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Your thoughts on Members Part III???


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I deleted a bunch of names. These are the only people I wish to share an opinion on (not because i hate everyone else - some people I don't notice, some I have no qualms with, and some I just don't care about).


Inno - Good poster, nice guy, owes me a drink.

wyndorf - Apparently he's a nice guy but I've never gotten his humour. I'll take him on recommendation though. He's a good poster, if it counts for anything.

Ray - Good looking, intelligent, nice guy. But he tries far too hard sometimes, and is very naive.

ahsatan - Seems nice. We've never mixed in the same circles but apparently she's more like Colin and I than ever could have been imagined. No idea if this is good or bad, but if it leads to circlejerking, I'm for it. JOIN SA!

BeltMark - Proof that questionable bordering-on-stupid opinions can be forgivable if you can articulate them well enough. For all his faults, a very good and respected poster.

Craig - I don't get why people are sh*tting on him. A very good poster with good taste in wrestling. He's a nice guy too, and will soon be spreading goon love around the land.

Chachnian Rebel - Given up on defending TNA, now just focuses on ridiculing the WWE> He's still bombing just as badly, but I admire his persistence.

BRM - I met him once, and probably scared him. Nice guy. Shorter than me.

Popsi - Very smart at what she knows.

Adrenaline Rush - Ok poster, bad taste in posters, probably a good reason for the decline in female posters on the site

Jimmy Redman - Good poster, a staunch Cena fan, and a nice gal. Again, disappointed that we don't seem to converse as much anymore. I enjoyed reading about myself in her blogs.

Jack - Good poster. Far more open to other opinions than he used to be, which is a cool quality.

Naitch - The best poster on TWO, bar none. Even I wish I was as funny. Nice guy, and made the quiz last week so much more bearable.

Nicole - Still my little baby sister of the site. If we ever meet, I will try to have sex with you. But we haven't met yet, so don't count your chickens.

Telf - Always had respect for Telf since the WRL glory days.

The Great Jungta - The longest reigning great wrestling poster on TWO.

Colin - I usually make jokes about words related to Colin, but in honesty, he's my best friend on the site and always a pleasure to talk to. We don't agree on everything, but we always make things funny and right the wrongs of the world. Via the internet. A country apart. And some other crap. What am I saying? Man-boobs.

Burakio - His name looks like Bukakke, so that's what I call him. Ironic, since his posts look like sh*t.

Chris2K - Not around enough... he lost weight :(

Wolverine - I like Wolverine. He seems to have a similar set of opinions to Craig and Naitch.

Saz - Besides his woeful attempt at humour in this thread ;), he's a really nice guy and taught me a lot about the wrestling business that was invaluable. I have a lot of time for the guy.

Kurtmark - Worst mod we've ever had? Nah, at least he quit. Fill just walked away.

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Guest Jimmy Redman
Jimmy Redman - Good poster, a staunch Cena fan, and a nice gal. Again, disappointed that we don't seem to converse as much anymore. I enjoyed reading about myself in her blogs.


You're one of the lucky few who does, the rest get s***ty about what I write about them :P




Inno - Great poster, appreciate the crap/hard work involved with all those Music Clubs.

wyndorf - More funny than not, I like him.

Ray - My occaisional e-boyfriend, very fun to talk to when we do. Good poster too, and one of those ones who will do work for the site.

BeltMark - Half good opinions, half mental ones, but always a great poster. It really shows how much we all think of him, considering most often disagree with his views.

Craig - Seems to be getting the ol' internet backlash. Seems to be a poor man's Naitch sometimes, but he's still a good poster with good views.

Chachnian Rebel - I find most of his views on wrestling ridiculous, I'll be honest. Still, he does contribute to the US forum in a big way, and its always fun seeing him get ripped apart every now and then.

Adrenaline Rush - Good2Go, yes? I'm having trouble. Anyway, a good poster and a good mod. And judging by the "Listening to?" thread, an amazingly similar taste in songs.

Jack - I wasnt around when he wasnt as good, so I can only say that he's a great poster now. Very knowledgable it seems.

Naitch - Awesome poster, utterly hilarious, and also very knowledgable and well-thought in his "real" posts. Its really only him and Dra whose every post I have to read.

Burakio - Seems to have had a lobotomy recently.

Chris2K - I miss him, he was a great mod and poster. I think we were similar as people, without knowing him too well.


The rest of the list who I left out, I do hope its nothing personal, but I could really think of nothing else apart from "good poster", and while its not lying, still isnt very interesting a dozen times over.

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Guest The Beltster
Nicole - Still my little baby sister of the site. If we ever meet, I will try to have sex with you.
You want to have sex with your baby sister?


Must be a Northern thing. :xyx

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I love people not knowing me that well. It means I have no guilt when I ban them.


And I HAVE lost weight!


Not as much as me though :D


I know, it was cruel!


