really hope so. I cannot wait for this game. I can't wait to see what they do with it. If Mario RPG is any indication, it is going to be awesome.
  4. The best I could find is that it could be in the first quarter of 2024 since it's already been rated... Ratings like these typically only happen closer to a game's release date as opposed to further out, so we could very well be looking at a release window of sometime within the first three months of 2024. Source: Comicbook.com
  5. Anyone see a date yet? Super Mario RPG is scratching the itch, but I need some TTYD.
  6. Same. I wanted to like the others, but it moved further away from what I loved about the originals.
  7. I really need to renew my Nintendo switch online. I thought super paper Mario was a lot of fun and the story was really charming but was disappointed they moved away from the rpg aspects
  8. I actually was playing paper Mario Via Nintendo switch online. I'm so sad that the games after ttyd weren't nearly as good.
  9. @Disgruntled Dragon I genuinely was so surprised, never expected that when watching the direct, I sadly never got to play super Mario rpg but I’m excited to give that a shot too, a little disappointed that we haven’t gotten any word on a paper Mario 64 remake yet but I have hope
  10. I screamed so much that I hurt my throat. This is one of my favorite games and I was afraid it would be trapped on the Gamecube forever. Between that and the Super Mario RPG remake, I'm set for a while.
  11. It's been so long since I've played it, but the slate of games and backlog from this year alone is pretty insane. For those who might've missed it, here's the trailer.
  12. Anyone else excited?? 2024 and we get to go back to the TTYD, haven't played in YEARSSS and i'm so stoked to get back into it
  13. Wait, the games aren't the same depending on where you live? I didn't know that. It's kind of crazy if you ask me. I thought the Switch was the same regardless of where you live.
  14. The Switch isn't region-locked so you should be fine, but you'll probably have to create another user account and profile and set it for Japan in order to buy the game and play it. The hassle might not be worth it.
  15. From what I can tell there isn't a UK version of the game. If I buy the game from the Japanese eShop, will I be able to play it? My Switch is registered in the UK.
  16. Alien Isolation is one of the best horror games I've ever played. I'd like to snag the copy for the Nintendo Switch. I can't find the game in any of the online stores, but I thought it was supposed to be here this year. Is this game still happening? There's not much time left in 2019. Have I just missed its debut? If so, please let me know where I can get a copy that's compatible with the Nintendo Switch.
  17. I think there are many games that are easily available for free. One can also go for it.
  18. English The reasons you said are not wrong, but according to me, online games have a lot of advantages too. The online games help us to interact with other gamers around the world which builds our social life. It helps to increase our leadership qualities as well as it is so much fun to compete with so many people around the world and also to team up with so many people. Online games have advanced so much that you can make a virtual character of yours and. A friend of mine has recently bought Playstation Store Guthaben 50 Kaufen. Even you can try it out because it has lots of interesting games. Over here every popular games are there at an affordable price.
  19. I find it strange that Fortnite isn't included given the game's popularity. You should check whether the games you own can run their online features without a subscription because it's up to each game for now. Another big selling point is the library of NES games (Zelda, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, and more upcoming titles). We can access many (new) games at once for $3 a year if you can find seven players to split the bill. It sounds very cheap, but where do we find so many people?
  20. I don't see how they'll make this worth subscribing too since you can play the popular games like Fortnite without the service. I love my Nintendo Switch, but I don't want to add another monthly subscription fee.
  21. The online games have never been my cup of tea. I know that we live in the era of the online system, so it is inevitable in certain ways, but I still dislike the limits. Nintendo now says that we have to pay to play most of the Switch's popular games online as if it isn't enough to pay for the games. It doesn't affect non-Switch players like myself, but I wonder how Switch owners are doing with this new system.
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    Nintendo Labo

    @North I must say, I'm a fan of introducing young gamers to the concept of complex controls since during early youth is when a lot of people learn and play video games efficiently. (That being said, I don't know if you were referring to complicated systems when you said controls or if you meant just the controls themselves.) I really like that the Switch has family friendly content. Even though Switch features some mature third-party titles that require parental guidance, I like that Nintendo's core content philosophy is basically creating G-rated, sometimes innovative content that incorporates the real world. A lot of distinct products from Nintendo like the Animal Crossing series and the Wii, and here recently the Switch, tie back into the real world through mechanics or themes. From what I've seen, even the darker moments in Nintendo games are done in a way that is palatable to kids.
  23. Guest

    Nintendo Labo

    @milyt g. planet PS4 games usually feature complicated controls and questionable content which may be hard to explain to the children. They can do away with the violence and gore. It doesn't guarantee their complete protection, but the less source we provide, the better. Labo (and Switch by extension) seems to have more family-friendly games in their library. Combined with the crafting stage, it seems like an easy choice for the kids.
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    Nintendo Labo

    Certainly. @North Pricing does make sense that way, that you're paying for making a console. Speaking as someone who enjoys spending hours at a time making things by hand, I'm not really sure if I can agree that getting kids a Labo is better than getting them a PS4, since I'm such an avid fan of being able to experience decadent, well-realized worlds through games. Then again, the Labo requires the Switch anyway. And although my love and appreciation for video games started when I was very young, I didn't start playing them until I was much older. I had many years to learn to appreciate the real world before I started playing video games, so perhaps you have a point about Labo being a better choice for kids than a PS4.

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