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Deep breath... from the top...


The Backslide Driver is used by Ricochet as well as the Firemans Carry Overhead Kick (aka Benadryller) and the Northern Lights Suplex followed by the deadlift suplex you see later in the video, the Package Powerbomb ending in a bridge is actually the Phoenix-Plex used by Kota Ibushi, the Calf Killer is used AJ Styles, the Chickenwing Gutbuster is the Milano-saku Dodon's Throne used by Taguchi in NJPW, he also is one of many wrestlers that uses the Kudo Driver.


Another deep breath...


The Cravate Suplex is used by Chris Hero, as is the Discus Big Boot seen later in the video, the Cross Legged Fisherman's Buster is the Aoi Shoudou used by Kenny Omega, the current IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion in NJPW as well as the Electric Chair into German Suplex, which is Omega's Coyote's Wrath. The Crunch is the Axe Guillotine Driver used by Takao Omori, the Figure Four Necklock and the Somersault Cutter are both moves used by Charlotte in NXT, the Firemans Carry Neckbreak is the Ushikoroshi used by Hirooki Goto, the Handspring Cutter is the latest version of the Lethal Injection used by Jay Lethal


Some more?


The Spinning Bomb is the Spiral Bomb used by Ohati in Zero-One, the Straight Jacket German is used by Tanahashi, Ibushi and Nakajima, the Strong Style Knee Strike is as DC pointed out the Boma Ye used by Nakamura, the Tequilla Sunrise is the submission move that Konnan used way back in the day during his WCW spell. The More Bang is the More Bang for Your Buck as used by the Young Bucks and finally the New Generation combo is the old Steen/Generico finishing combination.


Some of the others don't or shouldn't need introduction to wrestling fans and some (like the Lumber Check) I'm to too sure uses them in real life but I think that's most of the new moves covered if you wondering who to use them for CAW wise.

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The third (and final?) Showcase mode is due out later this week and it's the turn of Ultimate Warrior.




A new match type with the Body Bag match against Undertaker, plus Savage v Warrior at 'Mania (damn shame the correct commentary can't be included for the big matches; Heenan / Ventura & Gorilla would have been amazing).

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Guest The Beltster
I've been playing this Warrior DLC today, its pretty cool to have so many extra arenas and guys from the era I loved unlocked.
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