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**** Official WWE Taboo Tuesday 2005 Thread ***


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PPV Quiz and Chat




Join us on Tuesday 1st November from 8pm UK time for the Taboo Tuesday PPV Quiz and Chat in the TWO Chatroom.


PPV Quiz


The Quiz will take place from 8-9pm in the Quiz Room, for more info see the Quiz Page:


http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/wrestling-quiz.php (includes current leaderboard)


Quiz participants will be tested on their knowledge of all kinds of wrestling topics, but special attention should be paid to the history of previous WWE PPVs and last year's Taboo Tuesday.


Anyone can take part in the quiz, you do not need to register, just turn up in the Quiz Room at 8pm (UK Time).


PPV Chat


The PPV Chat will take place after the quiz, from 9pm to 1am (UK Time). Talk to fellow TWO users about the PPV, and give your thoughts on each match! Who will be the third man in the WWE title match? Which of the three faces of Foley will make an appearance? What kind of match will Stone Cold face The Coach in? Discuss it in the TWO Chatrooms !


So don't miss out on a night of fun, join us for the Talk Wrestling Online Taboo Tuesday Quiz and Chat! Don't forget, WWE Taboo Tuesday takes place on Tuesday 1st November, and the evening's activities begin from 8pm, starting with the PPV Quiz. Well see you in the chatroom! :xyx


PPV Prediction League


Post your predictions below – anyone can enter!



Please remember to keep the same username you used previously!



  • WWE Championship:
    John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. Kane, Big Show, or Shawn Michaels
  • Edge & Masters vs.Two SmackDown Superstars
  • Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair vs. Triple H
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Jonathan Coachman
  • Carlito vs. Mick Foley
  • Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal
  • Eugene & a WWE Legend vs. Rob Conway
  • World Tag Team Championship:
    Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. ? + ?

Wrestling 101 Articles


- T3C: WWE Taboo Tuesday 2005 Preview


How to order the PPV



LIVE on Sky Sports 1



See WWE.com - Taboo Tuesday



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Guest Y2James
Just looked on the official site' date=' see Torrie isn't listed as being in the diva match anymore, or in the picture for it. Injury? Axed?[/quote']


Yes she was fired today.

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I've just this second completed a mammoth 20 votes for the Captain :)

How did you do that? For me it always says: 'Our records show that you have already voted on this poll'

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I voted at every computer in my school that I could get too. different computer = different IP adress = WWE doesn't know I've voted so much.
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How did you do that? For me it always says: 'Our records show that you have already voted on this poll'

If you cleared your cookies, it would allow you to vote again.

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Guest fspodjfsjdfsldk

well i hope my money was worth the cost to watch this.. first match was just plain bad.. what has happend to shelton the crowd never cheers for him anymore... to tell the truth the only reason i even payed to watch this is in hope to see christian one last time before he leaves... i pray that the coach match is a verbal debate since there is no Austin and bastista cant wreslte a verbal debate would be much better..



hmm no christain well that is that hmm also edge is out and they put a crapy guy in

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When will WWE learn that Cena isn't as over as he was 6 months ago? He needs to drop the belt and he needs to do it soon. Overall, bad PPV, I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it.
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Cena needed to lose that, the fans are obviously sick of him at last, rest of the ppv was pretty crappy really, Angle and HBK did really well and Cena was hardly in it, which was good, but he shouldn't have won.
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I thought I'd enjoy this PPV, and I kinda did


Opening match i had an inkling Edge wouldn't work, with them more than likely putting Snitsky. A good match to start the show, well worked but a few spots that were slightly less than perfect


Suprise to Snuka get the vote ahead of Hacksaw. An ok match, nothing special, but with the Conman being the up and comer, he really should have got the pin on Superfly


I voted for Mankind as I thought it would be good to see him. But the way i saw it, this one would have been better with Cactus. Another one that I felt the up and comer should have taken the pin. Nothing special about this match at all


