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Half-Life : Blue Shift help

Guest Thundara

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Guest Thundara

I was just wondering if anyone owned Half-Life : Blue Shift?


I'm a little confused with the multiplayer options and some other things involving this game, I'm so used to playing Soldier of Fortune it's kinda thrown me.


If anyone does, can they reply and let me know so I can ask some questions.


Thanks. :xyx

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16 hours ago, worm said:

Oh man, 2002! Sadly, Blue Shift never had multiplayer, but Opposing Force does! It's awesome, dead but awesome.

I found this, though: https://www.moddb.com/mods/blue-shift-coop

I hope Thundara is there, somewhere, playing Blue Shift Coop..

For the sake of wholesomeness, I'm going to assume he is. He has to be the #1 Blue Shift player in the world by now. Go, Thundara!

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