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WWE SmackDown Discussion Thread - November 4, 2011 from Greenville, SC


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United States: Friday Night, November 4, at 8/7c on Syfy

United Kingdom: Friday Night, November 4, at 10PM on SkySports3 & SkySportsHD3



BI-LO Center in Greenville, SC


Confirmed Matches/Events

Build to Survivor Series

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Guest FreeSpirit






WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Airing on Sky Sports 3 at 10pm


Pyro hit after a recap from last week, Tony Chimel then announced a street fight.


Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes in a Street Fight. This was a fantastic match, I really hope most of it makes it onto the TV cut. They fought into the crowd and Rhodes fought the last half of the match without the mask because he used it as a weapon once, and then Randy returned the favor. Orton hit the RKO for the pinfall.

Christian v. Sheamus graphic was shown for later in the show..


Ted DiBiase defeated Tyson Kidd. DiBiase won in maybe two and a half minutes with Dream Street.


Backstage Matt Striker attempted to interview Mark Henry, when he started walking towards someone. It was Daniel Bryan. He asked Daniel Bryan why he was looking at him so funny, and asked if he was planning on trying to cash in his MITB briefcase. Daniel played it off and it somehow led to Henry stating he would go talk to Teddy Long for a match with Bryan later tonight. Bryan all of a sudden played the hero by saying "See you out there."


Alicia Fox defeated Natalya. Short boring match, which is unusual for Nattie. Not sure why they boost her on RAW just to bury her on SmackDown.


Big Show headed to the ring and cut a promo asking why Henry wouldn't give him another title shot. Show made a Del Rio reference somehow, and told Henry "Mama said Knock You Out" funny. Cue Christian. Christian asked Show why he thought he deserved "One more match".


Show clinched his fist and pretended he was gonna hit Christian, Christian played a tough guy and eventually took a Choke Slam from Show. After a commercial break Im assuming, Sheamus made his entrance. Wade Barrett’s music hit and told Sheamus since Christian was in no shape to compete, that he would fight Sheamus.


Wade Barrett defeated Sheamus. Wasn't really looking when the match ended, but Sheamus was pissed and pulled Barrett back in the ring before turning around to a spear from Christian.


After a commercial break(?), a backstage brawl was going on between Christian, Sheamus and Wade Barrett, Wade and Sheamus were separated by the Uso's and some officials.


Backstage, Big Show talked to Daniel Bryan, he told Bryan he would keep the briefcase safe. Bryan said its okay, he's gonna take it to ringside anyway. Show said, "No I'll keep it safe because Im gonna be in your corner."


Sin Cara defeated Epico by DQ after interference from Hunico. Confusing end to this match. Hopefully the announce team can better explain it.


Mark Henry defeated Daniel Bryan by DQ after Big Show knocked Henry the hell out. After Show delivered the knock out blow, he got Bryan's briefcase and gave him some water. Bryan teased cashing in the briefcase but when he went to hit Henry with it, Henry caught him with a World’s Strongest Slam. Show tried to hit Henry with the briefcase but caught a World’s Strongest Slam of his own.


Teddy Long emerged and stated that Henry will defend the Title against Big Show at Survivor Series to end the tapings!




Sheamus and Big Show vs. Henry and Christian ended in No Decision after Henry walked to the back and Show chased him down. Christian grabbed a mic and got cheap heat by insulting Greenville and stating he was ready to leave the city. Sheamus roughed him up and told Christian the fight was just beginning.


Sheamus defeated Christian with Booker T as guest referee. Another solid delivery from these two. Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick!

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It was definitely a good match, but it ended up being completely meaningless. If they'd had that match at Survivor Series people would have taken some notice of it. However in reality it was the opening match of a weekly television show, and a match that wasn't given any prior advertising on RAW or the SmackDown! the week before.


The only other issue I have with it is that Orton seemed to be in control of it for over 75%, before pinning Rhodes clean in the middle of the ring. I just wish they could have done a bit more to get Cody over seeing as he is the Intercontinental champion. Not that the belt matters at all.

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