As for my woeful attempt at humour Mitchy babes, as you know, if I have a problem with someone, they tend to know about it, so I made a whole load of crap up because frankly it shouldn't matter what I think of them, it only matters what they think of themselves!


Now, where are my saffron robes?

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Inno Top bloke who I have alot of time for

wyndorf One word, AWSOME,he knows how I feel:lol

Draven CageReally knows his stuff but needs to lighten up sometimes

Darkstar Doesn't post that much,but seems a good mod

Ray Top bloke who gets alot of stick for no reason,and at the old age of 17 is retiring soon:lol

ahsatan I cant say enough good things about Tash,love to meet her and Wyndy for a drink sometime,heart of gold she has.

Christof Meh

Miss TSeems ok,don't really know her that well.

A.C.Never posts anymore which is a shame.

BeltMark Hogan fanatic who knows alot in fairness to him

Nimf Got to know her on msn lately,very nice person.

Antihero Sound bloke,always up for a laugh

Craig Talk to him abit on msn,gets a bit of stick on here but a top guy no question.

Slim JimDont really know much about SJ

Chachnian RebelAlot of people get pissed off at Dave,but he is a top guy with some very valid points

Drake Barca fan,thats all I know really.

SuperKick Kid Loves HBK,and a top bloke aswell

BRMIs a fan of 24 so he can't be bad

Twig Is a fan of the "death" match,well I hope so:lol

Evil Gringo Dirty rotten Utd lover,Gringo is sound though

Darkette Doesnt really post much

Popsi Same as Darkette

Adrenaline RushA great friend of mine on here,love to have a few beers with him,a top bloke

Jimmy Redman Dont really know much about her

Jack Loves the fight scene and likes a flutter on thr GG's if im right

Gothic AngelBex doesnt post much now either which is a shame.I have great time for bex,lovely person

Mr. PerfectDumbass

MoobsTop bloke who loves his toon army,I hope they do well for ya this season bud

Boyo Cheers!

Naitch Never had any dealings with him so I don't really know

Nicole Same as Naitch

King Suffers from hangovers

ProudyPool fan,top bloke

Telf Doesn't post much but a good mod

The Great JungtaNeeds to lighten up and chill out

OMAR DAYS Sound guy who is a new Xbox 360 gamer

TGOPlayed him a few times on 360,I always beet him and im rubbish:lol

Colin Dont know much about him

Burakio Meh

Anime_OtakuIs fan of all things oriental

PHIZZLE Seems like a top bloke

Chris2K Is a fan of Lost is all I know

Kanenite Dont know much really

MastersGonad Not a fan im afraid,probably a sound guy outta here but on here not my cup of tea at all

Wolverine Should Rafa be sacked,erm lets debate again:lol:lol

Saz Lost weight

Kurtmark Same as MG

RavenmarkTop guy who likes good music

Nemesis EnforcerDont know much really

Rog Same as NE

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Guest Nicole
Nicole - Still my little baby sister of the site. If we ever meet, I will try to have sex with you. But we haven't met yet, so don't count your chickens.


Dra, if I'm like a baby sister, then WHY would you wanna have sex with me, you little freak ;) Looks like I'm cancelling the UCE stop on my uni tour!

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Guest Christof

Think i get this....


Inno - I would

wyndorf - I would, he's good with wood after all

Draven Cage - I wouldn't (bananas???)

Darkstar - I would, he's cuddly

Ray - I wouldn't, Rooney

ahsatan - I wouldn't

Christof - I would

Miss T - I would

A.C. - I would

BeltMark - He'd have to take the boa and bandana off, then maybe

Nimf - I wouldn't, DC scares me

Antihero - I would

Craig - I wouldn't

Slim Jim - I wouldn't

Chachnian Rebel - I would Dave7g, but not this guy

Drake - It would be metro

SuperKick Kid - I wouldn't

BRM - I wouldn't I know him too well

Twig - I wouldn't

Evil Gringo - I wouldn't

Darkette - I wouldn't

Popsi - I wouldn't

Adrenaline Rush - With a name like that you'd have to see

Jimmy Redman - I wouldn't, jet lag

Jack - I wouldn't, Bolton

Gothic Angel - I wouldn't

Mr. Perfect - He's got a thing for dead wrestlers

Moobs - Who wouldn't?

Boyo - I would, he has a sexy car

Naitch - He's inspiring

Nicole - I wouldn't

King - I wouldn't

Proudy - I wouldn't

Telf - I would prefer not to comment as we've shared hotel rooms

The Great Jungta - I wouldn't

OMAR DAYS - I wouldn't

TGO - I wouldn't

Colin - I would

Burakio - I have

Anime_Otaku - I wouldn't

PHIZZLE - I wouldn't

Chris2K - I would

Kanenite - I wouldn't

MastersGonad - I would but he keeps standing me up

Wolverine - I wouldn't

Saz - I would, the guys lost weight don't ya know?

Kurtmark - I wouldn't be able to understand him

Ravenmark - I would, but alas he's married

Nemesis Enforcer - I wouldn't

Rog - Most definately

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Right, let's get cracking.....


