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Best Game you Ever played!!!


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Guest DarkMatchJobber

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas,three times the size of the previous installment in the series and even better in terms of gameplay,graphics,sounds and storyline.


I have always enjoyed the freedom in GTA games and having the option to work for who you want when you want is great plus if you don't fancy running errands for a mob boss you could always go pimping or enforce the law in whatever way you see fit !

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I can narrow it down to just three:


1. Championship / Football Manager

2. Bubble Bobble

3. Sensible Soccer


I still play them ALL to this day.

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Guest Proudy

Yeah I can also narrow it down to three...


GTA Series (only PS2 games)

Command and Conquer series (all of them)

Championship/Football Manager

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Guest The Phenom Billz

Champion Manager 03/04 version currently still playing

SRS (Street Racing Syndicate) i LOVED this game when i had my PS2 just everything about it took me ages to find it in stores brought it for around 8 quid deffo worth every penny brilliant gameplay.

Tekken most of them. I was really into Tekken 2 & 3 maybe 1 aswell but as i don't have a PS1/2 now i don't keep up but those were classic games.

Forgot about Duke Nukem 3D on the PS1 i think jus a classic shoot em up compared to now the graphics are rubbish but the gameplay was brilliant tons of action.

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Guest Lagwagon
Yeah Tekken 3 was my all time favorite game. Me and my buddies spent an entire summer playing that. I would have to say that more recently my favorite game has been THPS 4. Even though its not the most up to date version its my favorite. Great game play and the best THPS soundtrack.
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Guest Anime Otaku
Currently I'd go for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the Xbox 360 it's so expansive I'd honestly say that it is a Final Fantasy beater.
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Guest Dr. ZERO
One of my favourite games of all time has to be Shadow of the Colossus. Everything about this game is great! The music is epic and the gameplay is that of which no other game has been able to deliver. Just a shame that the lifespan is rather short :(
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1-Final Fantasy VII

2-Metal Gear Solid


4-Deus EX

5-Metal Gear Solid 3


7-Max Payne

8-Burnout 3

9-Command and Conquer: Red Alert

10-Final Fantasy X


Those are the games I actually suffered withdrawal symptoms from after I cleared them.

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