Pleased that Kane has a strap around his waist. Putting the belts on Kane and Big Show will (hopefully) restore some credibility to the tag titles. Again, not too sure about having 2 guys booked as 7 foot monsters laughing and joking after the match. The match itself served its purpose but the outcome for me was obvious as soon as HBK won the vote


Batista and Coach was short and sweet (thank god) Vader hasn't done himself any favours by returning. He's fat and slow and botched the first spine buster. Seeing the Coach take a whipping was the only highlight


Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal - Yummy. That's all i can say really. Would have been a perfect opportunity to put the belt on Mickie James with a swerve by dumping Trish out. She certainly looks confident in the ring


Flair vs Triple H - I knew as soon as they said it was for the IC title that Hunter would put Flair over. As expected, a gore fest inside the steel. But I honestly expected slightly more from this match. As a Trips fan, i didn't want him losing this one


Main event had it's moments. The best part was obviously when Cena got ploughed through the announce table leaving Angle and HBK to work their magic. Nice spots with the Angle Slam of the top. When Cena decided to get up and got locked in the angle lock, there was some doubt whether he was gonna tap or not. Frustrating ending in that Kurt wasn't given the belt, but at least Cena tried his best to sell the damaged angle


And I agree with Good2Go, having all the faces go over in every match is ludicrous


On the whole, Taboo Tuesday gets 6.5/10 from the Telf - not bad in comparison to some of the PPV's they've put together this year

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Guest fspodjfsjdfsldk

ahh i have to say Taboo Tuesday gave just what most of the fans wanted.. of course the faces should have won every match.. the fans voted most of the people in these matches and if you noticed every match where fans would vote on who would be in the match that person would win... i am glad that cena won i think he will be the next Hulk hogan.. you might say im crazy but i just see cena doing what the hulk used to do.. the hulk would always get his butt whiped up and down the ring then out of know where he would do his wet dog shake thing to get hulked up.. neither guy could wrestle ever so cena would be the perfect next Hogan..


now everybody say it with me !!!HERE WE GO CENA!!!!!


too bad coach did not win i think he would be a great champion.. i have noticed he is bigger then he was when he first came to the WWE.. i think they should give the Coach a big push and have Coach VS Cena for the WWE tittle.. can you imagine the money that PPV would bring in..



man i miss JR i like the new guy though but he is no coach.. i do have to say the coach is the best guy for the job.. i like a bad guy doing the play by play.. i hate the KING he sucks and his voice is almost as bad as Steph's..



now on the KANE and SHOW being new champions makes me sad.. i loved the former champions because they remind me of some of the people in my family..



wow did vader look great he should come back full time.. gold dust should come back.. batista should have never won that match instead of making the coach Job to him...


im glad Edge did not wrestle tonight because he has beaten matt so many times.. im sad that masters lost his master lock is just unbeatable.. man did Snitsky look great.. please tell me how they lost to a dwarf


anybody else think that Carlito could be the next ROCK.. Carlito and the coach both need a push both would make great champions...



man that Divas match was great there skills in the ring are awsome.. i was up the whole time that match was on

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Guest carlito is cool

Worst Raw PPV of the year imo.


Opener was decent considering masters and snitsky were in it.


Eugene and snuka vs Conway and Tomko was horrific.


Mankind vs Carlito was horrific. plus Carlito really should have gone over


Didn't bother watching the tag match.


Batista vs Coach was another shocker Vader looked absolutely horrible.


Battle Royale was crap.


Flair vs HHH was what i expected pretty solid but nothing special.


Triple threat was good i was happy to see the crowd hammer Cena shame he won but im 100% sure hes dropping the title at sseries.


Didn't like Styles on commentary hopefully it was a one off

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Stayed up and watched it and overall I enjoyed Taboo Tuesday.......


