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Big Statement Thread: Wrestling Edition

Guest Jimmy Redman

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Guest Jimmy Redman

Someone suggested a Big Statement thread for wrestling, and I think that is a fantabulous idea.


If you're not sure what this entails, check out the Summer Transfer Window Big Statement Thread to get the idea.


Simply put, make a big, bold or contentious statement about something that you think will or might happen in wrestling, lets say from now up to and including Wrestlemania XXX. They will all be collected here and in the end we can see how accurate or not some of our more outrageous predictions end up being.


Now, naturally "Bale to United" is a lot easier to prove or disprove than "Sting vs Taker will suck", so where we have statements like that, if they end up happening the general consensus will decide whether it sucked or not.


Lets begin with the inspiration for the thread...


Ciaran the King

(On a potential Sting/Taker match)

It could be the biggest disappointment ever in professional wrestling.

Bray v Taker at WM30.



Punk to retire within 2 years.

I'm leaving this one open for the time being...


Punk v ???? for the WWE title at WM30



Cesaro to not feature at WM30

Nope again, in fact he featured quite prominently.


Steve Austin to appear in some capacity at WM30

Correct! He did indeed. Well done to you.


Cesaro/Zayn to feature on PPV in 2014

Technically I guess this is correct, since people had to pay to see NXT Arrival. Unless anyone is willing to argue this one, I'm willing to give it?


Warrior to appear at WM30

Correct again.


The Shield v Legends at WM30

Do NAO count as "legends"? Not in my opinion. Feel free to contest this, but I'm saying nope.


The Shield to get involved in the Punk/Ryback match (at Battleground)



Bryan/Cena at WM 30



Cena/Taker at WM30

Hahahahaha, I bet a lot of people wish this had happened now, but nope nonetheless.


Cena to win at WM

Correct. Goddamnit.


WM30 to be as bad as WM25??

Purely subjective, but I'd say nope.


Brock Lesnar to Challenge Bryan at Wrestlemania 31



Daniel Bryan to win the Rumble.

Can't believe I didn't update this one yet. Hells to the nope.


Kofi to end up tagging with Xavier Woods at some point.

They picked R-Truth instead. So nope, but I will accept slight props for guessing they'd stick in him in yet another patented WWE "Tag Team with two black guys we don't know what to do with"


Vince McMahon to no longer be chairman of WWE by the end of WrestleMania XXX. (kayfabe)

Well, Trips and Steph are bowling about the place saying it's theirs, and we haven't seen Vince in a while, but as far as I'm aware he's still Chairman of the Board?



HHH vs. Vince at WrestleMania XXX.

Nope. No sign of Vince for a good long while now on TV.


AJ will continue to defeat Total Divas cast members until she loses the title to either JoJo or Eva Marie.

Nope, but I'm willing to bet Chris2K especially is chuffed to bits with who did finally take the title from AJ's grasp. :lol



Steve Austin Vs Punk at Mania.

Unfortunately, nope.


Hogan to make an appearance at WMXXX.

Correct, although if he'd have tried to catch a taxi to the arena, he could well have ended up in Detroit.



The Shield will have split by wm xxx.

Nope. Justice!!


I'm going out on a limb and predict that The Shield will end up being the first people to turn on the McMahon-Helmsley Regime MK2.

I believe The Shield are the first people who were involved with The Authority to get tired of their shenanigans, so I'll say correct to this one. Well done Megz!


Cena vs Bootista title match at Mania.

Thankfully a big fat nope.



RVD will most likely never make it to Wrestlemania!

Formally challenged by Matt Denton.

The Challenge was out by literally 24 hours! But Matt got a sweet MLP avatar out of the deal, so he's not too bummed out. :lol


John Cena Vs Daniel Bryan - Wrestlemania - Title Unification.

Nope. In fact the title unification happened waaay before Mania.


WE WILL NOT SEE AJ IN A WWE RING...until after Mania, potentially!

Sorry, thought you meant AJ Lee, not Styles. Although the fact I thought of AJ Lee over AJ Styles tells you everything you need to know about what's happened since 2005. Correctamundo.


Vince McMahon to appear in person at Mania for some kind of face turn?

Nope. Vinny only appeared in social media photos.



JTG will still be employed by Wrestlemania.

Correct! And I would like to know exactly who he has naked pictures of to be keeping his job this long.


Drew McIntyre to be involved in the Corporation angle and return as the Chosen One.

Not yet, but we're not done so I'll leave this one open...


Dolph Ziggler to leave the WWE next year.

Ziggles is hanging on in there, but we'll leave it open.


MVP will do a handful of tapings, not sign an actual contract and the storyline with him will fizzle out before Bound For Glory.

Still remains to be seen...



Trips vs Rocky at 30.



Torito will replace Rey Mystereo as the beloved Mexican babyface. Los Matadores is just a vehicle to get him over.


He will have a gimmick change and a title belt run.

This could still happen, so we'll leave it open just in case. :lol


Cena to win the title at Mania. No doubt in my mind.

Thank the Lord, I can answer this with an emphatic nope.


I predict Dwayne Johnson gets into politics and becomes president of the United States in the year 2028, maybe 2032.


If the Republic stands.

I'll be checking back here in 14 years. Don't you worry...


CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs (GOD)Triple H and Shawn Michaels. To really get Trips and HBK over as heels they'll abandon the DX gimmick for a corporate authority type one.

Nope, not yet anyways.


AJ Styles to debut with the WWE at the Rumble and will be eliminated by Santino or Torito.



Betty White comes out to open the show and Brock Lesnar's music hits.

