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Hardcore Justice IMPACT WRESTLING - 15th August 2013 (Norfolk)

Guest FreeSpirit

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Guest FreeSpirit






The Constant Center - Norfolk, Virginia


TV Schedule:

USA: Thursday 15th August on Spike TV at 9/8c - LIVE

UK: Sunday 18th August on Challenge Late Zone at 9pm


"Hardcore Justice" LIVE on "IMPACT WRESTLING"

15th August 2013


This Thursday night, TNA presents a special "Hardcore Justice" edition of "IMPACT WRESTLING" on SpikeTV at 9/8c, LIVE from Norfolk, Virginia at the Constant Center.


The much-anticipated World Title rematch that fans have been waiting for finally takes place on Thursday night inside the confines of the Steel Cage, with no outside interference from the Aces and Eights or Main Event Mafia. Can Chris Sabin continue his amazing storybook reign as champion, or will Bully Ray reclaim the title he claims was "stolen" from him? Bully only has one shot at the gold, if he loses, he will never get another chance at the World Title.


It will be all-our war between two of the most powerful groups in wrestling on Thursday night as the Main Event Mafia battle The Aces and Eights for supremacy in TNA. However, by the end of the night one of the alliances will be fractured, as per the match stipulation, the wrestler that loses the match will be GONE from TNA.


Thursday's "Hardcore Justice" special will feature an all-important "Bound For Glory Series" bout with a HUGE 20 points going to the winner. It will be Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries vs. Kazarian. Four of TNA's most experienced Ladder Match warriors, with the winner closing the BFG Series point gap to catch current leader, Magnus.


Also on "IMPACT WRESTLING", don't miss the lovely but lethal Knockouts in action on Thursday night as Knockouts Champion Mickie James teams with Gail Kim to battle former champion Velvet Sky and ODB.


Plus, more matches will take place on Thursday's special "Hardcore Justice" edition of "IMPACT WRESTLING" as TNA goes Hardcore. Don't miss the huge broadcast LIVE at 9/8c on SpikeTV!



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Guest FreeSpirit






"Hardcore Justice - IMPACT WRESTLING"

Airing This Sunday in The UK


We open the show immediately with Christy Hemme announcing the contestants for the four way ladder match. The winner will gain a huge 20 points in the BFG series. Mike Tenay and Taz are back together this week to call the show.


BFG Series Match – Ladder Match: Austin Aries vs. Kazarian vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy

Coming out first is the greatest man alive, Austin Aries. Kazarian and AJ Styles come out next and lastly, the Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy. Hardy gets a huge ovation as Taz and Tenay talk of Hardy’s chances to lead the BFG series after this match. All four men have a stare down and Kazarian is out first to the outside of the ring. Kazarian looks to bring a ladder into the ring but is stopped by the other three men inside. Aries heads outside to begin an exchange with Kazarian while Hardy and Styles brawl inside the ring. Aries hits a high risk double sledge to Kazarian on the outside and is dropped by Hardy. Jeff is hit over the top rope from behind by AJ. AJ follows up with a slingshot cross body to the outside on Hardy. Kazarian attempts to make the first climb up the ladder and is caught with punches from Hardy followed by an Irish whip to the ropes. Kazarian comes off the ropes and a hop back onto the ladder but is brought down by Austin Aries; who busted Kazarian’s “Yam bag” as Taz said against the ladder. Meanwhile Hardy turns his attention to Aries and brawl ensues. Aries giving forearms in the corner and then whips Hardy across the ring to the corner. Aries takes a head scissors over the top rope and to the outside after following Hardy to the corner. Hardy makes the second ladder climb attempt but is stopped by AJ Styles. AJ and Hardy exchange, AJ reverses the Twist of Fate and sends Hardy to the outside and against the broadcast table. AJ goes for the ladder but Kazarian stops him when Styles turns his attention to him entering the ring. Kazarian doubles AJ over with a shoulder to the gut and slingshots in with vicious DDT! Aries sneaks onto the apron and gives Kazarian a forearm to the head. Kazarian and Aries exchange until Aries snaps Kazarian’s neck over the rope and drops to the floor. AJ almost simultaneously pushes the ladder over at Kazarian and catches the back of his head hard. Aries enters the ring and place the ladder on the ground, gives a back body drop to AJ sending him out of the ring. Aries sets the ladder up and begins the climb. He gets about half way up and is cut off by Jeff Hardy. A brawl begins again this time leading to Kazarian smashing AJ’s head against the ring post outside and Aries taking advantage of Hardy in the ring. Aries begins his climb again and again is cut off by Hardy. Hardy tries to wear down Aries. Aries takes the upper hand and then stops Kazarian from entering the ring. Sliding kick by Hardy sends AJ further from the ring as well. Aries and Hardy both climb to the top of the ladder. Hardy extends to pull down the 20 points and takes a punch from Aries. Aries and Hardy throw hands until the ladder tips over and sends both men crashing into Kazarian and AJ who were attempting to enter the ring.