Matt/Rey v Snitsky/Masters


A pretty good opener. Would have better with Edge, and his promo made him look a little daft, but Rey and Matt entertained as they usually do and even Masters worked well. A few good spots, particualry the ones inolving getting into the masterlock. Probably the best match Snitsky has ever been in and overall a good opener




Conway/Tomko v Superfly/Eugene


As nice as it was to see Superfly again the match quickly got boring and didnt entertain at all. Conway still isnt anywhere near over and after not being on RAW for weeks it was odd they but Tomko in there. Snukas 10-minutes on the top rope made me think he was gonna fall off but he hit the move that made him famous. Good to Duggan and Kamala get a run out.





Cade and Murdoch v Show and Kane


I was expecting Kane and Show to fall out and hence loose the match but when it got going it became clear they were going over. New Tag Champs would have at one point been a big story but it is barely a footnote these days. Maybe if they book Kane and Show right they can restore some value to those tag titles. Looks like we will be seeing a lot of 'Double Cholkeslams' on RAW




Mankind v Carlito


I enjoyed this one. Nice to see Foley back and it wasnt as bad a match as I thought it would be....in fact it was pretty decent. Foley took a few nice bumps on the outisde, a good elbow drop from the apron and socko has an afro......





Diva Battle Royale


I am enjoying the current James and Trish storyline and this was wokred well to adavnce that. I cant wait to see the eventual match between the two ladies. I was suprised at Ashley flipping over the rope like that. Also, Victorias tumble to the outside looked nasty as she landed very very akwardly. As Ive said the Divas provide a little bit of fun and this was entertaining in its own way




Batista v Coach


Batista got a great reaction. Nothing really to say about the match itself. The spinebuster to Vader looked decent when he finally nailed it but other than that it is largelly forgettable and I think Ill be fast-forwarding past it when I watch it again.




HHH v Flair


Exactly the sort of match I, and probably everyone else, was expecting. Very entertaining and a good opener to what will hopefully bue a great feud.




HBK v Cena v Angle


Match of the night easily....a really good, enjoyable triple threat match that I will defeintly watch again during the course of the day. Despite a 5-minute sag in the middle it was pacy, lively, exciting and had some great spots. A very satisfying main event. Boy did Cena get some boo's though!





My match ratings probably dont correspond with my opening statement but I did enjoy the PPV

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Guest fspodjfsjdfsldk

i wander if coach will go into the singles or stay at the booth... either way i would enjoy him.. he showed me tonight that he could play a good heel to bad he jobed to batista.. batista is just a giant piece of crap.. he even makes cena look like a wrestling GOD..


starting to make me wander what the real reason Austin was not in the match.. i dont think it was because he did not want to loose.. if JR could not come back they could have still done the story.. all they would had to have done was say JR has his job back but not at the booth then all they would have to do is have JR say if he cant be in the booth he will quit..


i am so glad cena won the fans are starting to turn on him wich if wwe was smart they will give him a heel turn..


talking about heel turns what is WWE thinking they are doing with eugine the fans hate him for some reason yet the WWE keeps putting him into matches vs other heels nobody wants to see him anymore either make him a hell or take him off the show...


i like carlito alot but im glad mankind won.. because this is how i want to remeber him... even though by the way he looks now its hard to buy anybody taking a loss against him..


anybody else think the only reason HHH lost is because he thinks he is to good for any thittle that is not the WWE belt... great match one of the best matches Flair has had in a long time...



man i loved the new guy in the booth PPV are so boring some times but that guy really keept me in the matches even though most of them sucked...

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A really flat start to the PPV built to a pretty hot finish. Random thoughts:


The keyboard on the stage had keys in the wrong places "YWERTJ" instead of "QWERTY". I look for these things. :)


I really thought Edge was going to show some solidarity with his "brother" Christian and "quit" too. Alas, he brought out Snitsky.


Chris Masters has never seen a Rey-Rey match as he had no idea what Rey wanted when he went for the split-legged-rise-up-bulldog (or whatever it's called) and just fell over.


I've never liked Superfly.


Big Show looked damned cheerful last night.


Joey Styles during Kane's entrance: "I just crapped my pants!"


Kane's humanization is complete - Hi-Fiving Big show after winning the straps bars him from the Monster Club forever.


