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Was just sent a press release...




Lake Station, IN – December 5th 2011 – Wrestling will be remixed in 2012 as Digital Lizard Productions premieres the inaugural season of Rockstar Wrestling, professional wrestling from the perspective of the music industry.


During the seven week inaugural season, Rockstar Wrestling will freely distribute its own twisted take on professional wrestling and showcase some of the best up and coming music artists from around the world. Each fighter will represent a different style of music and defend its honor in plotted and written story arcs similar to that of a premium cable television series.It will be “rock versus country” and “rap versus pop” in an experience unlike any other.


In honor of the official launch of Rockstar Wrestling, Digital Lizard Productions has released a 20 minute “What Is Rockstar Wrestling? V.1” intro-mercial explaining more about this unique concept while showing off a little taste of what’s to come.


“It’s a really unique take on sports entertainment and how it’s presented” says creator Michael Goodpaster, “this intro video will shed some light on the concept.” The full 20 minute “What Is Rockstar Wrestling? V.1” intro-mercial, production blogs, news, and more can be found at: http://www.DLPRockstar.com


Rockstar Wrestling is currently taking submissions from musicians of all genres on Sonicbids.com. Since the initial posting, over 500 artists have submitted their music from around the world. Rockstar Wrestling has had music submitted from America, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Israel, Italy, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, Indonesia, Venezuela, Singapore, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, France, Hungary, and Colombia.

There is a video with more info HERE.
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Guest Jimmy Redman

Nope. Corgan's thing just happened a week or so ago and its called something else. Resistance Pro Wrestling I think.


Actually the 'self-contained story arc' bit reminds me of the Wrestling Revolution thing.


I dont hate this on spec. The idea of wrestlers representing genres is just a more structured form of gimmick, I guess.

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