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What do you drive?

Guest The Beltster

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Guest The Beltster

I'm in the middle of a very long and boring search for a decent 1978-80 Pontiac Trans Am. Has anybody else here in the UK got an American muscle car with a ridiculous size engine that you probably cant afford to run? :lol


I remember Boyo had a Mustang right?


What do you drive?


At the moment I've got a shitty family people carrier Renault deal. Its hideous. How did I end up with all these kids?!

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Got a very nice Audi A3, black edition although to be fair it's a company car! :) Got a Bose sound system in it and that thing ****ing rocks! Bass on it is unbelievable.




Had it nearly two years so only one more year and I get to choose a new one!

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Got a brand new VW Beetle 2.0 TSI 200PS Turbo Black DSG in white with "TURBO" down the doors in black, 19" alloys, red brake calipers, and a Fender soundsystem. Goes like absolute stink, and devours the petrol. But yeah it's through work on an annual staff scheme thing which I get to renew this March. Looking at another Beetle, or the Golf GTI Performance DSG :xyx. Not sure whether to get the Beetle 2.0 TSI 210PS Sport DSG in Platinum Grey with ceramic white alloys, or a Golf 3dr GTI Performance DSG in (probably) solid Red. Very lucky chap to have that choice :).


This is the car (not sure how to post images, maybe a mod can help me out?):



Beltmeister's right though, I did have a Mustang at one point; a 2002 V6 Auto in "Screaming Yellow", I believe it was called. Not the best looking car in the world, and probably the worst Mustang ever made (some would argue the 1987 "Fox" Mustang is a lot worse, but they are going through a small renaissance now). It got written off though :(. I won't bore you with the details but I was turning right at a roundabout and the guy who was going straight over the roundabout didn't stay in his lane, went in to mine, and I had to brake hard whilst turning, which is definitely not what you want to do.


But like Beltron 3030 I too am on the lookout for a 1974-79 US muscle car of some description. I've looked at the Trans-AM, the Camaro, the Mustang Fastback, and the Plymouth 'Cuda. However my absolute favourite of this era is the Mercury Cougar, which is probably going to be the "next one" to see the value soar through the roof over the coming years. First it was the Charger, then it was the Mustang, then it was the 'Cuda, and now it's either going to be the Cougar or possibly the Bullnose Camaro.


(The Cougar):



If that fails (aka: if I can't afford it) then I'm going to look at a mid-80's Camaro IROC, which is a superb looking car, and cheap.






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Guest Jimmy Redman

I have no idea.


It's a Ford. Small. Purple. Oldish since it has a cassette player and manually winding windows.


This is how much I care about cars, I don't even know what the one I drive is called. I've been driving it for 12 months and I think I finally learned what the license plate was like, a week or so ago.

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Guest FreeSpirit
Sorry to bleat on about my holiday, but these two weeks in America are a very good reason why I never want a car. I live in London, and have a good, mostly reliable public transport network around me. I have zero desire to fork out on the upkeep of a car, when I can spend it on holidays, nights out and other jollies!!
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