- We go to commercial –


Back from commercial, Kazarian is bringing a second ladder in the ring as Aries takes down Hardy and begins to climb the ladder yet again. Kazarian stops Aries and whips him head first into the ladder. Kazarian goes to set the original ladder in the center of the ring but its warped. Aries with a club to the back sending Kazarian to the outside. Aries then drives the second ladder into Kazarian via a kick under the ropes. AJ with a take down on Aries. The fans begin to chant for Hardy as he is lying on the ring apron in pain. AJ springboards across the ring with a flying forearm and knocks Aries far out of the ring. Styles begins his climb up the ladder but is stopped by Aries. Kazarian enters the ring and goes on a rampage with the second ladder taking Aries and AJ out. Kazarian sets up both ladders side by side and climbs the second ladder to the top. Aries now climbing a ladder but is pulled down by Hardy. Hardy is back up and all four men climb the ladder extending for the 20 points. The crowd in Norfolk explodes. Aries hits an unbelievably power bomb off the ladder on Hardy! Both men are in shambles on the mat. The crowd begins a “holy sh*t” chant. Kazarian looks to top the power bomb with a suplex to AJ from the top of the ladder but AJ reverses and punches Kazarian. AJ again extending for the 20 points but is stopped with an eye poke and knocked to the canvas by Kazarian. Kazarian goes for the win as he extends up but AJ knocks the ladder over and a fight begins between the two. AJ goes on a “flurry of insane offense” (Taz) and knocks Kazarian to the ground. Aries is now up and stalking AJ from the corner as AJ begins to place the ladder in the opposing corner. Aries comes running across the ring and hits a nasty dropkick to AJ, smashing him into the ladder! “This is awesome” from the crowd and they are spot on. Aries begins to climb the ladder and is met by Hardy, fights Hardy off the ladder. AJ comes up from behind and goes to hit the Styles clash on Aries. Kazarian flies in out of nowhere and hooks AJ with a face buster, taking both men down. Kazarian attempts to climb the ladder. Jeff Hardy also climbs the ladder and begins to exchange with Kazarian. Aries on the top rope hits a dropkick onto the ladder taking both men down. Roode and Daniels begin to walk down and distract Aries as he climbs the ladder. AJ springs off the top rope onto the ladder and begins a head-butting exchange with Aries. Hardy is back up and pushes the ladder over just as Aries and AJ both have their fingers inches away from getting the win. Now Kazarian and Hardy exchange in the ring, Hardy reverse on Kazarian’s Irish whip and sends him flying back first into the ladder in the corner! The crowd ignites for Jeff Hardy as he goes to set up the other ladder. Daniels distracts the referee and Roode enters the ring to pull Hardy off the ladder. Hardy kicks Roode to the gut and goes back to climb. Kazarian meets Hardy with an Appletini to the face. Kazarian ascends to the top and grabs the 20 points. Kazarian celebrates as Aries rolls back into the ring. Kazarian pushes the ladder over on Aries and goes on to celebrate the victory with Daniels and Roode.

Winner – Kazarian


We see a hype video for Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin later tonight in the steel cage! We go to a shot of the Main Event Mafia who appear to be on their way out to the ring. (No Kurt)


- We go to commercial –


Back from commercial, another screenshot of the Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin match later tonight. Interview with Chris Sabin hyping tonight’s World Title match.


Dixie Carter and the Main Event Mafia are in the ring. Dixie announces that Kurt Angle is in the rehab facility and they don’t know when he’ll be back. She praises Kurt and gives him much deserved respect. Aces and Eights music hits and the VP Mr. Anderson leads the gang out to ring. Anderson cuts a promo asking about the MEM coming up with one more “buddy.” Anderson talks of the bragging rights of ending the careers of the MEM members. Magnus takes the mic and cuts a promo threatening Anderson. Magnus has the crowd chant “You Suck” at Anderson. Magnus hypes the crowd and says they may recruit someone from the audience to a large reaction from the fans. Anderson back on the mic and says tonight starts the new chapter in the book called Aces and Eights and does a head count of all the men in the ring. Aces and Eights then jump MEM and a brawl begins between the two factions. Aces and Eights lay out the MEM and continue to beat the mafia down as their music hits.


