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Merry Christmas + Happy New Year


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Talk Wrestling Online and Wrestling 101!


Its been quite a year....I'd just like to thank all the workers for their hardwork this past year, so much work goes into running and maintaining the sites, I wouldnt be able to do without them :xyx


Next year TWO will be celebrating its 6th year online, so no doubt theres going to be more fun to come...



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Guest Kanenite
Thanks a lot Kam, this website has gave me so much enjoyment this year. Merry Christmas to everyone at TWO and a Happy New Year. Hope you all have a great next year.
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Thanks Kam, merry christmas to all here that celebrate it, and to those that dont, enjoy the couple of days off work/school! Then of course its happy new year to one and all!
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Guest MartynJ

Merry christmas To everybody at TWO and hope everybody has a good time:xyx


Thanks to Kam and all the TWO Admins/Mods for the good work they have done for the past year i have been posting here :worship



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Guest Snakeman

merry christmas all at two and to everybody that uses the site .


may all your wishes come true.

and remember averything in moderation .

best wishes ......the snakeman.

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Happy Festivus.


I've not been around much lately, so I'll send some turkey leftovers by post to everyone who has covered for me. Plus, anyone who can complete the Feats of Strength.

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Guest The Crippler
Merry Christmas Kam. Amazing to think we're going into a sixth year with the site and it's a testament to your great running of the site and the work that others have put into it over the years.
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