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Your thoughts on Members Part III???


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Guest Popsi


Draven Cage




Miss T





Slim Jim

SuperKick Kid



Evil Gringo


Adrenaline Rush

Jimmy Redman


Gothic Angel





The Great Jungta






Those are the people that I don't actively avoid reading the posts of.... :xyx

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Just before I start, guess who was one place off the list? Kam. :lol




I like Inno, as Miss T likes to point out at every oppertunity she gets. I really like his style of humour, because it's honest and easy going. He doesn't keep kayfabe going in order to be funny, he's just himself, which is a friendly nice guy.




Another with 'diggable' humour, although I don't know him as well. He comes accross decently though, keeps it all light hearted which is good. He also seems to have done very well for himself, with numerous game stations and a big TV. Not to mention ahsatan, of course.


Draven Cage


I see eye to eye with Draven Cage on everything. Okay, so that's a lie, but I appreciate that as he's an intelligent bloke who isn't afraid to speak up. Occassionally I think he can come accross as condescending, though, but this isn't always.




I like Darkstar, he's a better guy than some people give him credit for. I think he'd do better if he wasn't a global moderator though, it can be his undoing at times.




Not as naive or childish as some people think I am. The thing with me is, I don't try to act cool, doing everything to defend my reputation around here. I am very much me, albeit slightly more confident online. I'm a slightly wacky yet normal lad. Y'gotta problem with that, then suck it.




I like reading ahsatan's posts, she speaks honestly and has a good sense of humour. She always has some lubbly cats, and everyone likes cats! Nice lady!




Christof, Chris, C-man, THE BIG C! Whatever you call him, I like the bloke. Haven't always, that he knows, but when it comes down to it I have similar views as him on a lot of stuff. He's a normal guy, living in the real world. But he is rubbish at comparisons, especially regarding myself and a certain granny-banging footballer.


Miss T


The Queen Bee, Bee standing for BIATCH. I jest, well, sort of. She can be really nice when she wants to, but sometimes can stir things up just to get off on the reaction of others. Still, she looks good naked........okay, so it was a dream, but dreams count right? Yes? No? NO!? Pah...




A.C. is a decent guy, funny and friendly! He needs to post more though!




Oh boy does this guy speak his mind, which can often be the truth too. Has a big obsession with Hulk Hogan.




Nimfy! She's ace is Nimf, funny, sweet, friendly, helpful, honest! I really like chatting to her on MSN, it's always fun!




*custard splat* [/iN JOKE!!!!!!!!!] This guy is wacky, 2 tha BONE! He's a real nice dude too, easy to talk to. I approve!




Not my style of funny really, but he knows his stuff when it comes to wrestling and MMA. He's alright, but you'll have a hard time getting a straight answer out of him.


Slim Jim


Slim Jim's one cool cat! If I have a computer / software query he can often help me out, and he's fun to play poker with on MSN too. He's quite happy to remain anonymous it seems, but he's up for a laugh too. Good lad!


Chachnian Rebel


I very rarely post in the US Scene area, so I hardly come accross his posts. Got no personal qualms with him.




Drake is cool, but I haven't spoken to him a lot lately. Gotta catch up with him!


SuperKick Kid


I've spoken with SKK quite a lot recently, with discussion ranging between several topics. He's a good lad, I like him.




He's a nice guy, and I chat with him on MSN from time to time. Level headed and friendly.




Funky dude, seems nice and easy going and fun loving. He is Raymond approved.


Evil Gringo


An intelligent guy, comes accross as very normal! He's a cool guy.




I wish she was around me, she's heapo fun!




I like Popsi, she's interesting.


Adrenaline Rush


A really great guy here, I get on with him well. Likes sports, and has similar opinions to me on a few things. Needs to show Serena some more love though!


Jimmy Redman


My occassional e-girlfriend! She's a fun lass is Jimbob, I always enjoy speaking to her on MSN. She's COOL!




One of my oldest internet mates. I've spoken to him a couple of times recently which has been nice. A good poster.


Gothic Angel


Haven't talked to her properly in AGES! WHERE ARE YOU GIRL! I like Gothic Angel, she's fun!


Mr. Perfect


Y'know, I haven't really talked to Mr. Perfect since the last DraVen forum thing. Seems cool enough though.




Le Boob is a cool guy, but needs to come on MSN some more. Good to talk football with, amongst other stuff. A mate!




Seems alright, not really spoken much though.




