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Your thoughts on Members Part III???


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Guest SuperKick Kid

Here we go....


Oh and Omar, I might have beaten the number of cools you have.


Inno - Funny guy.

wyndorf - Interesting Avatars, cool guy. We dont see eye to eye that often though.

Draven Cage - DC is a Master Debater.

Darkstar - I like Darkstar, cant see why anyone could dislike him.

Ray - A good buddy of mine, mostly on MSN. I promise to write that column for the newsletter someday. :) :) :) :)

ahsatan - Good chatter in the chatroom.

Christof - Christof is one crazy person.

Miss T - Was a member of my Survivor Series chatteam last year, cool person.

A.C. - Cool

BeltMark - What Beltmark said about me, just reversed. We may not see eye to eye that often because of my hatred for Hogan, but I still do like him.

Nimf - Nice person, good chatter in the chatroom.

Antihero - Cool

Craig - Very good with words. When serious can have good conversations. Other than that everything is FUNAKI :lol

Slim Jim - I like Slim Jims.....Oh wait, this isnt the food. Slim Jim is a cool poster, cant really remember the last thing he posted though.

Chachnian Rebel - I miss dave7g. Entertaining posts.

Drake - I like Drake. We may have our disagreements and he may have his extreme love for Nitro, but I still like Drake.

SuperKick Kid - "SKK gets too much stick for being a HBK mark, he is pretty cool actually." Agreed :)

BRM - Cool

Twig - The Twigster, Twig-o-rama, Mr. Twiggie, etc... That plant you sent me looks great in my window. What did you say I should use it for again?

Evil Gringo - Cool

Darkette - Cool

Popsi - Cool

Adrenaline Rush - Is making out to be a great mod.

Jimmy Redman - Cool

Jack - Cool

Gothic Angel - Cool

Mr. Perfect - I miss Mr. P vs dave7g. Seems kinda bitter, but has lightened up recently.

Moobs - Cool

Boyo - Mr. Boyo. Dont see too much of you outside TWOstars.

Naitch - Always has good posts and I like him despite the extreme hatred of HBK.

Nicole - Cool

King - MSN buddy, we need to talk more though.

Proudy - My fellow HBK fan. Havent seen any posts lately.

Telf - always like talking to Telf, good US Scene leader.

The Great Jungta - Cool

OMAR DAYS - Another MSN buddy. :)

TGO - I'll make the video when I have the time, sheesh.....Oh, umm, TGO and I talk a lot on MSN. He's a cool guy.

Colin - Havent seen him around lately, mostly saw him in the chatroom. Cool chatter.

Burakio - I dunno

Anime_Otaku - Cool


Chris2K - Cool

Kanenite - Cool

MastersGonad - Full of useful and not useful information. Good poster though.

Wolverine - Besides being out to get me and my lucky charms, we can have some good conversations. Good poster at times.

Saz - Cool

Kurtmark - I'm actually starting to miss Kurtmod. But he still contributes in a good way.

Ravenmark - Cool

Nemesis Enforcer - Where'd he go?

Rog - Cool


The Crippler - Needs to go back to the Dancing Milk avatar RIGHT NOW!!!

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Guest Christof

That Burakio, such an atagonistic ****, how dare he be jovial with someone and put a smile on a face of someone who's down? Some people eh?



Edited by Christof
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Guest The Beltster
That Burakio, such an atagonistic ****, how dare he be jovial with someone and put a smile on a face of someone who's down? Some people eh?
Get off his d*ck will you, just because he's your buddy and you like him, doesnt mean he isnt an ass who winds up most everybody else. Its as if your his g/f who cant take other people saying he is a moron. :lol
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