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How long have you been a member here?

Guest Ciaran The King

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Guest The Beltster

2004 and I only joined up for use the forum to sell a belt, thats why I picked the WWFBeltMark user name, all tied in with my sale. Since then I've argued with everybody, left for a year and copped the retarded nickname Belty.


Its been an eventful decade.

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Guest Laffy

On the plus side there isn't anyone on the site that does not know you or waits with baited breath every time a newbie posts a replica belt for £200 for your response. I love the fact they always start with well you are wrong.... because we know know what is coming and love it.


I can't believe I have been a member for eight years and a lurker for two years prior to joining that is insane, time flies when you are having fun. I have made some serious friends off this site and enjoy interacting with everyone.

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Guest Boyo

I was made redundant early 2004 and was far more into wrestling than I am now. I think Raw and Smackdown, at the time, had very different rosters that used to be kept apart save for PPVs. JBL was battling Eddy Guerrero for the title. The Wrestling Channel was going to be launched and I found myself really enjoying CMLL. Anyway, in between all my online job hunting, I literally googled "talk wrestling online" as I found myself reading with great interest smarky articles and theories about Montreal, Owen Hart, WCW and ECW, and I was fascinated as I had never considered wrestling from a "smart" point of view. I really wanted to talk about wrestling online, hence my google.


I stayed pretty much ever since.


As for 2004, nothing about that year was all that good. However as far as this site is concerned a lot of great posters all joined in Spring.



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10 years now as of this month on and off.


I too had a period of being kicked around by the real world and didn't post as much. Also the e-fed died, came back different and nearly everyone I liked had stopped doing it.


All of the old posters like Taki, Darkstar, Gem, Nimf, AC, Andrew, Walshy who were so active when I first joined have all pretty much gone. Also I miss JobberJoe.

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