Tito Ortiz is show arriving in the building for Hardcore Justice!


We show the knockouts getting ready and heading out to the ring for their match, next!


NO DQ Knockouts Triple Threat Match: Mickie James vs. Gail Kim vs. ODB

Back from commercial Gail Kim is already in the ring and Mickie James is holding her Knockouts Championship in front of Gail. ODB is out next as Christy Hemme announces the match type. ODB immediately takes out Mickie James on the ramp and is pulled by the hair into the ring by Gail Kim. ODB goes to take advantage over both Gail and Mickie. ODB goes up top while pulling Mickie by the head but is pulled down after being hit by Gail Kim. Mickie calls for a highfive with Gail but its swatted away and Gail goes to ground and pound ODB. Mickie hops outside of the ring. Mickie brings a chair into the ring and its taken away by Gail. ODB kicks the chair into Gail Kim’s chest. Mickie takes ODB straight down with a neck breaker. Mickie wedges the chair in the corner and the fans begin to chant “lets go Mickie.” Mickie and Gail whip ODB into the chair in the corner! Both ladies try to grab the pin on ODB. Mickie and Gail begin an exchange. Mickie tosses Gail outside of the ring through the ropes but is then caught with a punch from ODB. Gail pulls ODB outside of the ring and drops her face down to the floor. Gail rolls ODB back into the ring and begins to look under the ring for a weapon to use. Mickie comes around the ring with a kick to the back of Gail. Mickie sends Gail face first into the steel post! Mickie back in the ring now and has a kendo stick. Mickie cracks the Kendo stick across ODB’s back. Mickie to the top rope and chokes ODB in the corner with the kendo stick. ODB fights back and flips ODB over her head, taking the kendo stick in the process. Gail Kim enters the ring but ODB takes advantage of the match with the kendo stick and knocks both women down. ODB notices her bra must have broken and rips it out from under her shirt! ODB busts out a new move (pun intended) as she chokes Mickie and tosses her over with the bra! ODB then catches Gail around the neck with her bra and tosses her outside of the ring hanging her over the middle ropes to continue to choke her. Mickie with a kick to the back of the head to ODB and ODB drops Gail to the floor. Mickie throws ODB into the corner post and leaves her hanging. Mickie goes out of the ring on the announce side while Gail Kim applies the figure four around the steel post on ODB at the opposing corner. Mickie back in the ring and begins to pull from the top of ODB until Gail releases the figure four and goes after Mickie. Mickie and James come nose to nose in the center of the ring. ODB chugs her flask and spits the beverage in Mickie’s face! Gail Kim ducks out of the way. ODB takes out Gail Kim and then goes on the attack on Mickie, placing Mickie on her shoulders as Gail rolls out of the ring and comes back in with the kendo stick. Gail hits ODB to the stomach and Mickie rolls off ODB’s shoulders. Gail swings the stick at ODB’s head and misses. ODB with a knee to Gail Kim knocking her to a knee. ODB grabs a chair from the corner and places it in the center of the ring. ODB picks up Gail and hits the Bam on the chair for the win!

Winner - ODB


Backstage we see Main Event Mafia and Sting is talking about Kurt’s replacement, Joe tells him to be careful in his choice, Sting says all of them hate him but he’s going to talk to Austin Aries because the MEM needs him.


- We go to commercial –


Back from commercial Sting is with Austin Aries. Sting tries to buy Aries in with a talk up and asks him to be a part of the MEM in the 5 on 5 match. Austin says it’s quite an offer that he’s almost a match made in heaven every time he steps in the ring. Sting continues to plead for Aries telling him “we need Austin Aries.” and Aries replies “You need Austin Aries.” As he smirks.


We see highlights from the incredible four way ladder match earlier tonight.


Backstage we catch up with Bobby Roode who puts over Kazarian and his winning the tables match tonight and becoming 2nd place in the BFG series.


Rampage is talking to the MEM about Aries joining them, Sting returns and says Aries said… no. Rampage said he has a solution, and he’s got to address it in the ring right now!


- We go to commercial –


Up next segment shown: with Rampage and Joe heading to the ring. Rampage hypes who he’s calling out saying we all know who it is.


- We go to commercial –


Back from commercial; Highlight package of Chris Sabin vs. Bully Ray is shown.


Bully Ray is shown backstage on the phone with Brooke Hogan. He says tonight he’ll beat “that boy” and says next week they’ll tell the world the truth.


