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IMPACT WRESTLING - 29th September 2011

Guest FreeSpirit

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Guest FreeSpirit



Preview & Spoilers:






Wednesday 14th September


TV Schedule:

USA: Thursday 29th September on Spike TV at 9/8c

UK: Sunday 2nd October on Challenge at 9pm




Hulk Hogan To Deliver A Major Announcement..Crimson Makes His Return

29th September 2011


Don't miss Thursday's huge "IMPACT WRESTLING" broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c, as the road to "Bound For Glory" on Sunday 16th October continues. Here is a preview of Thursday's broadcast:


"The Immortal" Hulk Hogan will deliver a major announcement on Thursday's huge "IMPACT WRESTLING" broadcast. What does Hogan have planned just weeks before "Bound For Glory"? Don’t miss it, as Hogan promises to drop a bombshell.


Speaking of Hulk Hogan, his "Bound For Glory" opponent, "The Icon" Sting, has asked for time to get some things off his chest. In fact, rumour has it Sting wants to speak DIRECTLY to the members of Fortune. Don't miss the start to the huge broadcast.


Also this week on "IMPACT WRESTLING", Fortune members will battle this Thursday as Bobby Roode will battle "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles in a huge bout. Roode will fight for the World Heavyweight Championship at "Bound For Glory", but first he has to make it past AJ Styles. Certainly, current World Champion Kurt Angle will be watching as he attempts to drive a wedge between the members of Fortune.


In high-flying X-Division action, there will be a Ladder Match this week on "IMPACT WRESTLING" to determine who gets the X Championship shot against Austin Aries at "Bound For Glory": Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash vs. Alex Shelley vs. Zema Ion vs. Brian Kendrick.


The final "Queen’s Qualifier" takes place to determine the competitors in the Knockouts Championship match at "Bound For Glory". This Thursday, Madison Rayne battles Tara, with the winner advancing to the Pay-Per-View.


Crimson makes his return to "IMPACT WRESTLING" following his injury at the hands of Samoa Joe,


Plus "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy continues his quest for redemption.


All this and much more on "IMPACT WRESTLING" this Thursday night on SpikeTV at 9/8c as the road to "Bound For Glory" on Sunday 16th October continues!








Airing Sunday 2nd October in The UK


Sting and Robert Roode open the show. Sting puts over Roode and calls him the next World Champion. AJ Styles comes out and talks about being World Champion which brings out Kurt Angle. Angle says it's going to be Styles vs. Roode tonight.


Brian Kendrick beat Zema Ion, Kid Kash, Jesse Sorensen and Alex Shelley in a Ladder Match to become the new #1 contender for the X Division Title. It will be Kendrick vs. Aries at Bound For Glory.


Karen and Jeff Jarrett come out. They call out Traci Brooks and Kazarian. Jarrett talks about how Kazarian owes him for giving him work. This goes on and they all get into it. Jarrett is about to make Kaz and Traci's life hell. Gunner comes out and lays out Kazarian to end it.


Backstage segment with Mexican America. Ink Inc. show up to give Anarquia a new tattoo but they attack the tag champions. Jesse Neal hides the camera while Shannon Moore gives Anarquia a tattoo. Anarquia is screaming bad. Ink Inc. go to the arena for a match but get jumped and laid out by Mexican America.


Madison Rayne beat Tara in a qualifying match to join Winter, Velvet Sky and Mickie James in the Knockouts Title match at Bound For Glory.


Crimson calls out Samoa Joe and they cut proms on each other. Crimson meets Joe on the stage and they go at it, fighting back to the ring where Joe slaps on the figure four. Matt Morgan comes out for the save but Joe escapes.


The Pope beat Mr. Anderson. Devon's kids ended up getting involved and pushing Anderson at ringside. Devon came out and wasn't happy with them. Bully Ray ran in and laid out Anderson with a kendo stick, letting Pope get the win.


Robert Roode beat AJ Styles by submission. Styles raised Roode's hand after the match.


Hulk Hogan came out and talks about Hulkamania, selling out Madison Square Garden and more. He says Hulkamania could live forever. Hogan talks about being grateful for being able to help TNA and puts over some of the stars. Hogan then puts over the fans for sticking by him and says this is it for him. Hogan says his run in wrestling is over and it's time for guys like Robert Roode and James Storm to shine. Hogan invites everyone to Tennessee next week for a special announcement about his final time entering the ring!

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Guest Jamster26

Wow....just wow. I''ve no idea whether it's a worked thing or not but emotional words from Hogan. Definitely be interesting next week.


On the whole, this show was great. The matches were off the chart. The main event was just awesome. Counter spot after counter spot; excitement...it had everything.

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Guest Alexanderdgreat

I think that Hulk Hogans goal was to make sure TNA and all the young talent were going to be headed in the right direction by October/Bound For Glory. I really felt Hogans heart felt anouncement and it still shows the emotion/love that he has for the business.


He might have also tipped his hand to the outcome of the main event :sad5:

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Guest Steve V.1

Sure it may be a work, Sting and Hogan will probably happen at BFG but after that I don't think we'll be seeing him in a TNA ring anymore and the past year story line since 10-10-10 will end. As someone said, in the promo he pointed towards the younger talents.


Was a great show I think. The last few shows so far leading up to BFG have possibly been TNA's best this year. I think they should of probably booked the ladder match a bit later on in the show and gave it a bit of a build up, would of made the match and the X-division seem more worth while.

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Seriously, if you can tell this is a work then you are brain damaged or something. Even without the aid of spoilers showing that the match is going ahead and Hogan is not "retiring".



The only thing vaguely pleasing about TNA at the moment for me is both Storm and Roode being made to look amazing. Was never much of a Storm fan but I have to admit he's been excellent this month. It;s just a shame about literally everything else.

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The only thing vaguely pleasing about TNA at the moment for me is both Storm and Roode being made to look amazing. Was never much of a Storm fan but I have to admit he's been excellent this month. It;s just a shame about literally everything else.


Yeah, I watched this week's episode last night (my first one in about 4 months), and I was amazed at how well hey built Roode up throughout the whole night. That was actually really, really well done. You watch him lose to Angle now! :lol

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They did it with Anderson and he had an even longer build than Roode. They killed Crimson off completely after even longer just for an injury. They've done it to Joe since forever. I don't trust TNA to know the difference between a great build and anything that sh*ts out of the collective hive mind of Russo/Hogan/Bischoff et al.
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I think i have to agree with Sting on this one! Yes i know i may be hated for it and yes i do think Hogan is a legend BUT this was kinda predictable! Hogan cant fight, hell he'd probably be killed if he did but to leave the company?? Idk it just felt very staged. To totally contradict myself the speech Hogan gave was very touching and he will be missed but i really dont think this is the end of Hogan.


I have to mention the AJ V Bobby match. It was incredible! That is all!

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