A witty fellow, and a solid newsletter contributor!




Niccy! My buddy! Budlington! Budderson! Bud bud ting ting! Well not the last bit, but she's cool is Nic, helped with some of my exam prep which was really nice of her. Lovely girl!




All hail the King! I like this guy, good to talk 'Pool with him, and I agree with him on some issues here and there. COOL!




One of my favourite lads around here and a fellow Liverpool supporter. Good lad, good lad indeed!




Knows his stuff, and I've spoken to him on a few occassions on MSN. Nice guy.


The Great Jungta


Also a nice guy, although ive only spoken with him like twice.




OMAR 2 THA FUNKY DAYS! One of my best mates around this place, he's a cool lad. Good to chat to on MSN.




Nice enough, but where's he been lately?




Hit and miss humour for me. I think he's probably a lot different in real life to how he is online.




Seems to tell it like it is! Also, an old spotty ****.




Haven't really spoken a lot, got no qualms.




A battle rapper whom I beat (I think), he's cool.




Seems nice enough from the few times I spoken to him!




A great lad! One of my mates around here!




Seems nice!




Opinionated and intelligent. He's cool.




Havent really spoken, but he lost weight!




Again, we haven't spoken really.




A good guy, nice and normal.


Nemesis Enforcer


Nice guy, but he's been absent recently.




He's BACK! WOOP! He's cool enough!



....and phew, i'm done.

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Guest Jung
Inno: seems like a decent bloke

wyndorf: the basta*d has a bird who likes video games AND wrestling,lucky

Draven Cage: has a cool little baby

Darkstar: he gave me some infractions!!

Ray that damn hippy.

ahsatan: shes the perfect lady

Christof: moving on..........

Miss T: hasn't posted much in my time here

A.C.: as above...or maybe he has and i havent noticed.

BeltMark: the highlight of TWO is watching him rip someone a new one.......

Nimf: proababley my favourite person on here..shes so nice :)

Antihero: ****

Craig :likes to abuse power in the chatroom...respect!

Slim Jim: seems alright

Chachnian Rebel: hates jonh cena!

Drake likes pretty boys :P

SuperKick Kid is obsessed with HBK!!

BRM seems cool

Twig is a damn hippy!! :lol

Evil Gringo knows a lot about jap wrestling!

Darkette doesnt post enough for me to say

Popsi as above

Adrenaline Rush this man is a top top bloke,ive never heard him say a bad word about anyone...i like him lots!

Jimmy Redman likes kangaroos

Jack talks a lot of sense

Gothic Angel doesnt post enough for me to say anything

Mr. Perfect as above

Moobs has boobs

Boyo havent seen enough of his posts to say either

Naitch as above

Nicole as above

King likes hookers....but honestly is a sound bloke,come on the rebels boyyyy

Proudy dont no

Telf dont no

The Great Jungta supports united the :info7: :P

OMAR DAYS has a crazy obsession with carlos tevez

TGO hardly posted since ive been here so...

Colin as above

Burakio seems alright

Anime_Otaku seems like a good bloke

PHIZZLE dont really know him

Chris2K as above

Kanenite as above

MastersGonad :info7:

Wolverine :good222:

Saz dont know him

Kurtmark i like him better since hes not a mod

Ravenmark i thought he was dead?

Nemesis Enforcer seems ok

Rog seems ok



damn that was hard,i need more rep so i can be on it and you can all tell me how great i am :P


Edit - please note i was pissed while typing this so any bad grammar or spelling can be blamed on the vodke.


Edit 2 - vodka



How dare you say I support United?


I don't care about people calling me names, but huff I'm disgusted.


EDIT: Lol and to people who tell me to lighten up, I'm actually a ridiculously calm and relaxed person, but for goodness sake people, its a forum aimed at debating?! But if you prefer me to be boring and not caring then if it makes you happier...lol blimey.

Edited by Jung
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Guest Dave7g

Inno : Musical elf, I enjoyed the Music club.

wyndorf : He's a cool cat my friend, he fills the void of Daredevil.

Draven Cage : Fights with me a lot, but I like it! Sometimes I'm not in the mood.

Darkstar: He's no so bad!

Ray : Who?

ahsatan : A lovely lady, lots of cats.

Christof : I dunno, do I?

A.C. : Not been doing much latley, he was good on that radio program that was done once.

BeltMark : Gotta love the Belt, or else he'll kick your arse!

