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Guest PeteR Richards

Well I said pretty much everything I think about them in the conversation with you a few nights ago, but I'll say it again incase anyone might actually care.


Soil, disregarding the current state of Metal (nu, and experimenty) are one of the freshest hard rock bands around today. Powerful fast and generally great for moshing! VERY underrated, with only little exposure on Kerrang! when samey "we sound alike but it's a sure fire way to be popular" bands tke the spotlight.


I loved "Halo" like a year ago, I now also have Breaking Me Down which I like, and on the strength of those two songs, I'll be getting the album soon!

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i totally agree with you draven


i bought the album in april after i heard halo and can honestly say its a quality album, its one of the few i own that i don't skip tracks on


in this time of manufactured crap even within rock music its good that there still are band moving music forward

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Guest Vampiro
Soil are amazing, i saw them some time before 'halo' was released, and they was so good, i bought their album. and it is a great buy i agree. ive seen them headline a couple of tours to, and there great live to. They are writing a new album to be released this year..i cant wait for that!
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Originally posted by draVen

Cheers for backing that opinion up. :xyx


Anyone else thinking she does this purposely?


How is it when I'm being nice and posting that I actually DO like soil , I still get jip off of you and PeteR Richards?

God you are so bitchy to me.

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