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Guest The Crippler

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Guest The Crippler



I don't think we have done one of these lists for a while so I was wondering what everyones top 5 favourite albums are from their collections.


I know a lot of people like the same kind of stuff around here so I'd encourage all you dance and r'n'b fans to list yours as well. :xyx


To kick things off here is what I would consider my top 5 albums:


5. Radiohead - The Bends

4. Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible

3. Radiohead - OK Computer

2. U2 - Achtung Baby

1. Oasis - Definitely Maybe


I'll be interested to see what everyone elses favourites are. :)



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Guest Vampiro

Hmmm, my top 5 are:


1. Hell Is For Heroes - The Neon Handshake

2. Incubus - S.c.i.e.n.c.e

3. Muse - Showbiz

4. Oasis - Whats The Story Morning Glory

5. Ash - Nu-Clear Sounds

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Guest PeteR Richards

1: Metallica - Master Of Puppets

2: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik

3: Rage Against The Machine - Rage AGainst The Machine

4: Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power

5: KoRn - KoRn


They're just randomly picked, my favourites change all the time, others include Sepulnation by Sepultura, Audioslave's self-titled album and Neon Ballroom by Silverchair.

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5: Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

4: Godsmack - Awake

3: Jay Z - The Blueprint

2: 2 Pac - Rose That Grew From Concrete

1: AudioSlave - AudioSlave


These are the 5 i have been listening to the most and are my favourite at the moment.

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5- Best Of The Proclaimers

4- AC/DC: Highway To Hell

3- Idlewild: The Remote Part

2- Rage Against The Machine: Rage Against the Machine

1- My Way: The Best Of Frank Sinatra

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Guest The Vulcanized One

5. Badly Drawn Boy-Hour Of The Bewildebeest

4. The Music-The Music

3. The Hives-Veni Vidi Vicious

2. The Streets-Original Pirate Material

1. Queens of the Stone Age-Songs For the Deaf

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My Top 5


5. RHCP- Blood Sugar Sex Magik

4. Queen- Sheer Heart Attack

3. Thin Lizzy- Live And Dangerous

2. The Vines- Highly Evolved

1. Silverchair- Diorama


Honourable mentions to Metallica- S and M, Ratm- Self Titled, Deep Purple- Made In Japan, Pearl Jam- Ten, Soundgarden- Superunknown, Radiohead- Ok Computer and The Bends, QOTSA- Songs For The Deaf, The Beatles- Abbey Road

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1. New found Glory - New Found Glory

2. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

3. GreenDay - International Superhits

4. Goldfinger - Goldfinger

5. Ill Nino - Revolution Revolucion

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Guest kid banzai

Blimey, how am I going to narrow things to a top 5? In no order:


- Green Day: everything they've ever done.

- Kiss: majority of their back catalogue.

- Hagfish: everything of theirs as well.

- Groop Dogdrill: 'Half Nelson'.

- Misfits: everything as well.

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01. Good Charlotte - The Young And The Hopeless

02. Foo Fighters - One By One

03. Incubus - Make Yourself

04. Less Than Jake - Hello Rockview

05. Rancid - And Out Come The Wolves

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Guest MillionLiraMan

This is always a good sort of thread.


Tough one, because liking a lot of older music means I have a lot of 'Best Of' type albums, which is maybe not what comes to mind when thinking of classic albums as such. It's also partly about picking different bands because it looks boring to have albums all by the same band. For the record though AC/DC are my favourite band and any top 5 would have to include all of Highway To Hell, Back In Black and Whole Lotta Rosie if it weren't for putting different groups. So:


Without 'Best Of' albums:


1. AC/DC - Highway To Hell

2. Van Halen - Van Halen (the first one)

3. Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power

4. Guns 'n' Roses - Appetite For Destruction

5. Marilyn Manson - Holywood


With them:


1. AC/DC - Highway To Hell

2. Thin Lizzy - Dedication: The Very Best Of Thin Lizzy

3. Status Quo - Whatever You Want: The Very Best Of Status Quo

4. Iron Maiden - The Best Of The Beast

5. Motörhead - Ace Of Spades (I think the one I have is a random compilation but I prefer its continuity to the 2-CD Best Of which I also have)


Other classic albums like The Number Of The Beast and Jailbreak would have been straight in there if I hadn't lost them moving house and not since replaced them, didn't think it was fair to include what I can't fully remember. But there you go.

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Guest Sabba Simba

1. Oasis - (What's the story) Morning glory?

2. Paul Simon - Graceland

3. Oasis - Definitely Maybe

4. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP

5. Dire Straits - Brothers in arms

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Guest Jerichoholic

1. Foo Fighters - Theres nothing left to lose

2. Korn - Issues

3. Drowning Pool - Sinner

4. Nirvana - Nirvana

5. Foo Fighters - One by One

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Guest The Genetic Jackhammer

1. Limp bizkit - three $dollar bill y`all

2. Limp bizkit - Significant other

3. KoRn - Follow the leader

4. Stone sour - Stone sour

5. Marilyn manson - live album (cant remember the name as the min)


theres others but i cant think of them right now!!

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I don't have an all-time top-five as such but the five albums I'm rotating at the moment are (in no order) :


1) Redman - "Whut? The Album"

2) Doves - "The Last Broadcast"

3) Lord of the Rings BBC Radio play.

4) Nas - "Illmatic"

5) Hamill on Trial - "Ed's not dead ---- Hamill comes alive!"

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