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If You Could Turn The Clocks Back?

Guest ......cjr......

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Guest ......cjr......

If you could turn the clocks back in life, what would u change.


It can be about anything, life its self, your life etc....


Fire Away...

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Guest PeteR Richards
Originally posted by Joanne

I would change my mind about my KS4 options.




Also sliding across 4-inch rock solid ice on my bare back today. :(

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Instead of being so frightened of what my great nan could have looked like when she died, I wish I had gone in and gave her a kiss, cos she died soon after
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Guest The Crippler

I'd likely go back to autumn 2000 where I got on great with the girl of my dreams and knew she fancied me and then when I got out with her I basically acted in a way I wouldn't act now. So I'd likely change that. She soon dumped me after that. I've been with a few girls since but none like her. (All together now - awwwwww :D )


Anyways, what else? Umm, I've been happy enough with my exam results despite a lack of revision in the past. Maybe one would be to turn the clock back so that I was born a few days earlier. My grandad died on the 23rd of January and I was born on the 25th January. So for him to see me before he died would have been nice. Ah well, at least he knew I was on the way.

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Guest Seabass

i know how you feel cripp- i went out with this girl who to me was my dream girl but now were not together and i miss her sooooo much


* i wouldn't buy so many pokemon cards

* wouldn't buy some games i own

* i would have made more of an effort to be a good boyfriend (dammit i miss my ex-gf so badly)

* would have asked a schoolmate i last saw in primary school for her photograph

* would have made more of an effort to be friends with the same girl instead of aviod her

* would have joined TWO a lot early

* continue watching wrestling insetad of stopping watch it when i found out it was fake

* mangaged my money better

* made more of an effort to make friends

* not give up doing karate

* not give up doing judo

* study for my GCSE's

* lift some weights to make myself stronger

* NOT do advance business

* be more positive

* punch some people

* tell ms samaul that she is the biggest bitch in the word and spit in her face on the last day of school (she's a teacher by the way)

* not be so much of a cry baby

* change my way of thinking

* be more into music

* watch more football



as you can tell i don't think my life is great right now...there's a few more but i'm a bit too depressed to continue :(

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Aw,guys...this thread is getting very negative!,anyway if i could turn the clock back i would of travelled more,in my teens i had chances to go places that i turned down because i didn"t want to upset friends or boyfriends at the time!what a waste!
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Guest ......cjr......

Well as i never posted my clock turn back here it is....


I would turn back to never have gotten the internet as its really taking over my life and really depressing me this with some depressing music makes u wanna die. :'( im really hating it at the moment.


Sorry to add another downer but its something i really regret.

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Guest MillionLiraMan
With the chance to turn back the clock I would space out my workload a bit more, not have put on so much weight last year or alternatively I would go back about five years and then make successive trips to the bookies armed with the information I know now!
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Guest Latino Reheat

I wouldn't change alot, i'd probably made myself go for more guitar lessons, and I would of seen my beloved cat before she was put down a few months ago.

It was actually too painful for me, so I didn't go, I know I should of, which upsets me even more.

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Guest The Genetic Jackhammer
hmmm cant really think well there is some things which im not gonna talk about, so well i guess when i was at my grandads wake i could`ve seen him for the last time before he was buried but didnt because i was too scared to:( but i suppose i cant really complain about my life just look at the people in africa etc...
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