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The Last of Us
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  2. More than 3 months later I FINISHED! I don't think Season 1 could have been handled any better. I feel the show even did a few things better than the game. It may be due to having a different medium or knowing more about the direction of certain characters and events for Season 2, but bravo. What I felt the show did better than the game (Possible Spoilers): I can't wait for season 2
  3. Episode 1 is in the books! Phenomenal job by everyone involved in bringing this game to life. The cast, the sets, the way it's shot. I'm ready to take this journey... AGAIN.
  4. I mentioned this in my introductions post, but The Last of Us if my #1 favorite game. I'm a bit late to the party, but the time to catch up is now! It has some high expectations to live up to, but if what everybody is saying holds true, I won't be disappointed.

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