Nimf : awww

Antihero : Yeah!

Craig : Used to exploit me when I was drunk to get entertainment.

Slim Jim : Jim is top class, on the same page as me I think, mostly.

Chachnian Rebel : A dreamboat

Drake : Drake is a good lad, and he likes the cockbelt.

SuperKick Kid : Fancies the Balding Corpse and wants to give him a big cuddle

BRM : Oh

Twig : Nice fellah!

Evil Gringo : Actually is evil

Adrenaline Rush: Best Mod

Draven : He's a mark or is he a smark now he's a smark mark. He wants to cuddle John Cena...BAD.

Jimmy Redman : Loves Cena, have NO idea why

Jack : I like Jack, he knows what he knows.

Mr. Perfect : Haha, he doesn't like wrestling anymore so his opinion is finally void of any worth.

Moobs: He's a friendly neighbourhood monkey.

Naitch: Can get along with him in chat, bit of a wrestling snob really.

King : King agrees with me, there's very few that can do that, I plan on going drinking with King soon.

The Great Jungta. I'm bored now writing this.

OMAR DAYS: Yeay woooh

MastersGonad: Pffffft, Vince McMahons toilet attendant

Wolverine : Ladies, he's aaaalllright

Nemesis Enforcer : He's kinda like the Mountie

Rog : Good Times

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Guest Miss T

Inno - Best person in the world?! who knows.. love him to bits!!

wyndorf - Has made a great home for him and ashatan which is great, kinda cute in a geeky gothicy way!

Draven Cage - Outragious flirt!! Pedantic but I actually quite like him!

Darkstar - Dont really encounter him much anymore but hes cool.

Ray - Thinks I stir things to get a reaction? I think its more the fact that if I disagree with something or someones post annoys me I generally respond telling them exactly that. Have been trying to not be so negative recently though (only posting when somethign annoys me!)

ahsatan - Legend!!

Christof - Makes some bad jokes but he's alright :lol

Miss T

A.C. - Doesnt post much anymore, politics aside hes a great guy :)

BeltMark - Ginger?! would be sexy if he didnt think he was gods gift!

Nimf - Another one of my favourite girlies!

Antihero - Funny guy, puts himself down and he doesnt need to (like Inno!)

Craig - Craig.. like Colin and Draven and Russ -- I like him but I dont always understand the humour.

Slim Jim - normal

Chachnian Rebel - dont know

Drake - sexy but less grease would be good :P

SuperKick Kid - normal

BRM - cutey, good guy x

Twig - Nice bum! :lol

Evil Gringo - Um.. The jury is still out on this one!

Darkette - Doesnt post much anymore which is fine by me.

Popsi - My favourite sexy bitch

Adrenaline Rush - :)

Jimmy Redman - have time for her

Jack - Jack is one of my favourite posters!! Post more in general chat!!

Gothic Angel - doesnt post anymore?!

Mr. Perfect - is ok when hes not being a brat

Moobs - boobs

Boyo - welsh?

Naitch - Best poster in the world.. I dont know about that but all his posts are clear and make sense which is good!

Nicole - stroppy little rat.. gotta love her!

King - is cool

Proudy - is cool

Telf - telfy welfyyyyyyyy

The Great Jungta - Like him, like his posts

OMAR DAYS - oh my days..

TGO - dont understand his posts at all and he gets on my nerves most of the time

Colin - known colin a long time and although sometimes I get paranoid that he doesnt like me I have a lot of time for him!

Burakio - Seems to be a grade A tw*t, has a problem with fat women and seems to be the most shallow person ever which I find funny seeing as he's about four foot.

Anime_Otaku - Dont see many of his posts anymore do I dont dislike him!

PHIZZLE - ma nizzle

Chris2K - dear old chris, never recovered fromt he psycho.. lots loads of weight which is great, wish he posted more.

Kanenite - is cool

MastersGonad - my little fan :lol

Wolverine - seems fine

Saz - Doesnt like me and I dont really care - dont have a problem.

Kurtmark - much like TGO, are they the same person?

Ravenmark - is cool

Nemesis Enforcer - is cool

Rog - is fine

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Ray - Thinks I stir things to get a reaction? I think its more the fact that if I disagree with something or someones post annoys me I generally respond telling them exactly that. Have been trying to not be so negative recently though (only posting when somethign annoys me!)


