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For those of you who don’t know, there is a very fun Online, Multiplayer, WWE Wrestling Game. The game is called With Authority!. With Authority! or WA!, is trading card game similar to Magic the Gathering, only based on the WWE.


WA! is now WAP2P (WA! Peer-to-Peer). WAP2P is almost the same as WA!. WAP2P uses the WA! program with a WA! IRC client written by one of the players, de|ete. The Peer-to-Peer software replaces the original chat area, provides tournament support, and keeps track of players' ranks, as well as a variety of other features. The game is now under new management by two players, who are trying to increase the number of players. The best thing of all, everything is completely FREE!


Cards are used to make decks or Playbooks. Each player based on various moves, specials, WWE Superstars, and momentum makes the Playbooks. There are many moves, specials, and Superstars to choose from to create your Playbook. Superstars have Trademarks and Finishers that can only be played by the Superstar used in the Playbook. Playbooks are made prior to any match. Your created Playbooks are automatically saved and ready for matches, so they do not have to be made again prior to each match. Strategy is the key in making your Playbooks.


Players play each other in online matches Head-to-Head. There are daily tournaments for championships. Players can play each other anytime in the Arena Entrance. The Arena Entrance is a gathering place for players. You can chat with other players or play matches. The matches can be ranked or unranked. For scheduled tournaments, rooms are created.


The WAP2P community wants new players to come and join this fun and exciting game! Don’t let the “tough talk” scare you off, as most players are very fun. If you have not tried WAP2P, or have played it before, you will find how addictive and fun this game is! There is nothing to lose, as WAP2P is completely FREE!


WAP2P Key Features:


1. Online, Miltiplayer, WWE Wrestling Game

2. Turned–Based, Head-to-Head, Strategy Game

3. Daily Tournaments Played for Championships

4. An Online Community

5. Forums

6. Factions

7. Icons for Factions, Championships, and Many Other Things

8. Everything is Completely FREE


Here are the links to WAP2P:


The Forums (Go to the Getting Started Section on the Forums.)


Go to the Getting Started Section on the Forums


WAP2P Game Downloads

With Authority P2P v 5.4

This is the client, which is used to play against other people. If you do not have WA installed, you need to also download the game install below to actually play the game.


To Install, download the appropriate file for your version of Windows and unzip it to a folder of your choice.








WA! Files Download



For Page Changes

First download


Then download



For WAP2P V6 (This is optional right now. It requires Windows XP and Graphics higher than 800X600.)



A very helpful FAQ on WAP2P (Including download instructions.)



If you have any problems, please post on the WAP2P Forums. We look forward to seeing you there!

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