Rampage and Joe come out to the ring. Rampage has the mic and cuts a promo about coming to TNA Wrestling and joining the Main Event Mafia. Rampage is “fittin” to call out Tito Ortiz. Ortiz comes out to a solid crowd reaction supporting a pretty cool “Wrestling is real” t-shirt. Rampage hypes the Bellator fight in November. Rampage asks Ortiz to help the MEM take out the Aces and Eights next week! Again, Ortiz gets a nice pop to join the MEM. Ortiz cuts a promo about his MMA career and achievements. Just as the deal appeared to be closed Bully Ray’s music hit and out comes Calfzilla. Bully Ray on the mic from the ramp and tells Ortiz and Rampage if he didn’t have to wrestle tonight, he’d beat the piss out of both of them. He tells Ortiz he would make him his “Huntington beach bitch” Ortiz snaps and is held back by Joe and Rampage. Anderson is out next for the four way tables match.


- We go to commercial –


Magnus is shown entering the ring during the commercial break.


BFG Series Match – Tables Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode

Bobby is the last out and points at the “It factor” on the screen. Magnus attacks Bobby from behind on the ramp and brings him into the ring. Magnus attacking Roode in the corner as Anderson and Joe fight on the outside of the ring. Roode takes advantage of Magnus and heads to the outside to clean house. Roode grabs a table from around the ring and slides it in the ring. Roode back in the ring going to town on Magnus with stomps in the corner. Roode sets the table in the corner and goes back to Magnus. Joe enters the ring. Roode whips Magnus to the table but Joe pushes Magnus out of the way just in time and delivers a snap slam to Roode! Anderson in the ring attacking Samoa Joe in the corner. Anderson picks Joe up on his shoulders but is met by a boot to the gut from Magnus and drops Joe. Magnus and Anderson exchange with Magnus taking the advantage before Roode enters the ring and goes for Magnus. Roode gets the advantage of Magnus in the corner and sets the table back up in the ring. Roode turns around to a series of rights from Magnus. Magnus and Joe team up on Roode and are left standing in the ring. Both Magnus and Joe go for simultaneous power bombs to Anderson and Roode through the table but both men reverse. Roode and Joe exchange on one corner and in the opposite corner we see Anderson and Magnus exchanging. Roode to the outside and sets up a table. On the other side outside of the ring we see Magnus almost whip Anderson through a table but Anderson stops himself. Joe is shown placing the ring bell over Roodes “yam bag” and rings the bell! Magnus goes for a power bomb on the ramp to Anderson and takes a low blow from Anderson as we hear the ring of the bell being smashed on Roodes “yam bag” again from Joe. Anderson is slamming Magnus against the table in the corner attempting to put him through the table; Joe comes around the ring and head-butts Anderson. Joe places Anderson in a chair in the corner of the barricade and comes at him full speed with a boot to the face! Inside the ring Magnus is setting the table in the corner and picking Roode up to drive him through the table with a running slam but is reversed! Roode with a double arm spinebuster on Magnus! Outside of the ring Anderson places Joe in a headlock as Roode stomps away at Magnus in the corner. Anderson and Joe enter the ring and Anderson places Joe in the opposite corner of Magnus. Roode and Anderson shove each other in the middle of the ring and then device an alternate plan than fighting each other. Roode and Anderson whop Joe and Magnus towards one another, Magnus reverses and Joe clotheslines Roode. Roode rolls out of the ring. Anderson goes after Joe and tosses him into the ropes for a clothesline. Joe ducks and hits a suicide dive out to floor on Roode! Magnus and Anderson exchange, Magnus slams Anderson to the mat and pumps the crowd. Magnus positions the table and goes for Anderson. Anderson hits the mic check on Magnus! Joe back in the ring grabs Anderson and places him up top for a muscle buster. Roode moves the table out from under them before the Muscle buster lands. Roode throws Joe out of the ring as Anderson rolls to the apron. Roode sets up the table and goes to work on Magnus. Roode places Magnus on the table and goes to the top rope. Joe pulls Roode down to bust his groin on the corner. Kazarian comes out to help Roode and pulls Joe away. Magnus begins to attack Roode in the corner but Daniels is now out and throws an Appletini in Magnus’ eyes! Roode powerbmbs Magnus from the ropes through the table for the win!

Winner – Bobby Roode


Roode, Daniels, and Kazarian celebrate on the ramp as Bobby Roode is awarded 20 points.


- We go to commercial –


Back from commercial, we see the crew setting up the steel cage.


Backstage Sting is asked where the MEM is and where is Tito. Sting thinks Tito is going to be a great asset to the MEM.


Hype video shown for TNA No Surrender Thursday September 12, Live and free on Spike.


Chris Sabin is shown preparing for his match with Bully Ray.


