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Wonder Woman movie? Not happening. Wonder Woman TV series? Greenlit by Warner Bros.


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Credit: Empire

Wonder Woman Is Back Back Back

...On Telly.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

03 October 2010


Wonder Woman might be able to vanquish foes with her bulletproof bracelets and her invisible jet, but one of her biggest challenges – getting on the big screen – has seemed to evade her time and again. Now it would appear Warner Bros. has stopped thinking big and is turning its focus to TV.


Warners’ TV arm is busy developing a modern-day take on the heroine, and has roped in Ally McBeal/Boston Legal/The Practice creator David E Kelley to take the first crack.


While Kelley’s usual penchant for whimsical blends of comedy and drama seems like an odd match for the character, he has been known to create a strong female character from time to time. And if anyone can channel the slightly campy elements of Wonder Woman’s story, it’s Kelley.


Plus, the woman also known as Princess Diana has found success on TV in the past, with the 1970s series starring Linda Carter still the iconic vision of the character for many people.


There’s no word on the directing the series will take (aside from the modern-day setting, but we doubt they’ll err too far on the gritty side. Shows such as the recent Bionic Woman (another concept updated from a ‘70s telly show) fizzled because it never quite found the right tone.


And who knows? If the proposed series is a success, it could see the character brought to the big screen after laying some real groundwork…


James White

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Guest Jayfunk
Why? Going by that logic we wouldnt have had the amazing Battlestar Galactica.


Very True, but that is one of very few things that does.


My point was today there is too much remakes or reissues why not get something new? Instead of Spiderman 4, Wonder Women, Smallville, SG1, endless cartoon films and other terrible thing offsenive both to the eyes and ears.


Where will it end

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Or the updated version of V. Also, you could argue, we would have had to do without Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: DS9, Stargate SG-1, M*A*S*H, the Raimi Spider-Man films, Smallville and a thousand other fantastic films and television shows.


Yes that's if your into sci-fi, a lot of people aren't. I could have easily done without some of the television shows you mentioned.


Would rather see something along the same lines as "The Fringe" or "Supernatural", you know something new and not a rehash of a 1970's TV show that no-one remembers.

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Star Trek connects with millions of people because of the human drama. Saying they shouldn't make a show that is guarenteed a big share and won't be immediately cancelled is, frankly, dumb. It's like, cancelling CSI level of dumb. And yet, there isn't a Trek on TV now because they did too many concurrently, which was equally as dumb.



SG1 was a spinoff from 1 fricking movie, which, by the way, it was about 500 times better than.... maybe more. So how the hell that's rehashing or a re-issue, I don't know.


But most of all, if no one remembers it, how is it then old hat? I'm a huge fan of new shows, and I'll give almost everything a chance, but the reality is if they didn't rehash things or reimagine old things then, TV would be even more full of a) more law court clones b) even more police procedural clones and c) reality TV.


None of which exactly makes me jump for joy, despite the fact I quite like (off the top of my head this, so by no means comprehensive) Law and Order....and SVU... and Criminal Intent....and Criminal Minds...and CSI... and NCIS....Lie to Me...and and and, right on all the way to The Mentalist and Psych, which actually do something different with the genre.


Original shows like Dexter, Supernatural (hmmm, kinda a male, non-witch version of Charmed, actually), Dead Like Me and Reaper (hmmm, kinda a bit like Brimstone, actually) only get made on a) small networks taking a risk or b) big networks as mid-season replacements.


To give you an idea, some new shows have already been dropped after only 2 episodes this year.

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