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WWE SmackDown Discussion Thread - June 21, 2013 from Dayton, OH (#722)


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United States: Friday Night, June 21, at 8/7c on Syfy

United Kingdom: Friday Night, June 21, at 10PM on SkySportsHD3



Wright State University Nutter Center in Dayton, OH


Confirmed Matches/Events


Payback Fallout

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Guest FreeSpirit






WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Airing This Week


The following results are from a recent WWE SmackDown TV Taping. The taping took place on Tuesday 18th June 2013 at the Wright State University’s Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio and will air on Friday 21st June at 10pm on Sky Sports 2 in The UK.


In Ring Segment:

Daniel Bryan came out to open the show and talked about his match being stopped on Monday’s WWE RAW and said that Randy Orton is to blame and then showed footage. Orton said that he will prove that he isn’t the weak link and that he will beat Randy Orton later in the evening. Orton interrupted and said that the reason the match was stopped was due to the concern for Daniel Bryan’s well being and noted that he respects Daniel, however Daniel said that Orton has pity for him. Orton said that Daniel’s out of line and tonight, he’ll see him in the ring.


Singles Match:

Sheamus defeated Cody Rhodes (w/Damien Sandow). Post-match, Sandow attacked Sheamus. A vignette hyping The Wyatt Family’s debut then aired.


Triple Threat Match For The WWE Intercontinental Championship:

Curtis Axel (w/Paul Heyman) © defeated Wade Barrett and The Miz.


Singles Match:

AJ Lee (w/Big E Langston) defeated Natalya. In a backstage segment, Kaitlyn was shown attacking Aksana.


Singles Match:

Alberto del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) defeated Chris Jericho via disqualification due to interference from Dolph Ziggler. Post-match, Chris Jericho hit Dolph Ziggler with a Codebreaker, followed by Del Rio hitting him with a Superkick.


Singles Match:

Christian defeated Drew McIntyre (w/Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal). Post-match, The Shield came out and attacked Christian.


Backstage Segment:

Renee Young interviewed Paul Heyman in the back regarding Brock Lesnar’s attack on CM Punk, however Heyman avoided the questions and asked Renee some questions himself. Heyman then said that CM Punk made it clear that he isn’t his client, but they are friends and put over Curtis Axel for retaining his WWE Intercontinental Championship earlier in the evening.


Singles Match:

Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton via countout!

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Guest Jimmy Redman

I was halfway through this show and really impressed with the pacing and the way they would use commercial breaks. Instead of putting an ad in the middle of every match, they'd go to commercial on an entrance/backstage walk and say "Look, THIS GUY, coming up next!" They always do those ones, of course, but I don't remember them doing them so consistently for lik an hour, and I felt like it was a good system whereby going into every ad you knew what was coming on the other side to look forward to, instead of just cutting 3 minutes out of every match.


And then they went to break in the middle of the WOMEN'S MATCH.




Anywho, very small complaint because AJ vs Nattie kind of ruled. I am still shipping Kaitlyn and Nattie, so Nattie coming out here all Serious Business avenging the humiliation of her secret lesbian lover was awesome. Nattie is the best worker that nobody ever talks about.


So much to love about this show, don't miss it. Sheamus/Cody was an absolute blast. Christian/A DREW MAC SIGHTING was a fun sprint. Jericho/Alberto was pretty good. And there was something else, hang on, what was it...oh, yeah..




They slipped the match stoppage so perfectly into the ongoing storyline that I didn't even need to omit anything or kayfabe in any way when explaining to my mother what happened. Bryan hit his head and hurt himself, he tried to continue but the doctors eventually stopped it, and now he's mad that they did because he doesn't want to look weak. Piece of cake. Whoever is behind this sudden ability of WWE's to think on their feet and use real-life injuries to their maximum on-screen potential deserves a cookie and a raise.


And Orton/Bryan RULED. Great stuff all over the place, and Bryan's callback spots were amazing. I jumped when Orton suplexed him to the floor, when he did the dropkick off the top and hit his head before KIPPING UP AND ROARING, and when he HIT THE TOPE OF REDEMPTION! Just magical stuff. He gets the countout victory, and the moral victory, but because he's Insane Paranoid Daniel Bryan, he doesn't want it. He wants to beat Orton. I can't wait until he finally does.

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Guest Ciaran The King

I always look forward to SD and once again my faith was repaid.


Loved the opening promo, Bryan is really hitting his stride as of late and I can't wait to see where this all goes. Also loved Orton's intensity, I briefly saw the psycho Orton in there somewhere (heel turn please)


Jericho/ADR was really good, great back and forth match. Been really impressed with Jericho as of late he seem's to really be putting in the effort as of late. Not Del Rio's biggest fan but I much prefer the selfish ADR than the smiling happy one. Loved the ending and the fact the lines are being blurred in WWE as in the past Jericho would have never attacked Dolph.



Really warming to the Axel/Heyman angle. It's a shame that Barrett's the fall guy but I'm in support of Curtis going forward.


Really good main event between Orton and Bryan, the feud is really heating up now and I can't wait to see the result between these two sublime workers.

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In the beginning, FtV featured recent-ish matches (2006-2008), but then it started giving older matches from the pre-New Generation days, the early-80s, etc.


It's a nice way to also introduce the newer fans to the earlier days of the promotion and sometimes you get an absolute gem of a match too.

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Guest Ciaran The King
You can get a rare match now and then but newer fans won't care for 80's matches time have changed rapidly
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