Foley can still bump. Crap match. Highlight: Styles explaining to Lawler the difference between schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder.


Were Micki and Victoria really supposed to go out when they did? Trish looked overly concerned/surprised.


That's not Goldust's usual wig. It's too girly.


Vader attempting to get up for a spinebuster was laughable. His belly's too big and he just sort of fell backwards when Batista failed to gain any purchase. Bati' looked peeved when this happened and near as dammit said "Try again, one more time!"


Flair v HHH was everything a cage match should be.


Flair still swears like a sailor - F-bombs everywhere!


Triple threat was great fun. Finishing sequence was excellent. Crowd booing Cena a bit though.


Overall, glad I stayed up but I really could've slept until the IC match.

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Guest fspodjfsjdfsldk

what was the deal with flair swearing like that.. lol i almost htought that HHH was not going with the match plan or somthing and was realy hurting flair.. to be swearing like that realy sold some of the mooves...


that new booth guy might be in some hot water because he said OH MY GOD alot and i would place alot of money that some body will sue the WWE saying that the WWE is trying to shove religion down peoples throat.. i know this sounds crazy but there are people like that in america.. and vince should have never allowed him to say that with all the sue happy people these days

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I've gotta agree with Acid's view on the PPV... Although the ladies in the match woke me up, espically Trish and Ashley...


But T&A aside... The ppv was just average up until the point I fell asleep.... Just before they where lowering the cage for Flair v HHH...


Think I made a booboo there...


Although in all fairness to Foley he tried his bst but Carlito is a skinny little crap git. His mic skills may shine but in ring he is pants...


The Eugene and Superfly thing was crap... But then again they where in there against the Conman and Tomko...


Hardy and Rey had their work cut out against Master's and Snitsky in what turned out for most of the first 2/3's to be a game of one up-mans-ship between Gene and the Masterpiece to see who could apply the most rest holds....


And what exactly did Big Dave had to gain from being whipped by a commentator and being held down by two old timers? None. Glad he kicked there ass in the first place as it should have been a 3 minute squash... Bam to Goldust, Bam to Vader... Bam BOMB! Coach is done...

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Guest fspodjfsjdfsldk
I've gotta agree with Acid's view on the PPV... Although

And what exactly did Big Dave had to gain from being whipped by a commentator and being held down by two old timers? None. Glad he kicked there ass in the first place as it should have been a 3 minute squash... Bam to Goldust, Bam to Vader... Bam BOMB! Coach is done...



what are you talking about.. you should be saying what did caoch have to gain by taking a loss agains batista.. coach is great in the ring batista is not.. when coach talks i listen when batista talks i press the mute butten..


if batista was any smaller or any shorter he would not be in the WWE he has no skils on the mic or in the ring... golddust and vader looked great.. vader could make another run if he got in a little more shape and if he could just get that getting out of the ring without falling and the getting up without falling thing down he could give one more run...


to tell the truth i think all the people in the wwe right now suck if the was 1997- 2002 then every single one of these guys would be at the bottem of the ladder in the wwe.. all i have left is to cheer for the old people that come back to remind me why i even got int wrestling in the first place

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Guest SuperKick Kid

Gosh, when is the WWE gonna get that the people don't want Cena as the champ. Angle or HBK would have been perfect for the title.


And why did HBK have to get FU'd. I know why, because it will continue this thing that Cena didn't beat Angle.


At least Show and Kane got the Tag Team titles.

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coach is great in the ring




golddust and vader looked great




I'm sorry, but do you really believe this? I'd be interested to hear your reasons, particularly on why Coach is so "great" in the ring?

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what are you talking about.. you should be saying what did caoch have to gain by taking a loss agains batista..

It's funny how everybody was saying how Austin shouldn't do the JOB to Coach, but you'd be quite happy for the current World Champion to lose to him.


Coach is an announcer, so he has nothing to gain or lose from winning a match, while having the World Champion look weak by being beaten by an announcer would be an insane thing to do booking wise - especially when the Champion is from SD and the announcer is on RAW.

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