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TWO Baseball Fantasy League

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Tuesday's cool, i have actually been doing a bit of research into players and the whole set-up of the game, so hopefully that'll help. But my knowledge did naff-all for me in the NFL league, so i aint holding my breath.
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Monday I cant do as I'll still be away, Thursday should be ok but if it has to be a different day then i cant complain. Sorry to be such a pain in the arse.
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Thursday is cool with me too. About 8.30pm should be a good time? Everyone OK with that? If this doesn't work out then I think we'll just have to admit defeat and leave it when it is.
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Right: Decision time. Not making any changes, it's the fairest way.


It's THIS Sunday: March 19 3:00pm GMT.


If you can't be there, sorry - just make sure and pre-rank your players.

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Draft is Tomorrow Afternoon, 3pm UK time.


Be warned - if you can't be there, PRE RANK your players - just done the Smash draft and it took about 90minutes.

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Do i have to? Or can i just leave it?


Just log in some time tomorrow and pre rank your players, or let Yahoo choose it's own list of players for you. I watched someone get a team from hell tonight by letting Yahoo choose for them, though...

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Guest Popsi
I dont even know how to pre rank my players, im on the draft page and have added loads of players to my queue but have not got a clue if thats what im meant to do!
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Typical - After telling people to get there, MY PC crashes EIGHT times in 30 minutes and I'm late.



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All offers gladly looked at - but sadly, I know how good dirty yankee is, so it needs to be a good trade ;) I might be biased but I'm not dumb :)
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Round 1


1. V. Martínez - Popsi's Dragons

2. Á. Rodríguez - El Bongo de Campeón

3. A. Pujols - latz losers

4. V. Guerrero - AJ's Astros

5. M. Teixeira - Manchester Black Sox

6. M. Ramírez - Stoke Snipers

7. D. Ortiz - Chris2K Steelers

8. Mi. Cabrera - Matt's Marlins

9. Jo. Santana - Seattle Jets

10. D. Lee - GA Yankees


So the prestigious first pick goes to Popsi's Dragons - and they plump for Indians catcher Victor Martinez. A solid enough pick, catcher is a hard spot to get decent productivity from, but some would say and odd #1 overall pick. My own El Bongo de Campeón had pick #2, but due to my PC going mentalist on me, I wasn't there and Yahoo's auto rankings kicked in - yes, I realise the irony of me telling people to rank players then not doing it myself - and I get DirtyFilthyYankee A-Rod. Lucky me.


The rest of the first round draft goes pretty much as you would expect, all the big names going in more or less the order you'd expect... Johan Santana ends up as first drafted pitcher, those pesky Seattle Jets taking who I would have had as my #1 pick... damn you!!!


Round 2


1. M. Young - GA Yankees

2. C. Crawford - Seattle Jets

3. D. Willis - Matt's Marlins

4. A. Pierzynski - Chris2K Steelers

5. D. Wright - Stoke Snipers

6. P. Martínez - Manchester Black Sox

7. B. Abreu - AJ's Astros

8. J. Bay - latz losers

9. M. Tejada - El Bongo de Campeón

10. C. Carpenter - Popsi's Dragons


Round 2 starts with GA Yankees picking Texas shortstop Michael Young... brave choice as #1 2nd round pick, but a wise one too. 2nd pitcher honours goes to Pedro Martinez, and the Manchester Black Sox, and Chris Carpenter will be lining up for Popsi's Dragons as the third drafted pitcher in the league. Catchers again going high in the draft, with Chris2k drafting TNA's own... sorry, The World Champion Chicago White Sox' glovesman AJ Pierzynski.


As for sleeper picks? Well, I'm going to stick my neck out here and nominate one pick for every team that, while not being a sleeper, could be the most prudent...


GA Yankees: Willy Taveras (Astros) Willy was unlucky not to take the Rookie of the Year honours last year - he's lightning fast, and a good solid hitter. If he can increase his hitting power even slightly, this could be a huge player in the game.


Seattle Jets: Scott Posednik (White Sox) Posednik is everything Wily Taveras could be, but proven in MLB and experience to boot. If he stays healthy, he's a top 20 player.


Matt's Marlins: Ryan Howard (Phillies) This guy is going to be HUGE this year. He's been on fire in spring training, and the Phillies have shipped on veteran Jim Thome to make room for Howard at his preferred first base slot. I'm expecting a huge Home Run count from this guy.


Chris2K Steelers: Scott Rolen (Cards) Is Scotty can get himself fit, and stay fit, then this is an amazing pick, especially as low as round 11. Rolen had a dismal season last year, but that was all injury related. On form, he's a top producer.


Stoke Snipers: David Wright (Mets) I'm thinking the Mets are gonna have a big season, and David Wright is gonna be a big part of it. Wright put up solid numbers in his first full season, and I expect him to more than back that up this year.


Manchester Black Sox: Jon Garland (White Sox) A really low pick here, all the way down in Round 12 - but a good pick. Three complete game shutouts last year and an 18-10 record show how good a pick this could well turn out to be.


AJ's Astros: Eric Gagne (Dodgers) Gagne was exceedingly unlucky with injuries last year, only managing 14 games - but those 14 games, he still picked up 8 saves. 90 saves in two seasons before that, and this pick looks like a steal in round 11.


latz losers: Curt Schilling (Red Sox) Another injury plagued vet with a point to prove. Moved to closer last year by the Sox - and some would say unfairly - he should be back on the starting rotation this year, looking to prove he's still one of the top 10 pitchers out there.


El Bongo de Campeón: Grady Sizemore (Indians) This was the first pick I managed to make myself due to the PC, but I think it was my best. Sizemore is on the brink of becoming a huge star, and this is his year to do it. 30HR and 100 RBI are not beyond Grady.


Popsi's Dragons: Josh Beckett (Red Sox) Josh put in some huge numbers while working on a struggling Marlins team - if he gets any sort of run backup from the new look Red Sox, those numbers could just be a warm-up for this year...




So if I had to choose? I'd obviously say Grady Sizemore as best pick, but in all honesty, I'm looking at either Ryan Howard or Eric Gagne to turn out as the best picks of this year's draft,


Of course, the trades are what might make and break this game, and already there's been one big trade - involving my own DirtyFilthyYankee A-Rod going to GA Yankees, with Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies in return for Chone Figgins and Derrek Lee... time will tell who comes out best on that deal. Interesting that two teams were willing to deal their #1 pick before a pitch has been thrown in anger though...


So, baseball fans - round 1 begins THIS Sunday... I'll see you there!

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