As brilliant as it would have been, nope. *sigh*


Solomon Crowe hacks the network sometime in the next 6 weeks.

Nope. No Solomon Crowe on TV as of yet. Unless DJing at an Exotic Express party counts as "hacks the network"?


Will O The Wisp

Wrestlemania XXX will receive a higher buy rate than any Wrestlemania before.

We'll get back to this one later.


The Fury

Bray wyatt will feud with Cena by rumble time

They distracted Cena during his match at the Rumble with Orton, so I guess this is correct.


Bryan to win the rumble



Adrian Neville to be called up to main roster

Not yet he hasn't.


emma will be called up to the main roster before wm 30

Correct! Although whether it was a good thing or a bad thing isn't entirely clear at the moment...


Cody rhodes to be a main eventer between now and next year

When next year? Because it's a big ol' nope right now.


Tink Holloway

Matt Morgan to be signed by WWE by WM30 and be involved in a match at the show.


Nope. In fact, what has happened to Matt Morgan?



Cody Rhodes to have won the World Champion by WM.

Nope. And it doesn't show any signs of happening any time soon.



Chris Sabin will loss the world title very soon against Bully Ray
Stated 12/8/13

CAME TRUE 15/8/13!



Bryan vs punk for the wwe title at mania 30

Nope. I think we're gonna have to accept that Phil's ditched us. *sob*


The B-Man

Antonio Cesaro to look a million bucks in the Royal Rumble

Hmmm. I dunno. I don't remember him doing anything truly memorable or out of the ordinary. If you'd said WrestleMania, I'd have given you that, but I'm gonna have to say nope unless you can prove otherwise.


Cena v Taker at WM XXX



The Icon

Vince Steph and a newly turned heel HHH will form a there person power team. They will heel it up but eventually in time for WM Vince will split off as a face and somebody will fight for him at WM vs HHH. I expect Cena, Bryan or Punk for Vince.


HHH will win in a screwy way. Another PPV will have Vince's guy gain revenge.

First part came true 19/8/13!


Also new big statement Kofi Kingston is turning heel for a push in the next 90 days.
Stated 23/8/13


BULLY Ray vs Goldberg at WM



I will witness HHH tap to Daniel Bryan in the near future.
Stated 23/8/13

Roman reigns will win royal rumble 2014 and in the process eliminate Ambrose and Rollins at some point in the rumble match. Stamp it and send it in!!!


Jimmy Redman

Hunter will pin Daniel Bryan at some point during this angle.


For bonus points: Hunter will pin Daniel Bryan at some point during this angle, the internet will go into meltdown, and then it will turn out to not be the death knell of Bryan's push after all.



The NXT Championship will be defended at WrestleMania XXX (even if it's the pre-show).

NXT prediction (more like a genuine hope for the future) - Rick Victor will be turfed out of The Ascension when Kenneth Cameron returns and we can have the team back to how it was meant to be... then they will be called up to the main roster by Summerslam 2014.

Dusty to nail a Bionic Elbow on a poor sumbitch at tonight's PPV.

Came true 6/10/13!

After all the hoo-ha has died down from the unification match at TLC, we will have the IC / US titles befall the same fate no later than Summerslam.



Cesaro to swing big show before WMXXX.

Mid card titles to unite by end of WM.



Going to take a chance on this and throw it out there that I think the Wyatt's will fizzle out and be non-relevant sometime next year, maybe even before WM 30.


John Hancock

Goldberg will be the biggest name going into the Hall of Fame next year.

Predicted Mania card:





My alternative prediction is;








Goldberg/Ryback at WM 30


Evil Gringo

AJ Styles to not join the WWE!

CM Punk to at least try and nail another Diva, probably Paige, before the end of 2014

Lesnar to job to Taker at Mania after THREE tombstones, one Last Ride, one Chokeslam, a Hells Gate reversed into a Powerbomb, two Kimura's and two F-5's - the third attempt will see Taker slip down behind Lesnar and scoop him up for the final Piledriver.

Daniel Bryan v Cena at the Rumble, Cena retains, Rock comes back for the title match at Mania. Bryan fights HBK at Mania, Punk v HHH. Bryan wins, Punk gets screwed.



AJ Vs Michelle Beadle at Mania, calling it. Phil on a Pole match.

I want to hit a long shot on this. But, I think RVD may be returning tonight.


CM Hunk

Ethan Carter III to be TNA Heavyweight World Champion before this year is out

Dixie Carter to still be on TNA TV in some form come the end of this year, regardless of how the power struggle with MVP plays out.
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I was gonna pull the trigger on the idea of a Big Statement thread here but couldn't be arsed. :lol Nice to see it up and running.


JTG will be still employed by Wrestlemania.


That's not exactly a big statement given he's be emplyed over 6 years so far! :D

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Guest Will O the Wisp
RVD will most likely never make it to Wrestlemania!




Not to hijack a thread, but what if we added a layer of fun?


If your big statement is formally challenged, the loser has to put something in his signature that states such. Or the winner gets to choose the loser's avatar for 1 month. Let's give these big statements some consequences!


Oh! Wrestlemania XXX will receive a higher buy rate than any Wrestlemania before.

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Guest Jimmy Redman
Adrian Neville to be called up to main roster


I dispute this as a "big" statement. Unless you say "in the next 2 months" or something like that, that one is pretty obvious.

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Guest Ciaran The King

How's about:


Vince McMahon to no longer be chairman of WWE by the end of WrestleMania XXX. (kayfabe)


And to be replaced by the McMahon-Helmsley era version 2

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