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A community for Bethesda's epic space RPG. Discuss the game, share your photos on it gallery, or talk about your favorite mods.
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  2. It's not that affordable sadly, a lot of taxes involved. But I will get it sooner or later!
  3. Updated the initial post with scores between 90 - 100. Safe to say it's pretty well-reviewed.
  4. Is Game Pass available and affordable where you are? It might be a way to jump in until it's available at a discount.
  5. The game looks sweet! Sadly it cost a lot of money here, but I will make sure to grab it on discount
  6. Starfield embargo has lifted! The moment we've all been waiting for is here. This thread will be updated with review scores from the industry's top critics. Updated September 8, 2023: A Perfect Score - 10 out of 10 GamesRadar Destructoid IGN Spain Attack of the Fanboy Game Rant Gameblog Washington Post Jump Dash Roll GamingBolt PCWorld Pixel Arts Saving Content Hey Poor Player VGC Entertainment Geekly Sirus Gaming Scores between 90 - 99% RPG Fan - 98% Gamingheadquarters - 98% MondoXbox - 97% XboxEra - 97% Forbes - 95% Digital Chumps 95% CGMagazine - 95% Gamepressure - 95% ElderPlayers - 95% Fextralife - 94% Shacknews - 90% God is a Geek - 90% VideoGamer - 90% Gamesbeat - 90% GamingTredn - 90% Windows Central - 90% COGconnected - 90% Wccftech - 90% TrueAchievements - 90% We got this Covered - 90% GameCrate - 90% Twinfinite - 90% DualShockers - 90% RPG Site - 90% Press Start - 90% Gamersky - 90% Worth Playing - 90% TrueGaming - 90% Pure Xbox - 90% Multiplayer First - 90% But Why Tho - 90% MonsterVine - 90% Prima Games - 90% Checkpoint Gaming - 90% Siliconera - 90% Screen Rant - 90% TheXboxHub - 90% BossLevelGamer - 90%
  7. There's something about a live action trailer that just hits different. I love gameplay trailers and much as the next person, but since the classic Halo and Gears of War trailers, I'm a sucker for the Live Action stuff.
  8. Thank you. I'm forever the optimist, sometimes too much even. I know there are a lot of people really looking forward to Starfield, so even if it's turns out that it's not for me, I hope millions of others enjoy it.
  9. We gamers tend to be negative with upcoming games, so it's nice to see your positivity. I also can't wait to get lost in it!
  10. Up until recently, my hype levels have actually been pretty reserved. The closer the game gets to release however, the more I'm starting to think about it. Seeing that this is Todd Howard's dream game, and it has the backing of Microsoft, I have to believe they'll nail it. It's too important to both Microsoft and Bethesda. 🤞 Can't wait until I can hopefully get lost in this universe.
  11. We cannot know for sure, but we can speculate! I really want this game to be great, and I'm going to give it a try, but... I bought Fallout 4 just recently and, oh my god, it's full of bugs! the conversations are shallow as hell, and it managed to feel emptier than Skyrim, so... my hopes are not so great atm. What are your thoughts regarding Starfield?
  12. For those who haven't had a chance to watch the Starfield Direct or would like to revisit the Deep Dive, I'll pin it for easy access. Starfield Deep Dive from the Xbox Games Showcase Starfield Official Gameplay Trailer

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