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What's the last movie you watched?

Guest Da Showstoppa

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Guest bigmatt
The Prestige, I really enjoyed this movie, the ending is quite good. A great movie and I suggest people watch this.


The Prestige is a fantastic movie I used to have quotes from it as my sig.Michael Caine is superb Christian Bale is fantastic as he usually is and it is by far Hugh Jackmans best acting performance.Its one of my all time favourites.

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Guest bigmatt

Spoiler about ending:



Some people had problems with the cloning technology used,but I think they have missed the point.It was trying to reflect how mankind was creating technology that could do what magicians pretended to do.By all accounts Tessla had many unbelievable inventions that he destroyed to avoid his competitors from getting.I'm not saying the cloning machine was one of them though.It was just playing on this idea.


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Last film i saw was The Bourne Ultimatium.


Good film, but did'nt like the ending.


Really? I loved that ending.



I knew there was no way they could have killed off Bourne but I still was giddy as a schoolgirl after the sly smile on Nicky's face when the news announces they didn't find Bourne's body and then Bourne moving in the water, it was a real badass moment. The end of the Bourne films has also made me like a Moby song. I guess nothing is impossible after all.



Most recent film I watched was 'No Country For Old Men', probably in the top 2 or 3 best films of the year actually and should do well around award season soon (not that an Oscar means much of course). After a couple of real stinkers from the Coens with that crappy 'Ladykillers' remake and the way below average 'Intolerable Cruelty', they're back with an absolute vengeance. Bardem is the man, Brolin is the man, Lee Jones is the man, the Coens are the...men. Bardem in particular should clean up with Best Actor wins or there is no justice in the world. Man scared me and I don't scare easy. The film was bordering on a masterpiece.

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Yeah, they'll probably go the safe route and give it to Denzel. Not that he was bad or anything, he carries that film on his back because I didn't think Crowe was particularly great but Bardem deserves it more. Denzel is Denzel and him being Denzel is more than enough to carry a film but Bardem gave a much better performance.
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