I gotta hand it to you, you have actually been quite chilled recently. When you're chilled, you're nice. :)

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Guest Christof
Burakio - Seems to be a grade A tw*t, has a problem with fat women and seems to be the most shallow person ever which I find funny seeing as he's about four foot.


He's going to be chuffed with that, never got an A grade in his life and someone who thinks he's tall!

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Guest The Beltster

OK for once I'll add more to each one than a few words which has been my way with these threads in the past. I've left some out simply due to complete lack of contact with them, I just dont know alot of you and certainly not enough to make any valid comments about you.


Inno - I barely know him, seems to be holding a grudge or bad feelings towards me for whatever reason. If you questioned me on why, I wouldnt know. Maybe he simply doesnt like people who have opposite opinions? I dunno. He's fine with me though, I'd happily talk to the guy, offer advice or help if it was needed, not an issue. I'm sorry thought, but the Caddyshack gopher sucks :lol


wyndorf - Wyndorf is cool with me, havent ever spoken with him away from the forum, but we both know Demolition are the greatest f'n tag team in wrestling history!


Draven Cage - We are very much on and off whether we are on the same page or not. It depends what day it is, it always changes :lol


Darkstar - Exactly the same as DC.


Ray - I really dont know Ray. He put a great deal of effort into the Newsletters and seems clued in to what he wants to do with his life.


ahsatan - Best pussy(s) on TWO! Awesome, lots of them, EVERYWHERE!!! Looks great in black too! I swap the occasional PM with her, like two old women, its great :)


Christof - Not the type of person I'd mesh with in reality I dont think. Polar opposites. Reminds me of a 65 year old man trapped in a young mans body. Thats not to say I dont like the guy, I certainly dont dislike him, winds me up at times though as I'm sure is mutual.


A.C. - I kind of put AC in the same boat as Inno. My views differ so much from his that I think he resents me for it.


BeltMark - Not ginger. Definately sexy whilst being Gods gift. Calm, never opinionated, happy to accept other peoples opinions and realise that some of his could be wrong.


Nimf - There was a time where whenever I'd have a disagreement with DC, she would jump to his defence, and vice versa. At that time I didnt have much good to say, but that was a while back and we get on just fine now, she is a nice person.


Chachnian Rebel - I think initially me and Dave really didnt like each other at all. He is fine with me now, I;ve no problem with him. We have different opinions on certain things (Hogan and Hart), but similar opinions on others (Cena).


Drake - Drake is a cool mother****er, I like the guy alot. I dont even know why, he just has a likability factor about him. Drake is great.


SuperKick Kid - I reckon he likes HBK as much as I like Hogan, so I can understand his rage when people slate the Heartbreak Kid :lol


Twig - Twig is one of those guys who I know I'd get along with much better in person than I do online.


Darkette - I really dont know the girl to be honest. I think we had several disagreements a couple years ago and havent ever had any contact on the forums since.


Popsi - I'm weary of Popsi, she is like that overly strict head mistress you never wanted to report to when you were 8 :lol


Adrenaline Rush - One of those people who can get along with anybody.


Jimmy Redman - Jimmy's alright, dont know her very well, get the feeling she has a disliking for me, but who knows (most probabl do!). Some people you get that feeling from, she is one. I have no issues with her though.


Jack - Best wrestling poster on TWO. I've said it every time these lists come up and I'll continue to do so unless his postings take a severe downturn which I doubt. Less posting in the US forum hasnt sullied the content or quality of his words. He knows what he's talking about and always makes sense.


Gothic Angel - Only had the occasional chat a year or more ago, but she was very laid back and easy going. Nice girl.


Mr. Perfect - Seems to be legitimately angry at people these days, I dont know why. Given up hope maybe, who can blame him?


Nicole - Nicole is the perfect poster in that she will NOT take sh*t from you, regardless of what you say or do, and will make her point blunt and honest. I dig that.


Telf - Seems like the laid back Telf was replaced by the usually-angry/moody Telf who only pops up to tell people to get topics back on track. Could be wrong.


The Great Jungta - We have gone around and around on loads of topics, I think (THINK!) there is a mutual respect there. I like Jung and could easily mesh with him in person. Genuinly nice person.


Burakio - The most antagonistic, arrogant, ignorant little pr*ck I've known online. Posts for no other reason other than to annoy people and also the type of person who would wind you up online, and sit in the corner all quiet in person if he knew you were pissed at him. Little scrawny bitch.