Anderson and Bully Ray are shown backstage talking about the match. Bully Ray and Anderson argue about the hammer and who’s fault the loss was. An argument shown between the two leading to problems in Aces and Eights.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Steel Cage Match: Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin ( c )

Bully Ray makes his way out to the ring.


- We go to commercial –


Back from commercial, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Chris Sabin is on his way to the cage. Jeremy Borash gives our introductions of the competitors.

Bully Ray and Chris Sabin circle eachother. Ray scoops Sabin up and slams him down. They begin to circle again. Lockup, Ray with another scoop slam. Ray yells at Sabin and Sabin shows no backing down as he shoves him. Another lockup and Ray carries Sabin around the ring and slams him down hard! Sabin ducks Ray coming for him and hits multiple hip tosses followed by a dropkick to the corner. Sabin with forearms knocking Ray down! Sabin back with a full speed drop corner in the corner again. Ray tries to throw Sabin into the cage; he catches himself and hits a crossbody on Ray! Sabin goes to pick up Ray but Ray reverses. Sabin takes Ray down with a dropkick to the legs. Sabin goes to the top rope but Ray cuts him off. Ray with punches and is now pressing Sabin’s head against the steel cage with his foot while standing on the ropes. Sabin is picked up above Ray’s head and tossed into the cage.


- We go to commercial –


Back from commercial, Ray has Sabin above his head again and throws him into the cage yet again. Tenay mentions Ray has been doing that through-out the break. Sabin fights back with a forearm, and another, lefts and rights to the mid but Ray cuts him off with a head-butt. Ray pulls Sabin by his arm to the middle of the ring and hits a running elbow drop. Pin attempt from Ray, only a 2. Ray works on Sabin with cross face forearms. Ray puts Sabin in the corner and taunts him, Sabin fights back with forearms and goes for a Cradle Shock, but Bully blocks it and attempts a Power bomb. Sabin counters into a Backslide! Pin attempt from Sabin, only 2 as Bully kicks out and then clotheslines Sabin! Bully goes back to punishing Sabin with punches to the side of the head. Bully gets in the referee’s face before putting Sabin in a Bear Hug. Sabin fights off the hold with back elbows and then he bounces off the ropes but Ray connects a backdrop. Ray dares Sabin to get up and when he does Ray goes for another power bomb pointing at Taz, but Sabin counters it into a Sleeper hanging on the back of Ray! Bully backs Sabin hard into the corner and then he charges at Sabin. Sabin with double boots on Ray and hits a sick Tornado DDT! Both men are down now! The fans are hot. Sabin and Bully exchange nasty strikes with Bully chopping Sabin and Sabin forearming Bully. Sabin with a Spinning Back Kick and then an enziguri the back of Ray’s head! Sabin hits the Cradle Shock! Sabin grabs Bully’s A&8 jacket and starts smacking Bully with it! Sabin celebrates with the jacket but walks right into a Big Boot from Bully. Another 2 count and Sabin kicks out. Bully hits a Samoan Drop! And only a 2 count again. Sabin kicks out again! Ray goes to climb out of the cage but Sabin stops him and climbs up top with him. Sabin with a series of kicks on the top rope and then he goes for a hurricanrana. Bully blocks it and starts to slip so Sabin hits the hurricanrana! Bully looks legit hurt but he’s selling it too well to be hurt. Sabin tries a Hail Sabin but Bully blocks it and hits a Suplex! Bully tries to escape through the door but Sabin pulls him back and then slides through his legs and climbs through the door! Bully grabs him by the leg and drags him back into the ring and picks him up for a slam but Sabin’s legs hit the referee. Bully elbows Sabin in the head and tries for the ropes for a Splash, but Sabin ducks it! Ray slams the referee into the side of the cage! Ref got crushed. Sabin to the top and dives with the Missile Dropkick! Sabin covers Bully but the referee is down and out. Sabin tries to escape through the door but Mr. Anderson runs down and slams the steel cage to the shoulder of Sabin. Anderson holds the door shut until Rampage and Tito run down and Rampage tosses Anderson off the ramp! Tito hits Rampage in the back of the head with the hammer! Ray slams Sabin into the side of the cage and then hits the Bully Bomb 1, 2, 3 …

NEW TNA Heavyweight Champion: Bully Ray


Tito, Taz, and Ray celebrate inside the cage to end the show!

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Guest Jimmy Redman
I'm glad she, or more specifically her ass, is back on TV.


Well I was referring to the AJ thing, but fair go. I am inordinately interested in how Brooke's Ass works as a heel.

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Guest Jimmy Redman
Just to confirm; the big Ten-Man Tag Match didn't go ahead, is that right?


It was taped for next week's show.

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