Inno: Very funny guy who has started a new life for himself.


wyndorf: His humour isn't as obvious as others, but can be funny at times.


Draven Cage: Stickler for detail, and argumentative is an understatement, but is a nice guy really. In wrestling, trying to be Rhyno, but is becoming more like Balls Mahoney. Has took some steps in rectifying this by beginning to follow the Saz diet.


Darkstar: A bit "I studied drama, and have a big brain" at times, but a nice enough bloke offline.


Ray: Former boss on the newsletter can sometimes show his age.


ahsatan: Best looking woman on here who doesn't/hasn't lived with me. Also a good poster when she decides to add to a thread.


Christof: Offline, a great guy. Online, a bit of an arsehole.


Miss T: We haven't seen eye-to-eye on a lot of things, but we get on ok now, and is another who adds some (much-needed) glamour around these parts.


A.C.: We've shared a hotel room, so there is a bond between us that so few would understand. A genuine guy who is a pleasure to go on the town with.


BeltMark: Sometimes we don't get on, most times we do. We are very alike in a lot of ways, and can argue until there is nothing left to say.


Nimf: She lives up to her name. What? Her name is Rebecca, which means "a snare" in Hebrew, which is fitting because she "snared" me. What did you think I meant?


Antihero: Has finally realised that he doesn't have to be "on" all the time. Another genuine guy who deserves a break.


Craig: Not as funny as he thinks he is, not as tall as he wants to be, needs a new prefix since he lost the "Big".


Slim Jim: No real opinion. One of those posters whom I read, but don't really.


Chachnian Rebel: The ying to my yang, my brother from another mother, the jam to my jelly.....Dave and I are two sides of the same coin, which is probably why we "debate" so regularly.


Drake: Has an unhealthy infatuation with Johnny Nitro, and doesn't like amphibious reptiles, but is a decent guy from what I can gather online.


SuperKick Kid: Is blind to the failings of Shawn Michaels a lot of the time, but can make great videos for TWOStars. Although I'm still waiting on his response to the request I made for a F.E.R.E. video.


BRM: Another poster who seems to be in the background a lot of the time.


Twig: My fellow TWOStars regular is another great poster, and one who adds his tuppence only when required, which a few (myself included) could learn from.


Evil Gringo: Has trouble with furniture, losing fights and whatnot, but is a decent bloke.


Darkette: Having a lot of troubles, but doesn't let it (openly) get to her.


Popsi: Doesn't post as often as she used to, but doesn't post any old sh*te either.


Adrenaline Rush: Will always be Good2Go.


Jimmy Redman: Still surprising people with the revelation that she is *startled scream* an Australian.


Jack: Posting frequency has went down, focusing mainly on the new fight forum, but knows his boxing.


Gothic Angel: A sweetheart who takes no gumph from her other half.


Mr. Perfect: Is a lot less "WAAAAAH" than he used to be.


Moobs: I haven't noticed Moobs being around for a while.


Boyo: I enjoy most of what he posts, but the "Cheers" at the end of everything is a little tiresome, Bub.


Naitch: Hilarious, especially with his newsletter contributions. I honestly laugh out loud almosty every time I read his column. Likes the same wrestlers I do, all the old-schoolers. No time for a 630 foot stomp when a good punch to the mouth will shut a man up.


Nicole: Like Miss T, we haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but things have mellowed now. A nice girl, who seems to have lightened up a helluva lot the past year.


King: No real opinion.


Proudy: As above.


Telf: Posts sporadically, but never with crap.


The Great Jungta: A decent poster.


OMAR DAYS: Has dropped of the radar.


TGO: Finds punctuality an alien concept.


Colin: Is very funny to watch drunk, but is a pain, at times, online.


Burakio: A f*cking idiot who hasn't posted anything worthwhile or constructive in months. May secretly be in love with Christof.


Anime_Otaku: Another poster who seems to have disappeared. Is too biased towards all things Eastern.


PHIZZLE: No real opinion.


Chris2K: Neither like, nor dislike the man.


Kanenite: Doesn't post enough to register.


MastersGonad: Met him at a RAW taping at the MEN Arena, and was a genuine guy. Most of the time he's a decent poster, but has become an arse in the last few days.

Wolverine: No real opinion.


Saz: Lost weight. Is a great supporter of the UK Scene (well his part of it), but has some (to me) baffling opinions on UK wrestling overall.


Kurtmark: Someone I used to think was ok, but is really a bit of an idiot.


Ravenmark: Isn't dead, just in case some of you were still wondering.


Nemesis Enforcer: No real opinion.


Rog: Very quite in real life, but is a little more opinionated online.



I'm sorry if anyone is offended by the comments.

Edited by DC
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Guest Christof
Nimf has told me she feels rejected and wants to be lumped in with Nicole. Nicole and Nimf eh? I'll let DC decide :xyx
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