Anime_Otaku - The opposite to me in viewpoints, BUT seems like a nice guy, somebody who would do anything to help you if he could.


MastersGonad - Masters is hot and cold. He comes across as a good guy, nice guy etc at times, other times he seems to post to gain acceptance from ****ers like Burakio. He is cool with me though, from the few occasions I've talked with him away from TWO, I've thought he was very personable.


Nemesis Enforcer - Havent seen him around much lately...

Edited by The Beltster
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Guest Popsi
This threads make me laugh *** half the comments I get are who? or should post more! And yet i'm still nearly in the top 20. How odd!
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Guest The Great Ahmar

A lot of the answer will be the same like really cool guy, but hey its what I feel.


Inno - Top Bloke

wyndorf - Really cool guy

Draven Cage - Seems to love an argument, other then that he is pretty cool.

Darkstar - Gets far to much stick

Ray - Is probably my best Buddy here on TWO. Always good for an MSN chat, plus doesn't moan and cry about things too much.

ahsatan - Seems pretty cool, likes Pussy...Cats too :D

Christof - I did like Christof, but recently his posts have gotten a bit blah and trying to be funny too much.

Miss T - I don't know much about Miss T to be honest, she seems nice

A.C. - Don't know much about A.C I'm afraid

BeltMark - I tend to disagree with a lot of Beltmark comments yet always read his posts for the pure fact I seems to learn new Hogan/Warrior related things. Seriously though his points are usually valid despite me disagreeing with them now and again.

Nimf - Extremely nice person, Can have a good MSN Convo with her and seems very down to earth.

Antihero - Antihero is a crazy cool guy.

Craig - I actually find his sense of humour funny, can be a good serious poster too.

Slim Jim - Cool bloke, good one liners too.

Chachnian Rebel - If he wasn't so much of Pro TNA and Negative WWE all the time, I reckon Dave would be a great poster, outisde of TNA/WWE show debates he is a good poster. But he does seem pretty cool outside of the US Forum, needs to thank me for the answers in the quiz :lol

Drake - Drake is great. He understands the greatness of Nitro and more importantly TEVEZ! Need to talk to me more when on MSN, Drake is a top guy.

SuperKick Kid - SKK gets too much stick for being a HBK mark, he is pretty cool actually.

BRM - Is cool, don't talk that much but when we did it was...Cool.

Twig - is a Cool hippy Nero Butcher loving type of guy

Evil Gringo - If you want to know something about Japanese wrestling EG is your man. I enjoy his posts and MSN Convos on Jap Wrestling.

Darkette - Don't see much of her, seemed pretty cool.

Popsi - Don't know enough to make a valid point.

Adrenaline Rush - Top Bloke, one of the nicest guys here.

Jimmy Redman - Would like to see her post more, when she does post its always good.

Jack - As above but replace her with he.

Gothic Angel - Seems to have disappeared.

Mr. Perfect - I did like Mr. P but he went away and came back with a bad attitude, or it came across that way.

Moobs - Moobs is cool

Boyo - See Redman/Jack.

Naitch - Naitch always brings the goods, although he changed that cool avatar!

Nicole - Birmingham fan, HAHA!

King - Another really nice bloke.

Proudy - Another really cool guy here on TWO, he also understands the greatness of Tevez.

Telf - Helped me with some PC issues in the past which I'm very grateful for. He is a quality poster too.

The Great Jungta - Not a Man Utd fan! I always thought he was. Another good poster.

OMAR DAYS - That Damn Bobby Eaton Mark.

TGO - Don't see much of TGO

Colin - Was funny on WRL, I wish it was still going.

Burakio - Random poster, sometimes funny sometimes not

Anime_Otaku - Don't know too much about AO

PHIZZLE - Same as AO

Chris2K - I enjoyed his short lived Good, bad and Ugly column on 101.

Kanenite - Cool guy

MastersGonad - Is kind of hit and miss now and again.

Wolverine - Really cool guy. Always good for a Footy talk

Saz - Don't know too much about Saz, lost a hell of a load of weight so well done.

Kurtmark - Crazy Mod. Can't say I enjoyed his crazy posts too much.

Ravenmark - Is a cool guy actually.

Nemesis Enforcer - Disappeared lately, shame really, he was a good poster

Rog - Seems a ROH mark, all good in my eyes.


As you can see I've used the word "Cool" alot, I'm in a Cool using mood today. One golden Star to the person who can count how many times I used it in this cool post.

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